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I have not written a newsletter in some months, which is funny because writing is one of my favorite things to do. But my silence was not neglect, rather it was choice. My authentic makeup, is that of silent warrior, seer in the shadows, observer with a foot in both worlds. Oh just give me my cave and my cloak and let me be. Indeed, I now honor that inherent makeup and embrace it as an adult. I cannot be, authentically, anything else. I will tap dance through my soul's need for space, and my dedicated human callings with as much balance as I can summon for the rest of my life.

There is a time and a place to share and tell all, explaining the power and potency of one’s personal process. And yet there is a time and a place for intimacy, privacy, and silent growth. As many of you know, there are times when spirit shows you powerful things and it simply cannot be shared, else the energy and the power of the vision be muted. There are times when spirit shows you things that must be shared, lest the energy and power of the vision be muted. It is our job to be awake enough to discern the difference.

Let us not forget, the power of silence. This is a state of inner rest. Silence cannot be broken. Silence cannot be manipulated. Silence cannot be limited. Silence contains all. This does not mean you forgo processing, expression or growth. It means you have the right to keep it to yourself when you feel that is the most inspired act. I invite you to develop a relationship with silence in the midst of a noisy, chaotic, egocentric, world. This is a world that screams in desperation. Your silence will lead the way to powerful communication; the kind of communication that speaks to the soul and transforms consciousness. At this point, this is the only type of communication that matters. Understand this.
What a powerful spring transition. We are growing so swiftly we can barely keep up with ourselves. So many have come into my office saying the same things. You are not alone in your pain, in your malady. You are not lost on your path. Do not be fooled into believing you are on a path estranged from your brothers and sisters. Your tears, your losses, your strengths and your heart’s hope are shared. Rest easy in this knowing. Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal truly exists. The way to successfully traverse the Earth plane is to understand that you are not of the Earth realm. Silence helps us remember the voice of God and break free of the illusion of human suffering and dramatics.

I will tell you, however, I am finding many people spinning off their rockets. Often we become distracted with life and forget the importance of energetic self-care. We all get busy, but we must come back to spirituality. Without spirit we have no life force. Without strong energy we cannot accomplish anything in the material world. The physical body cannot exist without spirit. Without the understanding that we are primarily whole and perfect spiritual beings, we will begin to believe the illusion of the broken and pained earth self. Again, we can only draw personal power from spirit. You may feel that leaning on something is unnecessary, but the soul leans naturally. And if you are not leaning on Source, God, Spirit, you will find yourself inappropriately leaning on someone or something as a weak replacement, finding yourself confused and in error. Your process is all you. I am simply here at the doorway helping you prepare for entrance into divine reality, but ultimately your dealings with God are none of my business.

It seems that people are so utterly terrified of silence, that there is a refusal to enter the doorway. You cannot know yourself if you are afraid of silence. You cannot experience rest, if you do not meditate. You exercise so that you can go out and accomplish what must be accomplished in the material place. You basque in silence to conquer limited perspective. Silence is the inner work. 
As a small child, I learned very quickly that the safest place to be myself and open to my magic, was through silence and meditation. This is where all the answers come. Often it is pain that pushes us into spiritual awakening because we must learn to bring consciousness to pain in order to release it to God. When you bring darkness to light, it diminishes. When you understand, and not intellectually, not from a book, not because you are regurgitating something you heard — when you understand through mastery in the emotional body, the expansive power of the infinite within you, the perceived pain of this life evaporates, and you realize the silliness of that illusion and the smallness of your own ego to give it so much power.

I understand my ego’s propensity for smallness, selfishness, lack mentality and silliness. I am human. It is my spiritual work to use ego it for its warnings and to also keep it in check. My ego is filled with nonsense. It takes practice, patience, mindfulness, silence and will on a daily basis to keep it in check. If you refuse silence, you refuse yourself. If you cannot sit down to meditate you will be lost. They always say, "It's too hard." Well, babe…Try harder. This is not some luxury for the elite. This is an integral aspect of living a healthy life. Silence helps you keep it real as a human in your human form.

You fear your infinite self because this greater aspect will tell you where you need to make changes. And it is frightening to make major life changes, isn't it? It's uncomfortable. And here in the west we detest any and all discomfort and will do our damnedest to avoid it. I would invite you to accept discomfort as a part of the process, intentionally shifting your relationship to what you perceive as darkness until a pathway becomes clear. We can find acceptance in silence. We will always experience the upheaval of life but can cultivate skill sets that make those moments easier to move through with mastery. The challenge becomes a fly.

Remember, there is no resurrection without crucification. There is no instant gratification when it comes to spiritual understanding. There is no opening without clearing. It may take some time and practice to reacquaint yourself with inner silence. We all, no matter how evolved we are, have to sit down in ritual stillness to hear the voice of God. Do you think Yeshua did not meditate because he was so evolved? Do you think the Dalai Llama does not meditate? This world is too noisy. There is no judgment or shame around our inability to see the importance of silence. There simply needs to be more awareness around it.

The asana aspect of yoga is not enough. Asana prepares the mind for meditation. Yoga is union with God. You do not know God if you do not know silence. You do not know silence if you do not know inner stillness. You do not know inner stillness if you are unacquainted with meditation. Silence is the answer. You can run around looking for external validation and meaning as much as you want, but you will never find outside the type of truth and peace that rests already within you.

You are not broken. And I am no healer. I do not need to heal you. You are perfect. I am a sorcerer. A "source"-erer is one who channels source light. I am a priestess aiding your path. With this light I can curate energies to resonate in alignment, so that you see your God-self within, you see that you need no healing, you see that you are already perfect. My goal is to help you feel the type of alignment that brings you closer to Source. I open the gate. You have to walk in. Be courageous, dear heart. Be strong enough to let it all fade and sit in silence with the cosmos. Let the illusion fade. Let your identification with this cool thing and that cool thing fade. Let your fear of insignificance fade. This trembling fear of insignificance keeps you on your knees and unconsciously desperate for validation and the desperate are easily manipulated. Rise. You are Kings and Queens. You need only remember. My job is to help you awaken. When you remember who you are, this world changes. And the only way our species will survive, if you awaken. Honor your silence. This is the way.

As always, I am here to work with you and help you along the path. If you have not booked a session in the last 4-6 weeks, you can do so by clicking the "Book Your Session" navigation tab on this website. I will be out of New York in late July and part of August so I recommending getting your summer sessions in now. Blessings dear ones.


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