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What we know from understanding the evolutionary process is that the flexible, the adaptable are responsible for the future of the species due to their willingness to change. Life is constant change. It is law. This includes not only your physical body but circumstances, psychological lenses, socio-political environments, other people’s opinions, etc. Life is constant change. No matter how much you think you know, myself included, you don’t know that much, really. We use a minute portion of our brains in our current stage of evolution and know very little about how the universe really works and our ultimate role in it.

No matter your level, training, emotional sophistication, mystical powers, intellectual bankroll— your understanding is limited. In order for our consciousness to evolve, we must be willing to consistently relinquish our mental constructs and belief systems. You must be consistently willing to let parts of you die. You must be consistently willing to be reborn in all areas of life. This is what the universe asks of you. It is not frightening. Alas, it is magical to live this way. You become creative awareness itself, in this vein. There is always more knowledge and wisdom to absorb. Be willing to evolve with that incoming data. Life will be very painful, difficult and disease-ridden if you remain rigidly attached to your belief systems and opinions about how the world should operate. In my world, we call this neutrality and non-attachment. 

It was said of Thoreau, “His constant reexamination of his own values changed his relationship with both society and nature.” (By Michael Sims in his 2014 biography on the historical figure). Open-minded queries of the spirit, intellect, emotional systems and so forth are what makes a pure mind not only brilliant but efficiently impactful in its ability to speak to the soul for centuries to come. Neuroplasticity, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as, “The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.” I have a friend who is a neuroscience researcher at Harvard University who has been telling me for 15 years, “Re-fire. Re-wire!” This means that we have a scientific ability to restructure our physiology, thus our perspective, in response to external stimuli and circumstance if we are willing. To me, this means that humans we are meant to be flexible and open to new ideas as ordained by biological frameworks inherent in our very existence. And that is absolutely divine.

Consider, for example, the Moken, which are a people who work and live off the coasts of Myanmar and Thailand and spend a great deal of their lives on boats, fishing or seafaring. They are also known as The Sea Gypsies. They have an unusual gift in that their underwater vision is twice as good as Europeans. Because of this super-ability, we shall call it, they can gather shellfish at very deep levels sans scuba gear, instruments or tools to aid them because they are able to constrict their pupils by 22 percent. This is learned. They trained their brains to adapt. 

Nature is not wasteful. Nature is efficient (when untampered by humans—but that is another article). Nature would not gift us the ability to reorganize and shift based on new data and stimuli if we were not going to need that ability. The brain can order the body to adapt to suit its needs.

We are meant to evolve through our flexibility and openness. And what we know now is that thoughts are matter and matter is energy and all is one. There is no distinctive difference between your physical self and your energy from a much higher perspective. It’s all connected. This is what we call an entire industry: MIND BODY SPIRIT. I believe that this natural system of physiological flexibility parallels the need for humans to be mentally, spiritually and psychologically flexible in order to survive the shifting times. 

The reason I bring this up is that I believe one of the most detrimental problems on this planet is humanity's desperate need to defend how right they are. My friends, this type of defense speaks to vast insecurity. Are you your programs and belief systems? No, you are not. And if you continue to identify with them as who you are, you will never know your greatness. You are the awareness behind the beliefs. You are nothing and everything. You are pure light with no need to fight or defend.

Sure, take on a belief. Have a north star to guide you on this Earth, but let that light shift and change in accordance with your own personal evolution. Offense taken is just as negatively impactful to the system as offense given. Those with the most courage are able to simply say, “I don’t know.” Those with the most courage are able to gently listen. Aristotle once said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” I would add to that, it is the mark of a wise soul to be able to compassionately hold space for an idea that is not aligned with yours without offense taken or feeling threatened.

Take on what is truth to you without the need to be right and defend your position to the point of charged anger or suffering. You do not know everything. Listen to others without the need to tell them they are wrong or less than for not knowing what you do. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Neuroscience tells us this is possible. Be willing to accept the new and mold unto its wisdom. 

We are one, though unique, expression of the same Source. The way forward is through inclusion. The way forward is through collaborative cooperation. The way forward is through unity, tolerance and acceptance. It is not through judgment, criticism, or anger towards another group of people or way of thinking no matter your position on anything at all. Stay humble. We are all in this together. Understand that you are not separate from anyone else. You are not above or below anyone else. There is no hierarchy. There are no threats. All great teachings, religions, philosophies speak of tolerance, compassion, acceptance and love.

Your way is not the only way. Your God is not the only God. Your ritual is not the only ritual. How you respond to what happens around you defines your character. Your willingness to be open and inclusive will determine your sense of peace. The choice is yours. It's your rodeo, darlin'. 

The times are changing. Those who are flexible will adapt and thrive. Those who are unwilling and rigid will suffer. Be prepared for new information. Be light on your feet, light in your mind, light in your heart, and get ready to jump with grace.


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