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There is so much mainstream media attention around crystals right now, and I am glad for it! These precious, starlight jewels deserve all the accolade and pomp they are given. But, what’s the deal? Why are they so great? I’ve had so many reporters ask me about why crystals heal.

If you are interested in culture’s response to crystal healing, check out W Magazine’s recent article about crystals and Vogue’s piece this fall.

Yes, crystals, and especially Crystal Bed Therapy, can help give you what I call the Unicorn Sparkle Factor. But, truth be told, there is a lot of science and spiritual understanding that goes into the complexity of therapeutic grade quartz crystal healing and more specifically, crystal release techniques.

At their core, crystals can be likened to frozen light. Held within a physical structure is a perfect and systematic order of molecular and energetic patterning. Precisely cut, they can be used as an energy device to balance, organize and smooth the human energy field or vibrations in a space. They can even restructure your drinking water!

Not only are they pretty to look at, crystals can literally elevate your vibe. If you were to take away some simple understandings that might enliven your interest in these gorgeous human helpers, I would break it down like this…

1. Trust Mother Nature’s Intelligence – Crystals Are Here For A Reason. The Earth doesn’t produce a natural abundance of a plant or an element needlessly. Nature, when left untampered by man, is efficient, intelligent and perfect in design. Gaia would not produce tons of crystals if we weren’t meant to use, cherish and work with them! Next to oxygen, crystals are the second most abundant element in Earth’s crust. They are here as nature angels gifted from the universe.

2. Crystals Can Talk To Your Cells. A crystal’s natural structure is a six-sided prism with a terminated end. Crystals share this configuration with water and energy molecules. It's sort of this cool thing in physics. And not only that, crystals vibrate at the same frequency as water and the human body (456 hz). This resonant structure and vibration allows for direct communication with your cells. And remember when I said that crystals are like frozen light? Their molecular structure is perfect? Well, with the right intention they can cause the water molecules in your body to elevate and match it’s perfect patterning. In a nutshell, the like vibe and structure opens the door to physiological communication, and their perfect patterns elevate your cells. So. Cool.


3. Crystals Create Energy Grids. Natural crystals are amplifiers, transducers and organizers of energy. Crystals made in the Earth are programmed by Earth’s electromagnetic field to bring about balance to life forms around them. Crystals help the plants, animals and trees found in the vicinity of the crystal’s location. They form a crystal grid of energy movement around them affecting the vibration of the space. Imagine a gridwork of sparkling light and perfect patterns that emanate from a crystalline form! This is why it feels so good to have them in your home, on your person, at work, etc. The energy grids spread the love vibes! 

4. Crystals Aren’t Trendy. They are Timeless. They’ve really got it all wrong. Crystals aren’t New Age. They aren’t fresh to the scene. Everyone else is. Crystals are as old as our 4.6 billion year old planet. The ones I work with are millions of years old. Because they are storage information devices, they are sort of like Earth’s geological and conscious record keepers. Crystals are ancient healers and the mainstream just getting used to these ideas. Crystals are OGs. Crystals don't fu*k with trends. Your ancient ancestors worked with them. Before that, plants and animals did. I mean, they’ve been around as long as sand and sandstone have been naturally oxidizing in the Earth’s crust. Feel me? (I’m a nerd. I know.) Anything timeless is meant to be. Any great work of art that lasts through the ages does so because the message speaks to the soul, over and over again, for generations to come. Crystals are energy healers for your soul. Trust what is timeless.


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