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Often, as part of the awakening process, or really any process whereby you are gaining new information and forming a new life perspective, there is a tendency to look back on those who have not accessed the new information, unique to your soul journey, and unconsciously form judgments about them. This is not uncommon, and really nothing to hold shame about. It’s something to simply be aware of. I personally love it all. I love all perspectives and truly believe there is learning in everything. It’s about having the open vision to see those hidden nuggets of wisdom in all traditions, and in the poetry of everyday life. I love atheists. In fact, one of my clients is a very famous and powerful actor who believes in absolutely nothing, other than the potential of mankind. His words to me in our session were so absolutely inspiring. He said, “I’ve lived long enough to see peace in Ireland, the fall of the Berlin wall, and the end of apartheid in South Africa. I know many people fear the demise of the human race, but I believe wholeheartedly in humanity’s potential and what we are capable of as a collective people”. No, he didn’t believe in a God as you may describe, which may be different than a God that I may describe. The point is; he holds hope, when I know many very powerful, spiritual conductors of source energy who have lost it. So whose perspective is the “right” one? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you are studying the law of attraction and someone else is studying the law of cause and affect. It makes no difference if you connect with a yogic path and your client connects with Christ. Christ-Consciousness, Buddha- Consciousness, Crystal-Consciousness, it’s all the same thing. Humans have a deep need to sort, label, identify and judge through the ego’s comfort and safety in intellectual control. But this matters not. I love atheists, Jews, Muslims, new-agers, Christians, Buddhists, classic philosophers, Norse mythologians, shamans, poets, witches, neuro-scientists, agnostics, lovers and haters and so on, and so on. Again, it matters not. I see humans. I see light. I see photons and love embodied in human physical forms, using their minds to understand. It’s all energy and you can use whatever form or channel feels most comfortable to you. And it’s all so utterly beautiful! Pray to whomever you like, be it Venus, light, God, Jesus, the Universe, Merlin, Yogananda, Quan Yin, a higher self, a quantum self, what Aristotle called the “Entelechy” (a soul’s pure potential), an Andromedian, Alchemist Master or whatever makes sense to you. Ultimately the path is your intuitive knowing, which is connected to the light. How you get to that joy, is your business. But please know this:
It is not what you believe, but being offended by what others believe, that causes violence on this planet. 
Anything that makes you feel good; is right. Anything that makes you feel safe; is right. Anything that causes you to connect to a higher aspect of your brain; is beautiful. There is no place for self-righteousness in your conscious growth.
Spirituality allows, it includes.
It includes the scum and the dirt and the noise. It includes the horrid, plastic media. It includes pain through compassion and acceptance. It includes your involved brother-in-law who makes belittling, narcissistic remarks to your mother mingled with misogynistic attitudes and insists on factory-farmed meat on holiday. Yes, even him. We must accept the other person at their particular level of consciousness. Not everyone will understand you. Many will judge you. I invite you love and accept them for where they are, in return. Everyone is at a different level. Does that mean you have to be best friends? No. Does that mean drop your healthy boundaries? Absolutely not. It means hold neutrality, love and acceptance. Spirituality just means being open to love. Love leaves resistance, the need to be right, the need to correct, and exclusion behind.
I have questioned everything through my growth and I truly believe that’s how I’ve come to the place of peace that I feel in my mind and heart at this moment in my life. Now, it is "downloads" and knowing. Now it is enacting the plan given to me from he light. Now it is bringing down those 5th dimensional, 6th, 7th…13th dimensional frequencies into this Earth plane. The work is not about simply transcending Earth drama to rise above it. You are here to implement new archetypes and understandings by holding those frequencies strong, despite Earth drama, while bringing them forth into the human world.  I believe it is healthy, grounded and wise to use discernment when taking in new information from anywhere, including me. If there is anything that doesn’t feel right to you, there is no need to take it on as truth. If it doesn’t resonate it means it either isn’t true, or you are not yet ready for that information at this point in your process. I ask that you not be offended by language, semantics, or any external labels that separate, while allowing others their divine process of human growth. Allow space for others to be offended, while knowing that it comes from a place of resistance, inner conflict and fear. Be the bigger person. There is no victory in being right, but there is everything to gain from humility. Humility comes from understanding your power. The heart of Source knows no control energy, no fight or flight, no rebellion, no hate, no judgment. The heart of Source knows pure, humble gratitude for this gift of human evolution. My friends, this heart, is your true heart. May you know it too.


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