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Let us not loose what is wild. I often come across people who are so afraid of their true essence that any expression of human emotion beyond what can be perceived by regular senses, what is real here and now, seems insane. We are humans experiencing the great variety, a spectrum of emotions so that we can creatively choose what we would like to focus on, through understanding our feelings as tools. And through this empathy we are able to have compassion for more people and truly feel into and understand the human condition. By having compassion we become less judgmental. Yet we have often become so lost under control and rigidity that the color and essence of the otherworldy, abstract, the feminine experiences are to be shunned. And yet, that is where all the magic and richness of life is found, in the, other wild side. I found this beautiful quote that speaks to this idea, “Man today has become to material that he is afraid of any experience except that of the senses. He believes that only what he can experience through the senses is a real experience, and that which is not experienced by the senses is something unbalanced, something to be afraid of; it means going into deep waters, something abnormal, at the least an untrodden path. Very Often man is afraid that he might fall into a trance, or have a feeling which is unusual, and thinks that those who experience such thngs are fanatics who have gone out of their minds. But it is not so. Thought belonds to the mind, feeling to the heart. Why should one believe that thought is right and feeling is wrong?” –Hazrat Inyat Khan

When we stretch our minds open enough to play with how far and beautifully reaching our heart centered feelings can dance, we just might come into balance. I believe we must let our hearts be wild, passionate and pure, without judgment and that our minds should expand far enough to match that freedom. Do not be afraid of your wild. Want it. That's all the good stuff. #vibehigh


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