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Heart facts, A Free Kundalinli Meditation + Intro to The Love & Sensuality Collection

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No — you don’t have to be a Disney princess to listen to your heart. But understanding why the cliche stands will help you open this center. You may be aware of the energy field that extends outward in all directions from the physical body known as the aura or electromagnetic field. But did you know that the heart has its own micro-magnetic field within the energy body and is 100x stronger than the brain’s projected field? It also extends about three feet out of the body. From an energetic perspective, this information really gives you a glimpse into the power of the heart. When the heart chakra is open we have a new relationship with our feelings. This energy center is ruled by the element of air and represents our capacity to give and receive love. It is the head honcho intuitive sensory center for the entire system and the golden gateway to Spirit.

This center is associated not only with love, but awakening, as you cannot access one without the other. It also governs boundaries and the immune system. The heart will tell you when something is off, or when a relationship is out of balance. The heart is also the balancing point in the body between lower energy centers and upper energy centers; between heaven and earth. Without awareness from the heart, we are lost. You simply cannot bypass the heart or emotional processing aspects of self on the path to health and peace. You know when someone is speaking from their heart, because heartfelt communication touches the soul. In fact, any idea, creation, word or thought stemming from an open source of love in the heart with a strong connection to the divine, will heal. If the heart is overactive, the person will be subject to too much sympathy. When under-active, you can have dependency or diffusion in terms of your sense of self. If life gets muddled or unclear, when the path seems confused and wandering — do nothing, be still, and open your heart.

Because cultivating a heart-centered awareness is so powerfully important at this time, I put together a collection of products such as meditations, crystals, jewelry, flower essences and transformational tools to help you amplify the energies of love, compassion, sensuality, and romance in all forms within and around you.

If you feel your heart is closed, and there is no flow of love, try out this meditation for 7-31 minutes.
(from the Aquarian Teacher KRI Teacher’s Manual — Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

  • Sit in an Easy Pose, or cross legged with a straight spine.
  • Lift the chest and sternum upward while gently stretching the back of the neck straight by pulling the chin toward the back of the neck.
  • The head stays level and centered without tilting forward or back or side to side.
  • The muscles of the throat and neck remain loose.
  • The face is relaxed.
  • EYE POSITION— closed, looking up, focused on the brow point.
  • MANTRA - Sat Kartaar
  • As you say SAT, the hands are pressed together in prayer pose at the enter of the chest.
  • As you say, KAR, the hands are extended out from the shoulders, half way towards the final position, Fingers are pointing straight up.
  • As you say, TAAR, the arms are fully extended out from the sides parallel to the floor, fingers pointing up.
  • Make the transition from step to step with a flowing movement.


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