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The Art Of Non-Action: A Counterintuitive Approach to Productivity

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The Art Of Non-Action

Honestly, I was the worst at this. Because of my natural inclination to be a “do-er,” a “make-it-happen-kinda-gal” and an “action-taker,” I have had no choice but to make stillness, intentional non-action and patience a daily practice because I’ve come to understand the power of surrender and allowance.

Spirit, Nature, God, Divinity, The Light, The All That Is, is benevolently orchestrating on our behalf at all times. When we remain in a state of trust, we tap into that flow of divine orchestration. Our finite, human minds tend to freak out when we lose control over a situation.

When this happens, don’t spin out and overdo it, distracting yourself from the discomfort at not being in control. When we trip, we block the natural flow of the universe.

There are seasons to life, creativity, work, relationships, nature and your personal growth.

And for some reason, especially in Western cultures, when things slow down with work or our lives, we lose it.

But the pause always has a purpose.

When you are someone who can see the big picture and connect all the dots, it can be hard to wait around for natural process to take its course. A lot of people have dug their way out of traumas and negative situations through sheer will and an ability to push through to the other side. However, at a certain point in life, that “ability” becomes more of a hindrance and a defense mechanism when we become unable to sit patiently and vibe with the world while life takes a beat on our personal behalf.

Learning to sit peacefully still in the space between breaths is the most magical, fertile ground for manifestation purposes.

Transition times are moments to plant new seeds of creation.

I have so many people coming in to see me for personal sessions with a similar issue: they are facing the terrifying mystery of the unknown as they sit uncomfortably fidgeting and freaking out because they can’t stand the space between. So, they desperately want to DO something about it. But in reality, over-doing from a space of fear, desperation or confusion or simply lack of intentional power does the exact opposite of the desired result. It blocks your flow.

You can actually create more, produce more, feel more inspired, make more connections with people who can help you, synch up with the magic of life and open up to new ideas by doing this one thing: absolutely nothing.

I am not talking about being lazy. Non-action is intentional, and it is purposeful.

When we do not have all the answers, it means the information isn’t in yet.

It isn’t in yet because it isn’t supposed to be.

So, stop sitting there squirming about what might or might not happen and make the cultivation of trust, patience, and acceptance a priority.

Without these virtues it is impossible to allow the Spirit to bring what is good and aligned, right to your doorstep. Without patience and trust, stillness is impossible. Without stillness, vision is compromised. Without vision, your perception is lacking. And without true perception your creations are compromised.

Allowance means stillness and non-action. It means breathing in the essence of light and the magic of God as a practice every single day. It means embodying this trust in your cells, your brain, your emotions and your energy.

If you do not trust, you are coming from a place of fear. And I promise you fear gets you nowhere. It does nothing other than perpetuate illusion.

There is great purpose to transition. There is great purpose to pause. There is great purpose to your NOT knowing everything. Assuming your life is meant to be a certain way at a certain time, exactly just how you thought it would be, is arrogant. You’re missing the point.

Chapters close. And more will open. But not knowing what that chapter will be, how exactly it’s going to happen, who is going to be by their side along the way, and whether or not they are going to go broke in the process, tends to trip people the fu%k out.

Humans are limited by nature; therefore, I would invite you to trust in something greater. There is great power in process. All life is evolution. Stillness is the revving up of the engine before you hit the gas.

Turn to joyful habits.

Take more notice of what lights you up.

Take more notice of who lights you up.

Take on a meditation or QiGong practice.

Make time for that awesome friend that you never get to see.

Stop doing the “shoulds.” 

Try being a human without a plan, and let magic be your guide. And then when something hits, and inspiration drops, act on that!

Use non-action to tap into intuition.

Go deeper within the realms of self and Spirit.

Stop saying “I don’t know what to do with myself.” That’s bullshit. You do know what to do with yourself because you are a child of God and infinite wisdom is in your DNA.

Without your will, intellect and ego, your system knew how to go from a single cell organism to a 34 trillion celled network of intricate and perfectly balanced genius that is the human body. A force of creation made it happen. Not your will.

There is a process “doing” it for you, if you will allow it.

This is not a time to push or force.

Fall is a time of introspection and letting the dead leaves drop so new life and emerge from new wisdom cultivated at this time.

Let go. Relax. And do more with less effort, and a more powerful intention.

Nature never rushes, and yet it always gets the job done.

Just breathe, baby. The force is with you.

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