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Are You Listening to Your Monkey Mind or Your Higher Self?

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Are you listening to your monkey mind or higher self?

I’ve had enough people ask me the same question sporadically over the years to warrant spending a bit more time elaborating on this one subject. It’s a fair question.

And that question is:

How can I tell if I am listening to my ego versus higher spiritual guidance?

My initial gut reaction is that it’s not as difficult or complex as most make it out to be. In fact, it’s really quite simple. There is no room for doubt or inner conflict when your higher self speaks to you through the voice of Source. The moment guidance hits the system, there is a deep unification of the mind and being. Because of this wholeness, holiness is clear.

You may question it later. Your ego may battle with truth after the wisdom has hit. Perhaps the truth means you have to change something about your life and the reptilian part of the brain screeches in protest to defend your false fears. When this happens, self doubt is birthed causing confusion.

However, when we become ingrained in a pattern of authentic attunement to our mind, energy, emotions and body…it’s easier to discern what is our own bullshit and what is wisdom.

The training, is learning to listen. Know thyself, and listen.

There is only so much healing that can be done in the mind. Healing does not come through the mind. The supremacy and grace that is divine healing is sourced and gifted to humans beyond the realm of the mental body. It comes from the universal soul through to the individual soul. Soul driven wisdom speaks to you through your entire being and has nothing to do with intellectual query. It is an act of grace. And if you are listening to the world around you and attuned to the totality of your being, you will not miss it.

If you are playing mental ping pong with and idea about your life, listen to Alan Watts when he says, “Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.” The real answers do not stem from the mental body. However, the mind serves a great purpose in healing. The mind is the creator and keeper of perception which is the bridge to Spirit. The mind must be trained as a servant to the heart. We must first ask ourselves, does our heart lie in the situation? 
And then use our mental strength to support heart centered guidance. If you need a physical reminder that true vision stems from the heart, check out our VISIONARY TANK.

Divine wisdom and strong intuition pierces the soul without abandon or question for those who create space through stillness.

And yes, even those with advanced personal practices and spiritually sophisticated systems also have a sophisticated system of defense mechanisms as ways to block truth. As you grow, you are going to have to increase your ability to check your own bullshit.

If you consistently have issues or concerns listening to the depth of your being for soul guidance, then more discipline is required. It is time to commit to refinement through stillness and a spiritual practice until you are deeply attuned to yourself in full truth. When that grid-work of intentional listening and vision through stillness is set in place through practice and patience, just like running or painting, you will increase your ability to hear and know to the voice of your higher self, which is ultimately the voice of God, for this is your Source and you are not separated from your Creator.

If you are having trouble making a decision about a big issue in your life and need support, check out my OPENING THE THIRD EYE meditation.

This is step one. Learning to hear truth comes first.

Learning to ACT upon truth through courage and faith is quite another. But that’s another lesson.

Tops for starting a spiritual practice

  • 20 minutes of qi gong daily
  • Commit to a yoga class with an alignment intelligent teacher that resonates with you
  • 7-21 minutes of meditation at least daily
  • 5-10 minutes of affirmations to amplify mental strength and perception (after your mediation), and then use them intermittently throughout the day
  • Read spiritual texts before bed to set the tone for sleep
  • Create an alter with candles, crystals, elements of earth (like seashells, branches, vials of water or rocks) or personal objects that hold great meaning, photos of teachers or family members whom you hold dear
  • Start a journal of positive aspects where you write out your blessings, holding gratitude for all the good things and people in your life
  • Commit to nourishing the life-giving relationships in your life



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