Clothes and home goods won’t change the world, but the people who buy them will.

Sacred Swagger is a lifestyle brand imbued with magic and energy.

We promote individual and collective empowerment.
We are a family owned operation run by a 3-tier-generation of females.
We are a brand that sparks elevated spiritual conversations, encouraging people to be the highest versions of themselves.

We believe authenticity is the new enlightenment.

At Sacred Swagger, we strive to highlight empowering archetypes that warrant recognition and embodiment, individually and collectively, at this pinnacle moment in the evolution of humanitarian consciousness.

This is more than peace signs and down dog.
We know this is a time when there must be more cultural support and understanding for the new breeds of humans, for the light beings, for the minds and souls who will change the world for the better.

We see you. We got you.

Our models and brand ambassadors are light workers, teachers, leaders, artists.

We chose not to use makeup on our models, and not because we are “anti” anything. We simply wanted to make the statement that you, Queen, are powerful and sexy as hell, just as you are.

You don’t have to makeup for anything.

All inventory is energetically blessed. So, whether or not you are consciously feel it, the products you purchase are full of mojo and goodness.

We want people wearing positive energy, feeling positive energy, and thinking positive thoughts.

These are clothes for bold. Our ideas are for the future.

Artist’s heart. Philosopher’s Mind. Hustler’s Spirit.

— Kalisa Augustine