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An Intimate Letter For You: I Believe In More.

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I believe in more. I believe the purpose is to see through illusion. I believe the darkness in the world is not the truth of reality.

I believe each individual human has a genuine, unique gift to give this world. I believe we are meant to give those gifts.

I believe desire is a roadmap to alignment. I believe joy and feelings of expansion are indicators that you are on the right track to finding the magic within you.

I believe in accepting what is. I believe in dreaming big.

I believe in letting go of what you thought was supposed to happen. I believe humans have a very limited scope of the overarching divine process and in moments of loss and confusion it can be very difficult to hold faith. I believe it’s okay if you don’t hold faith all the time. I believe if you are pissed at the world, you should let it be that until the emotions are processed and released. I believe it is okay to make mistakes. I believe those who put effort into their highest alignment can trust that no matter the transient emotional state, they will always come back to the truth of Source.

I believe prosperity, creativity, inspiration, and support are the norm, or should be. And the ones who believe in those higher standards for all humanity are noble pioneers, alchemizing the collective dream that paints this world.

I believe in the power of community and allowing yourself to be held, which requires trust and surrender.

I believe the greatest ideas/aha moments, and the most important, key players in your life are subconsciously summoned when you are looking the other way.

I believe in trusting your body and your intuition, despite what social norms dictate as polite. I believe that “shoulds” are bullshit. 

I believe that when we are clear and bright in our spiritual and energetic flow and caliber, it is profoundly easier to see yourself and the world with the eyes of wisdom.

I believe the deeper you go within yourself, the simpler it all gets.

I believe in self-acceptance and allowing any and all necessary processes: psychological, emotional, physical, mental, financial, and energetic, to take place as they will and without your limited judgment, so as to lay the foundation for the self-acceptance you seek.

I believe that peace of mind, body, spirit and soul is attainable and can be effortless.

I have many interests and gifts. I work on different things. One of my offerings in this lifetime is my healing work. It was handed to me long, long, long, long ago; before I had this body, at a time we cannot conceive. I didn’t ask for the gifts. It is a part of my soul. I can use them to heal, or not, as I intuit appropriate through my life’s evolution. It is currently still a time period for me to offer this gift. The healing chapter is open. And it is for you. I came into this world knowing I had several missions. Using my mystical ability to elevate others directly is one of them.  I report to Spirit. No one else.

I believe we can all have an intimate, profound, unbreakable bond with the unknown. This bond guides every move I make. And this is why my life is never boring. I believe we are not meant to be bored.

My healing process opens, transforms, breaks down, flushes out, and re-aligns the spiritual aspects of self. It clears, cleans and opens. It rejuvenates and elevates. It opens doorways. It lifts you up. It helps you feel the unknowable, this is why people don’t know how to describe what I do to others. I take it as a compliment. The healing process helps you see. It makes you feel like the purest you and this is the perception required to stand tall in the absolute and infinite power that you hold. I encourage you to take that vibration and go out into the world and do what you are meant to do; that which is on purpose and fully whole to your being. One of my purposes is to prepare hearts, minds and energies to contribute at their highest capacity and experience life with joy. This is what will change the world. I am just behind the scenes doing some mystical magic to help you get there. To all those who hear that inner call — come and see me. I am for you.

If you would like to work with me in person, I will be in New York City December 10-16 taking sessions. You can find out more about my process and philosophy on my website.

I look forward to working with those of you ready for more. 

In All Sincerity,



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