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"Mother Earth has her own electromagnetic field and the energies stemming from her many lifeforms offer various kinds of ‘medicine’ or healing properties; for example, the Life Force of the oceans and herbal remedies. Shamanic cultures honoured the Earth for all she gave to her children. The prevalent philosophy was a sacred, symbiotic relationship between man and the wild. Because of this fundamental connection, people made honouring the Earth a part of everyday life. Earth’s energy makes us feel at home in our human bodies because our field naturally expands in nature’s presence. Living out of harmony with this power source means cutting off a supply of vitality. People often feel healthier and more peaceful farther away from the hustle and bustle of big cities for a reason. Doing what you can to honour nature, the plants and animals, and connecting with wild places as often as you can, sends the energy of reverence and respect to shamanic cultures of the past and present as keepers of the Earth."

-An excerpt from THE ENERGY BOOK in honor of Earth Day.

I don't know what else is more important these days than taking care of our bodies and Earth. There has been a deep, ongoing call to care for our houses and temples in all forms. Highly sensitive people are the canaries in the coal mines for what our physiological systems, our nervous systems, can and cannot handle moving forward.

This pandemic has reminded me we are nothing without clean air and water, the harmony of nature, the salt and blood of the earth under our feet and the ability/knowledge to grow organic, clean foods and herbs ourselves. 

We do not know what is coming, but whatever is, we can't do it without the support of the land to carry our hearts, bodies and spirits forward in our evolution on this planet. To feel other people, I have to feel the land. To prepare my vessel to hold all the things I call in from Spirit, I need the land. To hear the sound of my higher wisdom, I need the spaciousness and grace of the land. I love this Earth,  and I'm honored to incarnate here. Wild hearts need wild places. And beyond our human species, there are many wild hearts in the animal kingdom that need our support to survive. I pray we preserve them. 

Here are two exercises to help you connect with the energy of Mother Earth... 


If you don’t have a lot of time, earthing is the practice of putting your bare feet on natural ground and deeply breathing while intentionally connecting with Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field. You could even try meditating with your feet in mud to help ground yourself.


Sometimes we need a recharge! The body and its energy need to be revitalized. We might not have a lot of time to spare, but we need to be fresh and sharp. This is when we can do a power centre meditation which connects with the Life Force around us in nature.

  • Close your eyes in a comfortable sitting position in nature, preferably next to a tree.

  • Take a deep inhale into your solar plexus (above naval between ribs), hold it for about two seconds, then release the breath.

  • Become aware of how the energy coming in with your inhales balances with the energy leaving with your exhales. Meditate on this balance and integration in your solar plexus – your power centre.

  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. The breath should be full but should not make you dizzy or light-headed.

  • Repeat this 12 times

  • Feel your lungs expand. Feel your ribs move.

  • Feel this energy centre expand into a brilliant, shining sun the size of a bowling ball. Through the power of your intention and imagination, make this sun grow bigger and bigger, until the light emanates from you and you are encased in a sphere of your own power.

  • Visualise a Tree of Wisdom with deep roots and protective branches sheltering you inside this power sphere.

  • Mentally ask this Tree to guide you in making wise choices that support your personal power.

  • Sit with this Tree and receive healing.

  • When completed, remain silent for 2 to 3 minutes.

And friends, If you are feeling a lack of vitality, stagnant energy, or emotionally exhausted from riding these pandemic waves, please know you are absolutely not alone. And I am here to be of service in this time of need. 

There are two virtual session offerings available for anyone who would like my support individually. 

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is on this week. This is a by-donation virtual healing class incorporating sound, breath, meditation, movement, angels and magic. Book your virtual experiences with me here.

Bless you, and thanks for taking time to honor Mama Earth today! 


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