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Do I Have To Change My Life, To Change My Life?

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Do I Have To Change My Life To Change My Life?

Want to evolve but feel afraid of change? Then this blog post is for you. Let’s talk about what actually has to change first, and what MIGHT have to change second in order to create a happier life.

What is the key component that acts as the most impactful catalyst to leverage forward movement? And what will that change mean for you? Do you have to completely change your life circumstances to change yourself? Do you have to let go to move forward? Here’s the deal…YEA.

Do you have to change everything? Not necessarily. But it’s a possibility. What is required on the highest evolutionary path for each person is dependent upon individual context of the moment.

And yes, aspects of your external conditions may or may not change based on what is required to support your new level of consciousness.

All healing is removal of illusion. This happens by opening to truth. Each layer of truth we embody dissolves previously held false beliefs, wounds, dense, heavy energy, and emotional trauma stuck in the body.

The trick is that we live in a world of illusions. And if you look to illusion to find truth, well you’re shit up a creek without a paddle, neurotically chasing your own tail on prozac. 

The highest state of consciousness ripe for the power of divine manifestation is one that transcends earthly concerns. This means that if you want to manifest like a proper powerhouse, you must transcend the bullshit illusions that act as barriers to truth. The truth of who you are, what you are, how powerful you are, healthy you are, is what sets you free. That truth lives within you when you understand your Source. How can you do that if you don’t spend time in Spirit? This is a relationship that must be nurtured. It is the ultimate relationship. Just like with anyone, the more time you spend getting to know the other party, the more deeply connected you are. What you appreciate, appreciates. And the deeper you dive into your depths; the more universal truth Spirit will reveal to you. Each layer of your un-truth that is dissolved opens the door to a more powerful you. Let those protective layers crumble.

You don’t necessarily have to change your entire life to heal, move forward or evolve spiritually. But you DO have to change your mind. And more often than not, having the strength to change your mind comes from opening your energy flow, releasing trauma, a dedication to alchemize any limiting mental narrative, and actively engaging in behaviors that attest to what your life enhancing belief systems actually are.

This means that sometimes you REALLY DO have to change your life to support your new beliefs and levels of understanding. The life structure and energies around you MUST support the consciousness if you want to maintain it.

Real change is not about shifting your external world to find a new sense of peace.

It’s about up-leveling the internal world and then letting the rest of the material plane follow suit.

Stay focused upon the cause and Spirit will orchestrate the effect.

You don’t get to pretend you believe something or vibe something. You can't just talk about it. 

Be quiet and let your life express your vibration on your behalf. It’s much more poetic and enriching this way.

There is no pretending with God.

Your beliefs and vibration have to be written in your energy and in your heart.

It has to be cemented in your subconscious.

If that new opening to truth were really the new energetic foundation for how you are choosing to perceive the world and operate within it; then letting go of things, people or jobs would not be an issue and changing your life conditions would never be a source of fear.

Change would be like leaves dropping in a fall wind; natural and effortless.

So, no need to put the cart before the horse and start preemptively stressing about changes you fear making when you step into your power.

Just fucking step into it. The Universe works out the rest.




Malachite is the Wizard’s Stone because it is an agent of transformation and high manifestation. The energy of stone works on the heart and communication chakra centers. Malachite is used for deep energy clearing, stimulation of all the chakras, and is a wonderful stone for anyone who is ready for real change. Malachite brings power and focused energy to new growth. This is the perfect stone for fall as we are in a transition time. Use Malachite in your meditations by holding it in your left hand as you sit or keep it by your bedside or alter to bring in its healing properties to your space.


  • Janine Petzer: November 08, 2018

    Boom! Thank you for cutting right to it and delivering the empowering message.

  • Moses Sb Zinazie: November 08, 2018

    Iam 69years of age and suffered from all kinds sickness al over tiredness and furgures ,iam therefore wishing for advice to overcome this illness and a strong energy

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