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Make a wish. And give it light. Things that you want “lightly” will come easily.

When we have a sense of fun, ease and play with our desires, we approach the world with the eyes of the child. With this light attitude you are telling the universe, “I know I am okay, no matter what. I am bountiful and happy. I would like this to happen, but I am more focused on my inner peace”.

From a vibrational perspective, the universe responds to the combination of your focused desire and your emotional state of wellbeing. Now, that combination is a high vibe recipe for manifestation. Often times our desires, no matter how much we affirm, pray, plead and want, is accompanied by an overemphasis that leads to heaviness and ultimately resistance.

The root of that overemphasis is the fear that you will not receive your hearts desire, so we affirm and pray and want and overemphasize more and more.

In this way, we have a tendency to block our own manifestation process because we are adding fear energy to the desire, instead of the peaceful, playful energy of abundance to our desire.

The universe responds to your vibration, the core energy that you emit into the ether, not what you say, nor what you pretend to be. So, when you find yourself wanting something but sense there is resistance associated with that desire, try taking these steps:

1. Stop thinking. Attend to your frequency first and foremost.

You know when you feel off and afraid. The first order of business is coming back into vibrational state of alignment with source energy. That means, get back to feeling good. If you can’t feel good about your desire, leave it temporarily. Go read a book under an oak tree. Engage in a hobby. Watch your favorite movie, focus on your positive friendships, work, all the goods. Have dinner at your favorite restaurant. Leave the desire be until you come back to a sense of ease. Writing in a notebook all the things for which you are grateful, as a daily practice is very helpful.

2. Go Meditate.

After you are at ease emotionally, quiet your mind. You cannot manifest without focused intention. Meditation causes us to take a step back and gain a greater perspective on what is really important in this world. Get quiet. Build your inner power. Enhance that sense of ease you’ve been working on.

3. Apply thought

Only after you are calm, centered, and focused should you pray, affirm, and apply carefully selected thoughts to your desire. Maintain a sense of detachment here. Maintain the ease. Spend some time working with your desire, perhaps 5-10 minutes a day after your meditation.

4. Let it go.

The universe is not into control energy, just… trust me, LOL. I’ve had a lot of experience with my own control energy blocking the things that I desire. Let it go. Give it to God. Give it to the sky. Give it to the birds. Letting go requires an element of trust. If you are having issues letting things go, it is time to look at your relationship with yourself and this world. Is the world good or bad? Are people out to get you or are they helpful? Your ability to let go directly relations to your core belief about if this world is a safe place to thrive. What is so cool about letting go, is that you get to choose whether or not you want to trust this life process. But I promise you, things work out a lot more smoothly, when you do.

After taking these steps you will begin to see, that when you are filled with the light of source energy, there is nothing you are missing. There is nothing you are lacking. There is no pain or suffering that anyone or anything can truly cause you permanently. The truth is, when you need nothing, you attract everything. So mote it be. 

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