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Candescence and Higher Vision: A Gentler Approach To Life's Mysteries

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“Spirituality is the art of transfiguration. We should not force ourselves to change by hammering our lives into any predetermined shape. We do not need to operate according to the idea of a predetermined program or plan for our lives. Rather, we need to practice a new art of attention to the inner rhythm of our days and lives. This attention brings a new awareness of our own human and divine presence.” - John O’Donohue



In the midst of revolutionary energetic patterns, reinvention for the purposes of perseverance, paradigm shattering excavation of the shadow (our personal and collective dark sides), economic and medical face offs, reevaluation of … well, personal values, and the probable shift in priority that this brings to the forefront of our consciousness —- we are inevitably forced, in some way, to adopt new perspectives that allow an elevated and graceful container for all of these exponentially shifting variables that summon the foundations of our very existence.


In layman's terms: there are so many WTFs coming at us right now, we have to find a new way to look at life and how you are going to comfortably fit into it.



I love the initial quote by O’Donahue. Alchemy, transfiguration, opening and becoming, allowing greater light to unfold before us is absolutely an art form, the tools being your breath, step and perspective. How you see, move, sense and experience the world inwardly and outwardly communicate the vibrational output that holds you in life’s rhythms. This does not mean you are above adversity. This speaks to your relationship with all aspects of the human condition; thus making life more or less difficult.


Many ancient teachings speak of temperance and the middle path.


You do not need to shine a fluorescent spot light on all aspects of your spiritual self and shadow, obsessing with process, labels, assigning all aspects of your being to specific containers in order to feel “spiritual” or connected. Let it be. Let it be. Embrace being. The desperate overemphasis of intellectually securing labels and containers can make us feel more comfortable with existence, sure.


But what if you were just okay with being? What if you were already comfortable with existence and flowed from there? It is moving from living from the outside in to the inside out.



What if we aren’t meant to know all right now? What if we aren’t supposed to heal everything immediately? What if that’s how it is supposed to be? I’ve heard folks tell me lately that they feel like they aren’t “doing enough” in their spiritual and wellness lives.


Oh dear me. Friends, the outdated, self-abusive, western operating system of overdrive until you die, absolutely does not apply to the landscape of the soul. You cannot force surrender. It is an oxymoron. You cannot push enlightenment.



What if there is an elegance and maturity to a candescent higher vision, allowing shadow and light to beckon the spirit gently on a path of wonder and mystery? Young souls often like to presume knowing all, and may subconsciously fear life’s largest looming questions, resulting in an abrasive spiritual overdrive which has nothing to do with the soul and everything to do with the personality’s fear of inadequacy. This is all part of the process. And completely understandable. I am compassionate towards this state. I remember being in so much pain, I could barely hold up my life, praying and working tirelessly to emancipate myself from suffering. But I know we humans cannot force or speed up divine revelation. We are the keepers and holders of deeper truth. If we are gentle, it sweetly emerges from our hearts in perfect orchestration.


I simply offer you a candle flame, in place of your fluorescent light. The “art of transfiguration” prefers it.



Manic energy accomplishes little. Perhaps perfunctory operations that temporarily sooth inner angst and trick the mind into thinking it is doing something. But often, manic energy distracts us from our deeper undercurrents. Take for instance this final stage of the civil rights movement. Did you notice a lot of shocked, shamed white people frantically looking for action items to perform in the wake powerful narratives gone mainstream and instant paradigm shifts? Again, understandable. And yet when we take a step back and really acknowledge that there is real change to make, and if, as we know, change starts with the individual and individual consciousness, it would make sense that it is a slower, deeper process of reeducation is required before that wisdom seeps into the being. When wisdom of any kind seeps in, it will not stay hidden or contained, compartmentalized in a secret part of the being. It is known and seen in how that individual lives and breathes, how they contribute to life.


Wisdom is not performative. It may not necessarily to be seen all over social media. Going back to the civil rights example, of course there are obvious action items that provoke immediate change like funding, calling elected officials, protesting, signing petitions, sharing resources, taking a stance publicly, etc., — but for those of us unaffected by the darkness of racial oppression, I think one of the first steps is acknowledging we don’t know everything. And to take the actual time to read and annotate books and lectures while reeducating ourselves through various forms. Study takes contemplation. Contemplation takes time. Manic energy has no time and isn’t embodied enough for real contemplation. (Side note** For those interested, Yale has an open, virtual course on Black History: From Emancipation to the Present.

In general, manic energy is not hospitable to deeper alchemy. It is stability and spaciousness that are ready for transfiguration. Stability and spaciousness swim in patience.


We are moving from linear time to polychromic time; from a single line to a spiraling waves all existing at once.


We are blindfolded and skipping from star to star in space creating patterns and art through our cosmic dance. Angels whisper to us, “jump here,” as they slide starlight to land under our youthful and free feet. Then they remove the blindfold. “Turn around” they say, and we get to see the brilliance we created. Where we dropped our feet. How something still held us up despite the odds. They kiss your cheek and you rest. The worlds turns and then we play again. Who will dance with us? What colors will they use? How deeply can you trust life’s path?


Bring the candlelight.


Bring lightness. Bring playfulness.


Lest you believe yourself trapped and lost in a dark world with your ears closed, your throat tight and sweating, desperately reaching for your neon light to shine in the face of the angels, searching for landing stars of your own limited volition as your leg quivers on a diminishing tight rope. Fear will not guide you out of the dark.


Same situation. Two stories. You hold the pen.



Let there be space and mystery. Let there be compassion for yourself walking through this changing planet. Let go of the need to know why to every last detail of your life and all structures therein.


For the survival of humanity, the way is for Mother Earth and all her life forms to offer effusively compassionate energy from every cell and atom of their beings.


People change through understanding. People are only usually willing to understand through a soft and compassionate touch.


We have to understand what is happening with the environment to change the course of industry. We have to understand what is happening with minorities and underserved, underprivileged communities in order to help create systematic change. We have to understand and see our own traumas clearly, for pain to lift from our bodies, hearts, and minds, changing the structure of who we are and the quality of transmission and contribution we might offer this world on our short visit to this beautiful place, Earth.



The shadows want to hide when we shine harsh, direct lights trying to find and capture them. Mystery, shadows and unknowns slowly open organically to the light in perfect balance like gradient paint, a dawning sun. Let it be. Let it be.



Reevaluate your relationships in this slow time with self, art, work, family, friends and life’s adventure. It is a time to allow our depth to orchestrate and reinvent our lives as our guides. Find the elegant balance between stillness and organic dance.



Hold your faith, my sweet friend. No epic dawn has come to pass without the chaotic, dark clouds of unbridled destruction and potential, preparing to take form in a new day. This time has been discussed for thousands of years in some of the oldest spiritual texts on this planet. A great reckoning. A great awakening. And a new phase of humanity is upon us.



Hold your candle flame. It won’t go out despite the wind or weather.



The spiritual worlds cannot do it without you. Through your vehicle, specific genius can come to manifest. You are worthy and purposeful. It is okay that you don’t know everything, you are not meant to. Dance with God. Let there be pause and stillness in the dark. Hold your palms in a cup to the sky, beckoning a bit of wonder. Pray on your knees, humble and in full surrender. 



New opportunities arise. We release long, long held trauma we didn’t even know we had, shaking us to our cores as we tremble in penumbral shadows. As these move, we have new eyes like children. Voices clear and resolute, calm and unthreatened.


Love in all forms, should be cared for deeply. When we see a special, divine grace holding a connection, by all that is holy— care for it. Cherish it with you all. Take notice of what is precious. What is precious is given to us by angels and all messengers of light.




I am here to help you remember who you are.



A note to my healing clients—I am in the process of reinventing myself and my work for a new era, with mystery and the universe guiding me. I do not know when I will be able to return to New York City for my clients as of yet, though every month I lean into returning to the east coast, waiting for the appropriate moment to see and hold space for my soul friends. In the mean time, I am working remotely taking virtual clients.



For healing sessions book here.




With Deep Love,





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