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Why Should I Care About My Vibe? Everything You Need To Know About Energy Healing

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Kalisa Augustine

Some of you may be new readers. Some of you have been with me for years. Whether you are well versed my energy lingo or new to the scene, I want to either remind or educate you on why I am spending my life assisting people in accessing the power of the human spirit. And yes, it all starts with your energy field.

YOUR VIBE IS YOUR ESSENCE. It is your mojo. It speaks for you before you even walk into a room. It speaks for you when you are halfway across the world. Why? You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Layers of energy, of infinite depth make up the totality of who you are as a whole. The densest layer of your being is your physical body - this is the aspect of the material plane most people see and consciously experience. However, there is so much more.

Humanity is going through a great shift at this time on Earth. There is a great awakening and spiritual teachers, mystics and masters have been discussing this pinnacle moment in human consciousness for thousands of years. The predominant narrative in niche, sophisticated spiritual sects especially in the last 10-15 years grown around this subject. Teachers have been preparing their students for this moment. We knew we were going to have to be ready. Humans born now are more sensitive and highly empathic than their predecessors. Their DNA and perceptive abilities are much different than their parents, grandparents and great grandparents. We have greater access to experiencing the vast expanse of our realms of intelligence, a deeper connection to higher aspects of ourselves and to conscious contact with God.

These highly sensitive humans are part of this shift and holding space for the new vision necessary to create change on this planet. It has been told this would be an era of destruction and pain as old, corrupt paradigms and systems of control dismantle, paving way for new thought and ideas. Despite the loss of hope you see in the world, please understand that this will pass. Your sensitivity, stability, connection and greater vision is a part of this world’s purpose and becoming. Do not lose hope yourself. If you were not supposed to be here, you wouldn’t be here. And you are, so do what is necessary to maintain balance in an unbalanced world.

Because we are highly sensitive energy beings living in a toxic world, it is all the more important to maintain a sense of flow and communion with the highest planes of light. We are all individual manifestations of Source. Call it what you will, and there are many names, but there is only one great force.

When you start to look at the world with a higher perception and less from a lower, material plane lens, you will see that everything is energy. All physicality is manifest from energy. Energy is the cause. Your outer world is the effect. Therefore, when you have any kind of issue; mental, emotional, physical, psychological, financial, sexual, etc., I feel it is imperative to look at the energy first before moving onto other aspects of healing. Spirit holds us. We are Spirit. And when we become separated from our Source, life falls out of alignment. When you tap into this great Source and allow divine flow to orchestrate on your behalf and co-create with your intention, you will experience the joy of being alive and the inspired excitement of your own creations.

Whenever we are in positions of losing personal power, our energy field weakens. When this happens, sometimes we may take on energy that does not belong to us. I call the myriad blockages that can manifest in the field and create disharmony “external sourcing of energy” (ie: bullshit that doesn’t belong to you that is fucking up your flow). I won’t get into all the specifics at this time. What is important for you to know is that all humans can call on the light of Source to assist our releasing of what which is holding us back.

This is what I do. I help people release energies that are holding them back so that they can experience pure alignment and flow for themselves. What you do with that flow, is up to you. And that is where the coaching comes in. I also work with people who need to talk through inner child wounds, big life transitions, how to come up with a framework to maintain a sense connection to source through stillness, ritual, affirmation, gratitude practices, biblio-therapy and looking at life and connections from a higher perspective. The coaching aspect of my work can embolden you to make the life changes necessary to maintain a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

But please be warned, lots of my clients have big shifts and change their lives. Ready or not— your soul wants to grow.

Energetic disharmony can create or exacerbate: disease, anxiety, addiction, headaches, jaw clinching, weight gain, weight loss, insomnia, financial issues, anger, relationship issues, depression, consistent negative patterns, inability to experience the synchronicity of divine magic, fatigue (physical, mental, emotional), chest pains, nightmares, creative blocks, loneliness and lack of direction or purpose.

This need not be.

We live in a world based on the law of attraction, meaning that like vibrations will find each other. By curating your vibration internally, you can change your reality externally. You are made of vibrations. A strong, healthy, flowing vibe = an enriching, powerful, glowing life. When you vibe high you feel good and attract miracles. When your energy is flowing, you feel in tune. When you are in conscious contact with God, you can attract virtually anything you wish that is for your highest good. Energy clearing helps vibrationally entrain your system to embody light. Intuitive guidance and soul coaching can help you find the real-world discipline, courage, heart and practices to keep that light enlivened.

My energy healing process is a deeply transformative method of energy curation creating an alignment between the physical and non-physical elements of the body. This births vibrational flow. It opens, cleanses and balances major energy centers in the electromagnetic field (the chakras). I energetically curate the field like painting a canvas, with the Light by my side. I incorporate reiki and ancient shamanic techniques while my client is relaxing in the comforts of their own personal home and listening to crystal bowl meditation music, I created specifically for energy healing. The results and benefits are amazing. It also acts as a profound energetic complement to classic western medicine. And the truth is, it really has nothing to do with me. I am a conduit to Spirit. You are the healer. I simply open the door to what is already yours.


I have a wide range of knowledge in universal law, mysticism and all things esoteric with a deeply pure connection to Spirit, angels, ascended masters and the divine realms, giving me a profound ability to hold space for you and your highest path.

I am not here to mess around. We have work to do. You save the world by healing yourself. And I am here to assist you in that process.

We take showers every day to clean our physical bodies, and yet people will often go a lifetime without cleaning their energy. It’s silly, really. The future is vibrational medicine and energetic understanding. We are the ones leading the way.

I will NOT be in NYC this month. To work with me and start 2019 with a fresh vibe, click the link below to book your session.

With Love,




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