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Crystals are not just pretty little playthings kids talk about in reference to the some magical cartoon or calming home decorations for New Agers. Alas, they are powerful earthen minerals used in energy medicine, vibrational therapies, chakra healing and holistic medicine with a myriad of uses in modern technology.

Crystal therapy is an integral part of the crystal light bed I use with clients. Crystals are used in radios, computers, clocks and cell phones for their energetic properties. When we take the methods for energy transmittance used in modern technology by crystals and apply those methods to the human energy field, the transformative healing possibilities are unlimited. We are only at the brink of understanding what this means.

Crystals have been used as status symbols, tools, and even formed the bases of Plato’s understanding of platonic solids. Crystal comes from the Greek, krystallos. Its literal meaning is “frozen light.” Crystals vibrate at the same rate as water and the human body (456). This allows for a direct communication link between these bodies.

Let’s face it: humans are emotional and need to be re-tuned regularly. Like a piano, if one string is out of tune, the whole song sounds awful, and we require a little work getting back to a state of balance, and I mean on the regular. Crystals are quite the opposite. Let me put it this way: crystals don’t get emo. They are constant. They are literally the “rock” we need to stay in balance, and can be used as tools to re-tune the human system. As I mentioned earlier, they vibrate at the same rate as the human body, but are systematic, orderly and repetitious in their molecular structure. Crystals hold perfect patterns of sacred geometry, known as crystallographic patterns. These patterns give reference to their specific properties and indicate how they respond to energy.

Science has confirmed that our human bodies require these crystallographic patterns for optimal functioning. And when our ability to hold these patterns in our biology decreases due to either emotional or environmental toxins… Guess what? Disease begins to appear. Literally everything, is pattern. To understand why this makes sense, let’s look at three facts:

1.     Crystals Are Storage Devices. Like a blank canvas or an empty bag, crystals are open and ready to receive information. A crystal healing practitioner can imbue the crystal with a specific intention through thought form, and that intention is held therein. 

2.     Crystals are Transducers. Basically any device that converts one type of energy into another is a transducer: input energy turns into output energy. For example, thought forms and color therapy can filter through the receiving end of a quartz crystal and those crystallographic patterns can be transmitted to the molecular structure of the human body. From a molecular standpoint, the body is 99 percent water. As I mentioned earlier, water, humans and crystals vibrate at the same rate, so energy is easily transferred. “Your thought is an energetic pulse, drawn by breath, and transferred to water in the body, so thought energy forms patterns.” -Marcel Vogel

3.     Crystals Amplify Energy. Not only do they convert energy, but also, when cut in specific geometric formations they amplify that converted energy with directed intention towards the object of focus.

These precious minerals are truly gifts from the universe. It is my hope to continue studying and learning more about the nature of these gifts with each experience with a new client on the crystal light bed. When we combine sound healing, color therapy and magnetic therapy with the power of crystal healing therapy, profound shifts occur in the human biology, energy system, as well as consciousness. 


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