"The Energy Book is a wonderful, creative amalgam of the healing arts from the archaic to the state of the art. A must read for all healers and those seeking healing."

Dr. David Grand, Phd, Developer of Brainspotting


Your energy is your essence. It's your personal power source and it influences the life choices you make. This down-to-earth guide to the ancient tradition of energy healing will enable you to tune in to your energy and help you understand how to use your inner light to live more positively, to manifest your goals, and to find calm.

In the first book to bring all types of ancient and modern energy healing together – from reiki to sound healing, crystal healing to shamanic healing, meditation to breathwork – we can learn how to meaningfully direct the path of our lives and create a more positive environment in which we can profoundly change, heal and grow.

Containing detailed explanations, practices and meditations, interwoven with beautiful photography and inspirational quotes, The Energy Book provides all the tools needed to understand what energy awareness is and why it’s so vital.