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GRATITUDE = MONEY. Let’s talk about the principle of all-sufficiency…

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“Mind and emotions embodying love, gentleness, and peace eliminated limitation- that is, such a consciousness of harmlessness freed an individual from the bonds and restrictions of human thought.” - John Randolph Price

November marks the spirit and season of gratitude. With Thanksgiving upon us and as we spend time with the people we love, I want to send a gentle reminder (without being too sappy) that a state of gratitude is the most powerful state of consciousness for the purposes of manifesting abundance.

Basically, the universe likes it when you are both grateful and humble and brings you cool shit when you are hold that consciousness with strength and high self-worth.

The ancients taught that when you understand yourself, you understand Spirit and universal law. Through deep meditation, stillness and teachings that bring you closer to the divine, one transcends material stress, drama, chaos and limiting belief systems.

Abundance is your birthright. It is not something to which only a select few are privileged. It is not far away. Prosperity is part of your being, because Spirit is infinite abundance, love, support, creativity, kindness, gentleness, bliss and blessing. You are born of Spirit. Therefore, these virtues are in your DNA and energy system.

What often happens is we are born into whatever circumstances we karmically chose for the purposes of learning and growth, and then are culturally entrained to believe it is supposed to be hard, you suffer until you die, you are lucky if you can pay your bills, you aren’t working hard enough unless you are suffering, money is bad or evil, rich people are assholes, the world sucks and good luck trying to make it— and by the way, if you don’t make it (which is probably going to happen), you are a loser.

And all that is bullshit. I had no idea it wasn’t supposed to be hard until I was in my late 20s. I had no idea that life could be joyful, effortless, divine, supportive, abundant and filled with soul mates and high creativity. I had no idea that I could help people, support my family and give back at the same time. I believed any good thing that happened would cost me a great amount, and that I would ultimately have to pay a hefty price if I desired big things (and I sure as hell do…).

I believe in the hero’s journey. I believe in diligence, persistence and the discipline to embody those virtues. I believe in honoring both the inner work and outer work required to manifest a desired outcome.

But suffering, pain and deep struggle are ultimately unnecessary.

We have access to the infinite support - emotional, financial, psychological, material, physical - that is Spirit. It is in our blood and heartbeat. We just have to remove the illusions and false narratives in the mind, emotions and vibrational patterns, acting as a barrier between you and divine support.

If we look for the signs, patterns will appear that indicate to us what we need to work internally. I encourage you to look at life with a philosopher’s eye in an attempt to understand what lessons Spirit is bringing you. When we embody a teaching, the karmic lesson dissolves and we can move on to the next level, so to speak.

You have divine power. Magnetic power. Mental power. Emotional power. You can use these faculties to exercise dominion over your world. You can use higher vision to conjure up the most noble and grand visions for yourself and humankind. You can hold these visions strong, while staying present with the moment.

You can dream, without extreme desire thieving your mojo.

You can enjoy, without attachment and fear dragging you down.

You, me and all beings on this planet deserve to thrive. Not just get by, but truly thrive. We all change the greater world, one inner world at a time. So, start with yours.

You can lead through your breath and intention. You can inspire through your actions. And one way to inspire both others and the Universe, is by holding gratitude. That kindness spreads through subtle tendrils of time and touch like a soft ripple into the dimensions. Seen and unseen, your work does not go unnoticed.

Understand that mastering your spiritual bankroll is most important. Energy follows intention. And the material plane follows energy. Inspire others to hold a consciousness of all-sufficiency by coming from “above the line” in all actions, thoughts and decisions.  That means that there is plenty for everyone. There is enough food, water, money, time, resources, friends, lovers, mates, support and joy for ALL OF US. Your joy does not mean another’s lack and vice versa. This understanding is truth, but the issue is that humans simply don’t understand it, so we can’t hold the consciousness of it, which is why we don’t experience it as a species quite yet. But you can hold it for yourself and inspire others to do the same.

This rule of all sufficiency, essentially that one can cooperate with Spirit to unleash creative powers and manifest joy in all forms, was discussed, taught and entrained to interested parties and mystery school students until about 180 A.D. Thank goodness for the mystery schools in Asia, Greece, Persia and Egypt who held these principles strong and shared this wisdom at different times and in different locations throughout history. However, in 180 A.D. the bishop of Lyons put a halt to this understanding as it undermined authority and the priesthood. It gave the people too much power, and he put out a volume of work that supported his dogma called Against Heresies. He attacked the Gnostics and any other spiritual group that believed in anyone’s ability to connect with the divine. Shortly thereafter, Emperor Theodosius made Christianity the absolute and official religion of the state and humanity entered into the Dark Ages for about 1000 years. Christ’s teachings, which completely supported these understandings, became political and a bunch of high-level wisdom was removed from the Bible to keep the masses low and small. Esoteric just means hidden. Just because it is hidden doesn’t mean it is dark. It means that the people in power wanted to hold on to it by keeping common people out of theirs. Feel me?

So this prosperity consciousness is super-mega old school. It is not new wave, or new thought. It is actually quite ancient. However, we have been a suppressed people for thousands of years. Now, that is changing.

Higher emotions, ideals, vibrations and thoughts cater to this prosperity consciousness.

And as I emphasized before, joy and gratitude are virtues of the highest minds. It takes a lot to get there, especially if you have been through immense of trauma, poverty and negative programming. Trust me. I’ve been there. But it is taught, and I truly believe because I’ve experienced it first hand, that we all have the power to alchemize our life circumstances by diving deep into the realms of self which is ultimately the realm of God. You are God. I am God. God is you. We are all individual, uniquely creative manifestations of the same exact Source Of Light.

I know I say this a lot, but I say it because I mean it. When you know who you are, there is no fear. There is no polarity that can affect you, light or dark, hot or cold, rich or poor. All these are fading waves of the Earth plane and you can walk amongst the ebbs and flows of life as a Master when you understand your divine birthright as a creator, a torchbearer, and a child of the Spirit. For all the badass Jedi Masters out there, check out The Master Tank. I made it to help me remember to hold the consciousness of all-sufficiency, prosperity and ultimate goodness.

There is nothing that can hold you down or back. There are only perceived limitations and how you choose to handle it.

One cannot hold a harmful thought and be grateful at the same time. It is impossible. And I emphasize gratitude this week because so many of us are rushing to travel home to be triggered my family members that can sometimes bring out our worst. In that holiday hustle, sometimes we can forget the point.

Please remember, even when you don’t feel supported, that support exists all around us.

Support is natural. There is no price to pay. It’s a fabric, a tapestry, a vibrational connectivity, a perspective shift. Even when you feel you have nothing and there is not a soul in the world who truly has your back, you can uplift your thoughts and meditate on how the table supports the glass as it rests on the surface effortlessly. The bed supports your rest. The air supports your lungs. The soil supports the seed, and so on. You amplify the energy of support in your life by recognizing the myriad manifestations of it around you and thanking the spirit of support as it shows up in various forms.

This recognition practice evokes trust, and it is important because trust is required to attract goodness and abundance. You have to trust yourself in order to trust the world. Trusting yourself enough to take risks and know your power, means you have faith there is some form of a security blanket holding space for you. You feel supported in some capacity. And the truth is, that you are. It is natural law. You just have to start to see it. You don’t have to wait on anyone or anything to feel supported. Just look around a little deeper, no matter what your life circumstance is, and let that energy build.

Trust and faith are foundations of fearlessness. And brave hearts are keepers of magic. Be grateful for this ability to perceive the world with such magic. Be grateful for the freedom you have to think in whatever form suits you best, for air around you, the food on the table.

There is so much in our lives we take for granted, and it’s bullshit. Lack of vision blocks joy. And really, there is no reason for it.

Your gratitude and your intentional giving of thanks is a gateway to your highest version of life and pure goodness.

Prosperity is intrinsically connected to your natural energy yield. And gratitude yields a great deal of energy!

Hold it strong, for the sake of inspiration, goodness, leadership, divine flow… and your bank account. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I am so grateful to all of you reading this message. Thank you for letting me into your hearts and souls.



P.S. For more on the principle of all-sufficiency, check out THE ABUNDANCE BOOK by John Randolph Price.


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