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I’m not here to talk to you about matcha, the best organic skin serum or how to choose a crystal for your dog’s spirit guide’s chakras. 

It's not relevant, given where we. 

When I started this work in New York City, it was progressive. It still is, but most especially then. The mainstream was just opening up to new ways of relating to self. We were looking at how we treat ourselves and what self care means in the modern age as related to the expanded, energetic self. When it comes to highly sensitive people, eccentrics, empaths, artists, channels, those walking the verge of psychic awareness and health issues (mental / emotional / physical), and generally, anyone attuned to subtle energies, well…I had plenty to stay. There is so much western medicine leaves out. For certain types of people, a little more education / context and a higher perspective coupled with a sense of purpose and empowerment continues to make a huge dent in how my clients are taking control of their lives. In fact, I had so much to say on it, I wrote a book about it. 

THE ENERGY BOOK comes out August 2020 in over 40 countries world wide. Thank you Penguin Random House UK. In the new year I will send out a newsletter on how to pre-order my book. 


Anyways, wow… have I seen some transformation in you guys. Utterly, completely transformed. You have done so with success, impact, efficiency and dedication; like spiritual warriors. That’s something I am wildly proud of. That’s what I care about. 


Try as I might, I just don’t really care what kind of healthy lattes you guys are drinking.


Somewhere in the last couple of years, the trending, click-bait headlines and desperate reach for relevant, sexified, wellness content muddled, for me, a sense of placement around what was intended to be a personally manifested divine access point for the energetically primed, in order to find balance and alignment in a strange world. 


Since the moment I started my practice in New York, the world of wellness offerings has become so saturated it can often feel fake, or vacuously trivializing. It can be hard to find what works for you, what actually serves the truest trajectory of your life path. 


My intention is to offer clarity around the foundations of my philosophy as it stands now. And the most important thing to know when we work together, is that I will do whatever is required to help you let Light into your life and all aspects of your being, seen and unseen, known and unknown. 

Earth has been steadily going haywire. Everyone feels a sense of groundlessness, ambiguous grief and anxiety in the midst of a quantum leap for humanity. Where we were, is not where we are. You see, five years ago, offering some education that scratches the surface on energy, vibrational medicine, and non-physical dynamics was relevant to share. Creating a digestible container can help people take in the abstract. I wanted to create a bridge in order to help folks understand. 


Now, I no longer see it as necessary to the healing process for you to understand much about my process. Truth is, I don’t really care anymore whether you “get it” or not. And frankly, neither do you. 

Though I am always happy to share information and insight, I don’t need you to intellectually understand me or the work. In fact, intellectual understanding is not what I am after.

It’s freedom.

And freedom does not come from an activated mind trying to understand something. Freedom comes from tapping into a divine intelligence and allowing it to move through you effortlessly like inspiration in action. And to experience the affects, you do not have to intellectually understand the process. Your soul, body and energy can do that on your behalf.

Freedom is knowing who you are beyond this limited, physical incarnated experience while being fully present in the physical. It's a state of embodiment. 

In order to do that you have to get out of your own way which requires some mental and emotional mastery. Sometimes we must quell the need to “know,” understand why and make sense of the mystery. We are not capable at this time, of making sense of God. 


What matters to me is that you experience, in mind, body, emotions, and spirit, a more empowering and peaceful experience of life after working with me. What matters is that life gets better. What matters are the results and the transformation in consciousness, which changes your experience externally.


And that’s what matters, your life. Your character. Your sense of purpose. Your caliber. Your emotional health. Your peace. Your creativity. Your impact. Your heart. Your love. Your kindness. Your ability to share the light you receive with loved ones. 


What matters in this world is so simple it has almost become almost forgotten: goodness. Just be a good and decent human being. 


More, is now required of you, as it is required of me. This does not necessarily mean “efforting,” which is often associated with a form of sacrifice. The more that is required is a graceful maturity in your perspective. Please do not tolerate anything that lacks substance. 


The form of my work may change. I may move from the healing world to creative worlds, product or tech. I may do lots of things. But what will remain is the integrity of my voice and efforts. I may make mistakes, but I guarantee you that I do my absolute best to be on purpose and share from a space of substance, truth and depth. 




You need a highly refined toolkit to manage your nervous system and total wellbeing at this time. 

You must be around people you trust. 

Cut the bullshit. Trim the rest of the fat. YES, you know there is more to trim. No, you’re not done. 

Use your time wisely on this planet.

Pray for assistance in removing barriers between your personality and your essence. 

You have everything you need, to do what you need to do, right now. 

Release attack energy and step into neutrality, observance, active listening. Attack energy deafens wisdom.

It takes 90 seconds for a difficult emotion to run its course through your body. You can breathe through the onset of emotional turmoil it for 90 seconds. When you feel anger, grief, sadness, suffering or anything of the like— immediately turn the mind off. Drop the story around the emotion. Focus your awareness on where you are holding the suffering in your body, and breath into the emotion for 90 seconds without agenda. The pain will go away without your inner narrative amplifying its power. 

We can accept the reality of a situation without accepting its permanence. 

There is nothing sexier than life force. 

Let your presence speak for itself. 

Luck’s purest form, is actually flow. Flow looks lucky from Earth world. 

The truth within you is bigger than anything outside of you. 

Real intelligence uses everything constructively. 

Whatever you fight, you strengthen. 

If your soul called it in, you can handle it. 

Rise above what you were taught. 

Think beyond the limitations of your life. 

Do not underestimate the power of the human spirit. It is more powerful than war, machines, darkness, chaos, lack, confusion. 

The light always pierces the dark, in all situations. Period. 

Do not ask others for what they cannot give. 

Let go of everything. See what stays. 

Don’t like something? Take away its only power over you: your attention. 

Don’t compete. Create. 

There are unseen forces cheering you on every step of the way. 

Humility comes from high self esteem. 

There is a sweet spot right in between, “I intend for this to happen,” and “I’m not attached to what happens.”

Your passage through time and space is not random. 

May your life experience reflect the highest manifestation of your creative capacity. 

Rest does not come from sleeping more. It comes from waking up. 

Magic is science we don’t understand yet. 

The universe expands every time you empower someone.

The suffering, darkness, chaos and confusion you see is not ultimate truth. It is manifested illusions born of humanity’s collective pain body. 

The world’s suffering reflects a collective lack of understanding of what this world is and how it works, and a lack of mental and emotional mastery. It reflects a separation between us and Source. It is a present truth from one perspective but not a permanent reality. We cannot alchemize suffering without understanding its presence in the first place. 

Silence, acceptance and surrender is the way through difficult times. 

Whenever you perceive yourself higher than, or lower than — it's your ego talking. 

It is a waste of your character and dignity as a human to believe in that which makes you contract and feel smaller. 

Put your faith in the expansive, the big, the joyous. 

You are magnetic and dynamic, there is a time and a place for both. 

In this moment, you have a choice. You can remain reactive and confused or you can choose to be a leader, a torch bearer in how you choose to think, live and breathe. Do this by putting your energy and efforts into that which holds goodness and substance. You do this by being gentle, true and kind. 

And no, you don’t need to post every good deed on Instagram. 

You, just as you are right now, are perfect and truly loved. You are capable of moving mountains. You are bigger and more beautiful than any concept of “human” you’ve ever encountered. Give yourself permission to celebrate your expansiveness. Give yourself permission to live joyously, despite any darkness or falsehood around you. This, my friends, is what masters do. 


Big Love,


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