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Renewal, Regeneration, & Hope

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Easter. Ishtar. Eostre. Passover. St. Brigid.


Today marks a time in which we are all renewed and refreshed. Taking its roots not only from New Testament scripture, but also from the Jewish Passover and the sacred nature cycles of our old faith ancestors, those who honored the earth and elements, and the many sacred manifestations of Source, Easter presents mystery, ritual, remembrance, and new hope. Ishtar. Easter. Maypoles. Fertility. Regeneration. Christ. Brigid. Moses. Let us honor the lessons of the dark, as we intentionally leave it behind. This moment heralds embracing lightness.



In many traditions, what’s beautiful about this time of year is that no matter story narrative, the underlying essence that lives inside the form of associated rituals is that we move towards the light.

The energetic undertone speaks to liberation and renewal. And after that intense AF full moon (trying to bring back the balance by whatever means necessary— maybe your boat was rocked a little from the tension) today is a wonderful reminder to remember light.

There is light. If you are in dark times, remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel. One foot in front of the other. If you have forgotten your light, if you are in trouble, reach out.

You are born of the light, the good. If you have forgotten, then you have forgotten who you are. Nothing real can be threatened. And nothing unreal exists, no matter what your eyes see. The purpose of this world is forgiveness. Do not be seduced by the temptation to live in total hell.

Is it not yet evident that what the body's physical eyes see fills you with fear? Are we clear on that yet? Your physical body and your physical eyes are limited, and they do not fully see. Don't get me started on the limited lens of the ego that paints the unreal with a coat of skewed insecurity. And here lies everyone's personal, false narrative of untruth custom tailored to justify their childhood wounds and tainted past. And this, we fight tooth and nail over like children defending a cheap, plastic toy as they stand in an eden they cannot see. We all do this, until we don't. Because we see the truth. 


Higher vision and awakened consciousness (ie - an information exchange with the universe) is the only way to see truth and liberate yourself from hell. 


You will not find salvation, truth, peace, or hope in the illusions of the 3d world. When I see/feel  a darkness which hurts my soul (and this happens often because of the nature of my work), I meditate until I fill my body with light. I set my intention to forgiveness. I move into that time/place and see the pain. I surround all parties involved in the suffering in light, both attacker and victim. I fill that moment in time with as much light as I can summon, and see all involved ascending into a higher realm where false perceptions of suffering do not exist. The way I cope is to heal and forgive. I am not in denial of the sickness and dark deeds done in this realm. But making darkness your truth is a choice. Making fear, sickness and insanity the reality of this world, is a choice. When you perceive in this way you cannot uplift anyone or anything around you. 

I quite like ritual. Beauty. To be merry. Flowers and feasts. But even if holidays aren’t your thing, I would invite you to silently work with the mantra:


I am reborn unto the light. I am made new. I am an instrument of the light. For this I am grateful.

Just for the day. Recognize the light in all you meet, even assholes 😉. Let the light bring balance. It is a wonderful moment to re-examine how you will rise, embodying your highest self, this year.

Plant a tree. Bring your lover flowers. Make a beautiful meal for your children. Sit alone in the pure silence of nature’s divine intelligence.


Speak to the sun for you are the heir.

In fact, you are part of creation. You were created. Therefore you are inherently creative. The manifestations of your natural creativity, whether it is baking bread for your child, writing a curriculum, connecting the dots from scientific research, a fine painting, a new business or even humming a new tune silently to yourself in the garden— are part of the highest plan for humanity.

Manifestations of your inherent creativity are organic and infinite, bring joy into the world, and cause you to expand. What can really stop you, outside of the limitations of your own rigid, mental gridwork or false, looping narratives your ego claims as truth?

Beyond moving towards light, this time of year celebrates creative power in all her forms. You are a well. You are oceans of creative force. It is simply a choice to inhabit those deeper realms. 

Does this mean obsessive, constantly prolific work ethic? No. Does this mean you are what you produce? No.

Process > Product.

Stillness leads to divine inspiration. Inspiration brings hope. Bringing forth new light into the world gifts joy. And this mirrors the cycles of nature and creation itself. Dark silence. A seed is planted. It grows and flowers. And then it’s time to let it go. And so it is with creative process. Human process. Nature’s process. You don’t have to struggle to create something new. Your creativity has nothing to do with anyone or anything outside of you. Form has nothing to do with the essence of the process.

As you walk towards the sun, I hope you allow this innate creative force to move you and move through you, as subtly or as grand as you see fit.

I hope you hold the maturity to have compassion and forgiveness for darkness, while knowing you are held in the palms of light. 

May today be a true celebration of that light. 


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