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Attracting Sacred Love: A Tool For Manifestation

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I know what you want.

That sacred 


Holy fu%k

Lord have mercy

I surrender

The past and future are melting into nothing

I've known you through every past life

Ride or Die 

Partner in Crime

Like Capacity for Depth

Same IQ and Frequency Range

Twin Flame

... Kind of Love. 

This morning on Instagram, I defined the kind of relationship I am talking about like this:

"A Sacred Relationship is one where the essence of Source is magnificently amplified through the union of two fields...

...It is an alchemical reaction, enlivening through indestructible strength, ensuring a perspective of infinite support and love as the foundation of human growth. It is one where you become stronger through communion. It is not an immature high on adrenaline, creating impulsive or obsessive behavior. It is a body of tranquility that lives inside fire. It is deeply grounded in the Earth, and causes growth through the atmosphere and stratosphere, ascending your vision to the astral and etheric, while you remain in clay and mud, stars and darkness, knowing tranquility and wildfire, all at once. It is wordless. It will not manipulate. It will not pull the rug out from beneath your feet. It will not condemn, name call, judge, abandon or ignore. It is so powerful that it would cause the bravest and empowered to joyfully collapse, disintegrating into particles that would melt in service to the manifestation of God before you. All the intense fighting to be heard, the righteousness we as females must stand upon in the un-evolved paradigm of the material world fades into surrender and service. It becomes a joy to serve on your knees, in humility; a disintegration of ego. In this union you know your divinity, therefore there is nothing to empower, protect, or keep. It does not take life. It gives life. It is worth the patience. The inner work required to prepare. And it will teach you what your soul cannot on its own. My female friends, when we raise the standard, the men will rise. Seek for yourself the sacred and nothing less. Seek for your womb, your sexual power, for your daughters and granddaughters--the Sacred. Seek the man who is awake and conscious without having lost his masculinity. He who services in dynamic right action. He who delights in devotion to his Queen.

All this other shit—- is MOTHER. FUCKING. PLAYSCHOOL.

Peace out junior, bring on the men."

I use the term "man" and "masculinity" because men are the lesser evolved gender when you look at the masses as a whole.

However, please note there is energetic fluidity of the masculine/feminine poles despite your sexual orientation or gender. 

I swear to you all, one day I will write the damn book. 

In the meantime, I want to share with you a powerful tool for manifestation. 

A guided, visualization. An energetic and psychological tool to train your mind and energy to embody the essence of that which you seek to attract.

A meditation to help you tap into your pure, authentic essence.

To help you become love.

To help empower your self love.

And meet the energy of your sacred partner in the world of essence.

To help you attract committed, romantic love.

I channeled this message from a Master and it was one of the most profound visions I've ever had (again one day I'll tell the full story).

This work comes from my heart. From my depths. From the energy I channel on high. And it is for you. 

 As you journey into the higher realms you will magnetize and experience the energy of your perfect match.

A spiritual connection will help facilitate a meeting in your physical reality. 

The music for this meditation combines crystal sound bowl healing attuned to 432 hz., electronic composition, and of course a guided journey into th depths of your heart and the cosmos. 

It is ONLY $15.00!

And you can download it here: 

This is empowering for people who are truly ready to attract their divine partner. 

Please forward to those whom you think would love this tool, and share it with your friends. I truly believe it is a powerful, inspiring, practice that instills hope and higher standards in the mind and souls of those who have settled for less, for so long. 

Enough is enough. 

No more settling. 

It's time to RISE. And when women rise, all else follows suit. 

Healthy, happy, whole relationships can alchemize low self-esteem. 

It changes the way children are raised. 

It heals broken homes. 



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