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The Great Shift

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We are entering a new age. We are in a transition of one long cycle to another. Different ancient cultures describe it in different ways, and break up these cycles accordingly. We are upon the Aqe of Aquarius, the Kali Yuga and baktun 12 in long count of the Mayan calendar. Ancient Hopi prophecies speak to purification days and rebirths in consciousness.

Everything in this world is cyclical. And we are in a breakdown / breakthrough period. Sometimes the space between what was and what will be can be chaotic. But, alas, nature is change. And we must hold space for the healing of the planet. You elected to be here at this intense time, and it is incredibly brave. I feel a camaraderie towards all who chose to be here on Earth at this moment for that shared courageousness. It is a privilege to live on this beautiful planet with all we have access to in our human incarnations and experiences, despite the dark of the storm we see. The way that I describe it to my clients is that mother earth, if you can imagine her as her own living being, is pushing out all the darkness she has been holding within to the surface for the purposes of healing, alchemical change and transmutation. That’s our job. What was hidden in the underbellies of society will no longer remain unseen. Tolerated corruption will dismantle. And it is as if the north pole is meeting the south pole in a face off. We have to make space for new ideas, modalities and paradigms. We cannot do that without inefficient systems falling apart.

The Earth is also moving through a photon belt. We are receiving on our planet more light, more photons than we have in many thousands of years. Remember that whole field of light, divine intelligence, Source energy I'm always talking about? Well, this photon belt is really amplifying the intensity of this inescapable merging with Light.  We are moving towards light, whether or not you are ready. Our sensitivities, DNA, brains and bodies are evolving. We have access to more information and realms of intelligence beyond what was previously accessible.

This time, the evolution is in consciousness which is not necessarily a mental thing. It’s about how you, as a micro system, connect and relate to the infinite field of divine wisdom. How much light can you hold and harness? Are you willing to expand? If you are here reading this and breathing on this planet, you signed up for expansion 202 at Earth University. What we must remember as we hold space for change and progress is that beyond all strife, war and drama, we can experience a transcendental state of being. This place of freedom renders the opposites we experience irrelevant. Peace exists beyond right or wrong, bliss or pain, wealth or poverty. Your stillness and awareness invites it.

So, why this moment? Why the intense expansion? Well, of course I can’t answer all of life’s big WHY’S. But, looking at ancient scriptures and cycles of creation can give us some context around the changes we approach and how to look at them in a way that makes life easier. According to the Vedas, the oldest, ancient “Books of Knowledge” originating during an epoch dating from 1800 B.C. to 1000 B.C. when the Aryans, a Sanskrit speaking group of peoples from the steppes of central Russia migrated to the cities of the Indus civilization. As these two cultures merged and shared spiritual techniques and practices for development, the Vedas were eventually recorded after centuries of oral tradition. The Vedic scriptures predate all religious and spiritual literature. According to the text as described by scholars and masters, earth and humanity move through what are described as cosmic cycles with overarching themes that set a tone for that specific period and involve a cyclical concept, as time leads humanity from periods of creation to periods of destruction in the world of matter.

The cycles are endless and include ages known as “days” and “nights.” The four Yugas, or ages, described are known as the the Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Doaper Yuga, and the Kal Yuga. Each age is subdivided many times over and are also occur within even longer periods and it can all get quite complex. Understanding these texts requires an immense amount of study and scholarship. What I convey to you here is a very rudimentary breakdown of the Yugas and where we are now. The Sat Yuga is the first of the four stages and known as a golden era, where all was one with the divine and with cosmic energy. It lasted 1,728,000 years and because of this full on embodiment of the divine, our manifestation capacities were sharp and powerful. There were no hierarchies, just grace and beauty. And then came the Treta Yuga, the silver age which lasted 1,296,000 years. Humans still acknowledged their identity with Source but the association became weaker and they were only able to hold 3/4 of their spiritual power in tact.

Next came the Doaper Yuga, the copper age lasting 864,000 years long. This was a time of half realized truth where the worship of divinity moved from energy and oneness to form and external idolization. And finally, we are in the Kal Yuga, known as the dark age of steel and machine. It is said to last 432,000 years long and only 1/4 of truth is revealed openly. There is a glimmer, but we must be proactive to seek and behold what is real. After this last dark age we move into a golden age of enlightenment yet again. Within each age are peaks and valleys, sunny days and darker ones.

The aim for humanity right now, with limited truth available, is to distinguish between consciousness and matter, the real and unreal. Just because it is a tough time does not mean you have to go wallow in darkness. It’s storming, but you can just put on a poncho, grab and umbrella and a lantern and go out and help others who are lost in the dark. You are not ruled by anything outside of you. Each period offers something different for the purposes of learning and growth. You get to choose how you want to relate to each moment.

Some people describe it as a time of chaos, destruction and loss, but in essence, it is about the growing pains associated with change. Just as a sprout must break through the shell of the seed in the darkness of fertile soil, so must we as a human race break through the chains of bondage we have adopted and no longer serve us. Breakdowns always lead to breakthroughs. The night always comes before the dawn. The Yugas are large spans of time embedded within even larger ones. And within this understanding of cyclical time, there are astrological epochs to consider. We have opened into the Age of Aquarius officially as of 11/11/2011.

An astronomer will affirm that Earth rotates on an axis that is not perfectly stable. A little circular, pulsating quiver affects the axis line about every 24,000 years. This period has been broken into 12 parts associated with the 12 astrological signs. Each of the 12 part segments is named for the constellation towards which the axis oscillates. Star systems hold an energetic archetype. So, imagine that the center of the earth is vibrating towards a different sign every 2000 years or so. For example, 2000 B.C. to 0 A.D. marked the Age of Aries and from 0 A.D. to very recently, we’ve been in the Piscean age, which was dominated by machines and hierarchies.

We are at the dawn of the Aquarian age, another reason we are seeing so many vast changes in technology and globalization. This particular shift in the ages is radical, not incremental. This time period is about awareness, energy, open communication, sharing, transparency and information. At the onset, so much information in myriad forms is affronting the nervous, neurological and physiological systems with such force that in coalescence with socio-political instability, many have lost their ways. We need to upgrade our perception and self care practices to be centered and able during this moment in humanity’s history.

Remember, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. You get to choose if perceived random chaos governs you, or if you govern yourself through the power of the Light that is your true home. And I hope you choose to totally boss your own life.


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