***For your first session with me, please book an in person Crystal Bed Session, which incorporates both energetic cleansing and intuitive council. We clean house first, then go deeper! 


1) Crystal Bed Therapy (In Person) 

These sessions last one hour and a half and incorporate the three steps mentioned in the "How It Works" section of this website. As described, intention setting, intuitive council, mediumship, and angelic readings are incorporated into this session. In addition to the vibrational therapies, Kalisa uses shamanistic techniques and reiki as forms of energy work to attune the human energy field. 


2) Crystal Bed Express (In Person)

Hush child, and let me work. These sessions are wonderful for energetic maintenance and tune ups between full, deep, crystal bed sessions. If you want to come recalibrate your vibe on a lunch break, this is your ticket! Express sessions are less therapeutic, and more clinical. We chat for about 10 minutes and then it is straight to your energy work. There is no post-session talk therapy, in depth conversation, or intuitive reading. If you are going through something big, want metaphysical information, want to know what the heck I am doing, how you can maintain your vibe, want to read into anything at all-- best book a full Crystal Bed Session. Conversely if you want to pop in for a cosmic ride without much to say, book the express! 


2) Remote Energy Clearing (distance) 

 A remote energy clearing cleans the energy, directly and efficiently. These sessions last one hour, and I offer it to those who need energy work but are unable to travel to my location in Manhattan. In a remote clearing there is no intuitive council, education with Q & A. Instead we simply clean house. I ask that the client book a session as if he or she were coming in to my healing space. During that block of time, lay down comfortably, perhaps listening to meditative music. After I work on the clients energy, I send an email describing the work I've done and basic suggestions moving forward, within 24 hours. 


3) Intuitive Council (Skype or in Person)

Often people need to talk through issues with a heart centered, intuitive third party who can illuminate the unseen and offer healing steps and guidance to work through blocks. Please allow 1 hour for this session. Please come prepared with questions or life topics for discussion. 


4) Children's Crystal Bed Session (12+ Under / In Person or Remote)  

I love working with children and they respond beautifully to the crystal bed. Children who experience depression, anxiety, insomnia, children on the spectrum, ADHD, bipolar disorder, feeling off, lack of self love, have a sense of purposelessness, are fatigued, have been through trauma or high stress, divorce, surgeries or even simply highly sensitive children living in the modern world-- can benefit from Crystal Bed Therapy. Children are naturally more connected to Source and open their minds and hearts beautifully to the work.