Your Will

A Course in Miracles teaches us that as long as you are afraid of your will, you are asking for what you do not want. You do not ask for what you want, because you are afraid you might receive it. But know that your will, is you salvation, because your will the same as the universes.  Follow that joy. Follow your will. Those around you may not understand. That is okay. In fact, it is to be expected. Your passion and desire may evolve as you follow the path, and fine tune your focus. But I promise you this: your will strengthens through this process. This is your power: a strong will, a passionate heart, and a unified, focused mind.

Why The Western Woman Will Save The World

In 2009 during the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dali Lama said,

“The world will be saved by the western woman".

I’ve thought about this quote over the years and through observation from personal relationships, and in my practice as a crystal light bed therapist and energetic healer, I have come to a theory around why that might be. I believe in reincarnation whole heartedly. I do not believe it takes one lifetime to “get it”. In fact, reading the book, Messages from the Masters, by Brien Weiss, MD, when I was 18, shifted my entire perspective on reincarnation. We are born of source energy to learn through contrast, grow through soul contracts or relationship assignments, all for the purposes of soul expansion. That being said, there are so many incredible, strong and empowered women choosing to stand as leaders, movers, shakers and game changers, sharing their unique genius with the world for the greater good. I am beyond impressed by the caliber of females that I meet here in the west. They carry the archetype of the warrior spirit, visionary, queen, high priestess, and creative in such powerful ways that I am in awe of my womanhood and in support of all women choosing to rise at this moment in time. And honestly, I believe the greatest, most badass, warrior spirits are incarnating a western women to change the game here on Earth. In fact it may be a coveted role for the incarnating seeker. Why?

Because the western woman has suffered just enough injustice to become enraged, and has just enough privilege to do something about it.

Contentment and complacency do not necessarily stimulate growth. The western woman embodies the perfect ratio of disadvantage to privilege, a ratio to spur a fiery passion that gets shit done. We remember, from a soul level, what righteousness and true freedom is. We know what leadership and community mean from the depths of our being. What an incredible role to play at this time! And I am grateful to be a part of it. 


Oh Lord, here we go...I have a good female friend who said to me the other day, “I will not date again until there is a social revolution”. I had a male houseguest this weekend, a rocket scientist in fact, literally… a rocket scientist, who cannot figure out what is going on in the dating scene. It’s so fascinating how the issue of relationships and dating in the world of hook-up culture is an issue for so many people. To be a Brooklyn healer working in energy medicine, holistic health issues often open a doorway to how people cope with everyday life in the modern world. And dating, is a thing. It’s a hot topic on the crystal light bed. In my experience working with clients one on one, there seems to be a vast gap in the difference between what is actually appearing in my client’s romantic landscape, and the deeper yearnings of the soul, that create a relative amount of concern that leads to a distracting, nagging suffering. Relationships are so important in discovering who we are and where we are in our own personal evolution, and yet there is absolutely a consensus that the world is changing, and what have become common practices in dating seem to be, well, sad, to a lot of people. If one is simply looking at mass, at norm, we have evolved into a culture of instant gratification, inebriation, dehumanization in online dating sites that make dough off of your compulsions. There is a lack of communication skills, honesty and integrity, and it’s much easier to be irresponsible with another humans emotions when they are just a picture on a screen. Oh it’s beneath us to compromise, and everyone sleeps around, a lot. And hey, there is always someone better that might be out there. The thrill of the new and shiny replaces delving into depth. Our parents’ version of love wasn’t so great, and it may seem that instead of evolving our sense of interdependence in partnership, we have completely backed off of it and date for the sake of some petty thrill that serves as a momentary placeholder for connection.

Okay, yes. I hear this story. I get it. I acknowledge it but I don’t buy it. Not in my world, at least. And that right there, is a choice. At the end of the day, it all comes down to vibrational alignment. If you choose this story as the way the world simply is, and yet have resistance to the game itself, you have already succumbed to your defeat. You have enslaved yourself and are energetically vibrating pain from that place of resistance. People don’t realize that they are always attracting partners. If you are attracting wrong partners, be aware that it is hidden, unloved parts of yourself that is doing the attracting and you will continue to attract partners in this vein until the lesson is learned, and new choices are made. Action steps are one way to communicate to the universe what you are willing to accept. Inner peace must come first. Vibrational alignment with the highest version of what you want from a partner, must come first. Is there is a part of you that feels you have to lower yourself to a game you don’t want to play, in order to feel a sense of connection? Then from an energetic perspective, your vibration is out of alignment. My sisters would read the first paragraph and be floored at what I am talking about. In fact, they are simply aghast at what my friends and I describe as commonplace. Granted, they do not engage in social media, have had long time boyfriends, do not pay attention to pop culture, and are introverts in their own worlds. And that is exactly my point. Essentially, they are creating their own worlds with much less cultural programming than the masses. People don’t realize how external imprints affect our belief system; from parents, religion, culture, piers, institutions and the media. But the fact of the matter is we get to choose our own truth, our worth, and what is acceptable and joyful to us. We have that power. If you are one of the many disillusioned by modern dating, then simply don’t put energy and time into engaging with it, in the way you have before. In doing so you continue to give your precious, perfect energy to something that doesn’t give you the same return on your energetic investment. Sound familiar? Is there a similar pattern with the people you date? It honestly comes down to something so simple: attitude adjustment. Don't enter the arena until you are clear on what you want and what you are willing to accept. Pretend you live in another world and dance in it. Envision it all exactly how you would like to. Stand in it. Call it in. Who cares! Make your own awesome little reality of how the world works, and the type of person you want to date, how they will treat you. Have higher expectations with no fucks given about what everyone else does in order to feel close to something. And once you do create that new truth, and it feels good in your body to believe it… Roll with it. There is a great quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti that says, “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. Listen, if you want to keep drinking the Kool-Aid, don’t bitch about the flavor.

When we fully align with a truth that is honest and in integrity with who we are, we create clarity. We vibrate truth. We feel our own love. With that clarity comes freedom. And it feels really good. If pop culture’s dating story doesn’t feel good to you…ditch it. Be the rebel. It’s all so simple. Does it give you joy or not? Some might say, Kalisa… you want us to just ignore a fact of life like it’s not real. I hate this world of dating. It's so frustrating but it's all there is. You want me to just leave it? And to that I would say, yes. Exactly! Because where you place your awareness and attention, whether positive or negative is exactly what you will call into your physical reality. Deciding that what’s happening en mass is not life enhancing for your unique journey, is no new thing. Humans have been facing this struggle of deviating from the norm, since the dawn of time in different forms. It’s about standing in one’s own truth. In standing up for one’s self. And there is a lesson in all of this dating nonsense: when you know what you don’t want, you automatically know what you do want because every idea and particle of life has an equal and opposite form. We live in world where we get to grow and evolve through contrast. This is basic Law of Attraction. And this law governs our universe. Don’t like something? Then focus on it’s opposite until you are vibrating with it, attracting it into your reality. If you keep focusing on the struggle of modern dating, addicted to the pain, suffering and victimhood, then you are the hamster and the conductor of your own wheel. It is strong and wise to place our focused awareness on what we actually do want, from relationships and life. With that clarity it becomes so much easier to keep on steppin', and in that process become very strong as an individual before aligning with another. And guess what, it’s okay to be alone. In fact it’s awesome! If you can’t handle being alone there are still unloved parts of your being that require your attention. No one get’s to skate past their own bullshit. That’s why we are here: to grow and expand, to look deeply at ourselves. Perhaps it would be wise to become intimate with yourself first before jumping onto the first available mate. Maybe people have backed off from getting close to one another for a really good reason that we don’t yet fully understand as a society. But at the end of the day, what’s happening “out there” just doesn’t matter. It’s all about what’s “in here”, first. We get to create our own worlds. I would invite you to empower yourself to date, or not date, in a way that feels safe, fun, and expansive. I invite you to look at relationships as a growth opportunity, versus a band-aid to make you feel better or a petty game you have to play to fit into a weird, societal mold. I would invite you to learn how to create that feeling of a lover's infatuation, on your own through alignment with source energy. I promise you it is possible. Maybe you don’t need a partner at all. Maybe celibacy feels right. Maybe you love hook-up culture, freedom and ease. And that is in perfect alignment with who and where you are in this moment in your growth. And that is wonderful! Vibe whatever is right for you and vibe it hard. Because there is nothing more confusing, and less attractive then not knowing what you want or how to get it. My point is, there are entirely too many individual preferences for one way to be best. Your soul may not yearn to grow where norms are headed.  Do what you need to do for your inner world to rest at peace within this strange dating framework. Write your new story. We need stronger, more self assured millennials who know who they are and what they want. Change the scene. You da boss! 

Music Heals: This is Why...

"Music is the bridge between worlds",  Edgar Cayce. 

I am a natural healer in Brooklyn, NY. My idea of “natural” largely refers to vibration, as it is the essence, the substance behind all physical manifestation. Vibration is everything. We are made of it, we create it, we are constantly vibrating. And in my practice as an energy healer, I use a combination of vibrational therapies (using modalities that work on your vibe—literally the rate at which you vibrate) to restore the chakras and cleanse the multidimensional energy body. And healing benefits of sound, one element of my practice in Crystal Bed Therapy are absolutely exponential. Music heals. This is why: sound is tuned electromagnetic waves that interact with energy, water, matter and the eardrum activating the liquid crystals in the cell, restructuring the water molecules in the body. The sound bowls, an integral element to the Crystal Light Bed, emits a pure holographic template to correct any vibrational discrepancies, rebalancing the energy body with seven musical notes. Each musical note, corresponds directly to one of the seven major energy centers of the body. Sound therapy happens as each perfect pitch note, tunes and balances each center. And each energy center, or chakra, has a specific anatomical connection to the glands and vital organs. The sound bowls put the mind into an alpha to theta brainwave state. This is the state of mind achieved in meditation and deep relaxation, and where deep vibrational healing takes place. As each chakra is restored, energy moves freely, releasing denser, negative vibrations. It is the ultimate clearing device. Music makes the spirit dance, literally vibrating one's energy as it moves in circular, bowl-like, undulating waves patterns, washing over the body. This is why certain types of music makes your heart open, can make you cry, perhaps concentrate and focus. Music makes you feel, because it is literally affecting your specific vibration. And now we've come full circle. Vibration is everything. And so, it becomes very powerful to use perfect pitch vibrations, with awareness and intelligence, that attune to each energy center for the purpose of healing. This is how music heals. 

The Dark Storm of Creative Genius: 10 Tips to Deal With It

“Healers have to know and understand darkness because that’s what sickness is. It’s just darkness.” –Maia Runa.

It is in total darkness that we can most easily see the light. Tis’ true.

As a healer and artist with a bit of a dark storm myself (muahhahaha), I’ve lately been attracting into my clientele as a crystal bed therapist and energy healer, beautiful, artistic beings with high sensitivities as intuitives and empaths with a story of sharp edges. They are justice seekers carrying swords of iron will, of great purpose. They walk the Earth with wisdom of the constellations and cosmic understanding buried deep in their bones. A constant passion burns wildly through their hearts, so brightly it can often burn the bearer and those who stand by, if the bearer’s mind is not disciplined enough to handle the sharp tool it’s been given. There is no state of middle ground natively known to the creative genius and part of their work is to find a higher point of transcendence, grounding themselves into the mountain of this vantage point. With this perspective they can look upon both light and dark equally, offering artistic insight from this strange and uniquely beautiful place for the well being of humanity. Their drive and constant life pulse charges forward at all times. Without clear direction, when attention is misplaced upon egoic distraction or addictions instead of creation and the higher realities, it becomes easy to self-sabotage and fall prey unto the deep well of their innate darkness. And others look upon this and call it crazy, or strange, or weird and cannot understand why this type of person is tormented so. Yet the torment of the artist is learning how to master darkness and reconcile the vast gap between the innate wisdom ingrained in their DNA, and harsher Earth realities they face. This is the work, the gift and the curse. And by the Goddess let us not call it torment, but a fun game! Learning to manage power with mastery is part of the artist’s journey. All that explosive power housed in one human body can snowball into destruction or one’s kingdom come, the fullest manifestation of dreams, and total inspiration to those around them. There is choice here. But without understanding who they are and the power they have, abuse, tragedy, addictions, unhealthy relationships, and depression, can become the norm. And when the momentum of darkness and struggle as the norm sets itself as a path, a great warrior spirit is required to change the tide. But lucky, they have this too. Then they must choose what truth they will believe. The truth in their soul or the struggle and strife that seems to run rampant everywhere you turn. Will you be the game changer or the victim? Would you dare hide your gift to the world because of shame or fear from the ego? These people are visionaries and so must choose their truth wisely. There is great need to look upon this world, interpret what they see around them and express it back to humanity in a meaningful way. Their art is their gift. This gift is their healing. The artist and the healer are one and the same. These are the warriors of the light, who must, undoubtedly know darkness. This is the catch of creative genius: to understand, traverse, and accept and then master the dark storm that accompanies this type of powerhouse.

This dark storm can be viewed as a magical force allowing us to access a full range of human emotion, if we do so with detachment and without clinging in indulgence to lower vibrations. When we understand that dark storm within, we have more compassion for others and are able to tell the tale of our heart song, and truly make creations that speak to the human condition, that speak to the soul. The dark storm allows us to see what others cannot, and serves as a teacher to empower us by challenge. When we choose to use it as a tool for growth, we inspire others. For the creative genius there is a great dedication and commitment to artistry and life’s passionate journey, at all costs. And unfortunately many artists become slaves to their own darkness instead of finding peace within their powerhouse. They fall behind, are labeled with mental disorders and act out in madness because they are simply lack the mental discipline and education in energetic self-care, required to handle their own energy. There is no need to fear that power. It is greater than any darkness one could summon. All that is required is an attitude shift in one’s relationship to darkness, to become empowered by it. When we shift our relationship to darkness it becomes much easier to play in the light. Firstly, denial of our shadow doesn’t work. You are bullshitting yourself and everyone around you in arrogance when you ignore parts of your whole. So stop right there. Secondly, the darkness does not hold your neck in a chain, like a silky reptile and say, “See I am here and I always have been, so I must be your Master”. No friends, this is not the healthy way to hold the hand of midnight. Darkness cannot disempower you. And you cannot destroy it. There the two of you stand, so how will you sit in this relationship? It is your teacher. You are neither the victim, nor the rebel. When you are in total acceptance of all aspects of yourself, shadow and light, there is no need to rebel against anything, because you accept your power. In that acceptance there is nothing anyone could ever do to harm you.

The moment we are able to look at our demons, within and without, and invite them for tea to share their terrible tragedy, and smile kindly saying thank you for this lesson but I am ready to evolve… We have become the master. But to do this we must acknowledge our path, and the shadow side of our nature. For awareness is always accompanied by transmutation. Bring light to the dark, and its current version is dissolved. Then you are an alchemist, transforming dark energy into art of the light. Then you have learned to own your dark storm. 

Here are a few tips for dealing with your dark storm:

1. Stay Grounded--You are too damn sensitive to be running around all the time, hanging with "whoever" because you will undoubtley pick up their energy and without awareness take it on as your own. You've got people, environmental toxins, radiation, emf, energies specific to locations, etc. Then you are dealing with your shit and other people's shit and the worlds shit. Your energy flies all over the place trying to download and assimilate everything it is taking in so you MUST GROUND YOURSELF. Use grounding meditations. Run. Pound the Earth with your feet. Eat grounding foods like root vegetables or meat if that's your thing. 

2. Meditate--Your mind is too powerful for your own good. If out of control will create a wild mess, when in control will be your servant. Make your mind your servant and the world is yours. This requires training. Training requires discipline. Meditate with mantra or breath work daily to find stillness. 

3. Act Upon Intuition-  This is the voice of your higher self. When we are grounded with still minds our hunches and feelings are obvious. When we do not follow them we disempower ourselves by our own hand. 

4. Constant Creativity-- Make art. Create. Write daily. Start a group of people who like to hang, vibe and make things. Find an outlet and place for that energetic storm. When we create, we are less likely to destroy ourselves. 

5. Exercise--Physical exhaustion relieves mental overactivity. We all know this. There must be a place physically for all your energy to go. Release it and build physical strength, enhancing the strength of your mind and spirit. 

6. Choose People Wisely-- Everything is vibration. You have a powerful vibration and you are extremely sensitive to other people's vibration. Call in those who understand your soul, your purpose, and support it. Take a good look at the relationships in your life and notice where you are giving your energy away. Are there relationships that drain you? Make you feel small? Are they petty? Or are they life enhancing soul mate friendships of the highest caliber? Because you deserve nothing less. Quality over quantity. 

7. Love Your Solitude-- If you can't be alone, you are hiding from yourself. For highly sensitive and creative people, spending hours of time decompressing is required daily in order to process the multitude of energies picked up all day. From your brain's ideas and insights. From your drive. From other people. Take time to do nothing. In these moments, horizontal is your best angle. Make alone time poetic. Don't apologize for needing alone time. It is your right to create space for yourself. 

8. Remember to Play--- You are one intense cat. With high purpose, drive and caliber. Remember to offset that mission with time spent playing, not thinking or working. Just having straight fun. Remembering joy in the simple things, silly things. Be goofy. Be the magical child. 

9. Slow Down-- You can bend time by slowing down. When you feel rushed, anxious because you are out of time, impatient because your mind is 10 steps ahead of everyone around you and you have ten different ideas an strategies you are juggling, you are anxious to achieve your goals and save the world and feel a sense of pressure to make it all happen, etc. SLOW. THE. FUCK. DOWN. You are the master. Time is relative. When it speeds up, you slow down. 

10. Trust--Trust that you are here for a reason, you were created perfectly and have all the gifts necessary to achieve greatness. Trust that whatever happened on your path is part of your soul's growth process and once you master the lesson you can be the teacher to another. When you don't feel at home on this strange planet, trust that despite what it seems, this is your home and the world needs you. When you are impatient trust the process. When you are alone trust your solitude. When you are creating trust the beauty that comes through you as meaningful. Trust, and you will not doubt yourself. Trust because you haven't tried it before, and it could be a new thing. Trust, because you have no other choice if you want to survive this world. Trust. 



Crystals are not just pretty little playthings kids talk about in reference to the some magical cartoon, or calming home decorations for New Agers. Alas, they are powerful earthen minerals used in energy medicine, vibrational therapies, chakra healing, and holistic medicine, with a myriad of uses in modern technology. Crystal therapy is an integral part of the crystal light bed I use to work with clients. Crystals are used in radios, computers, clocks and cell phones for their energetic properties. When we take the methods for energy transmittance used in modern technology by crystals, and apply those methods to the human energy field, the transformative healing possibilities are unlimited. We are only at the brink of understanding what this means. Crystals have been used as status symbols, tools, and even formed the bases of Plato’s understanding of platonic solids. Crystal comes from the Greek, krystallos. Its literal meaning is “frozen light”. Crystals vibrate at the same rate as water, and the human body (456). This allows for a direct communication link between these bodies. Let’s face it: humans are emotional and need to be retuned regularly. Like a piano, if one string is out of tune the whole song sounds awful and we require a little work getting back to a state of balance, and I mean on the regular. Crystals are quite the opposite. Let me put it this way: crystals don’t get emo. They are constant. They are literally the “rock” we need to stay in balance, and can be used as tools to retune the human system. As I mentioned earlier, they vibrate at the same rate as the human body, but are systematic, orderly, and repetitious in their molecular structure. Crystals hold perfect patterns of sacred geometry, known as crystallographic patterns. These patterns give reference to their specific properties and indicate how they respond to energy. Science has confirmed that our human bodies require these crystallographic patterns for optimal functioning. And when our ability to hold these patterns in our biology decreases, due to either emotional or environmental toxins… Guess what? Disease begins to appear. Literally everything, is pattern. To understand why this makes sense, let’s look at three facts:

1.     Crystals Are Storage Devices. Like a blank canvas, an empty bag, crystals are open and ready to receive information. A crystal healing practitioner can imbue the crystal with a specific intention through thought form, and that intention is held therein. 

2.     Crystals are Transducers. Basically any device that converts one type of energy into another is a transducer: input energy turns into output energy. For example, thought forms and color therapy can filter through the receiving end of a quartz crystal and those crystallographic patterns can be transmitted to the molecular structure of the human body. From a molecular standpoint, the body is 99% water. As I mentioned earlier, water, humans and crystals vibrate at the same rate, so energy is easily transferred. “Your thought is an energetic pulse, drawn by breath, and transferred to water in the body, so thought energy forms patterns”, Marcel Vogel.

3.     Crystals Amplify Energy. Not only do they convert energy, but also, when cut in specific geometric formations they amplify that converted energy with directed intention towards the object of focus.

These precious minerals are truly gifts from the universe. It is my hope to continue studying and learning more about the nature of these gifts with each experience with a new client on the crystal light bed. When we combine sound healing, color therapy and magnetic therapy with the power of crystal healing therapy, profound shifts occur in the human biology, energy system, as well as consciousness. 

Real G's Trust

Despite my ingrained resistance to trusting that the universe has my back, what I’ve realized as an adult is that the idea of partnership and trust is simply a part of the co-creation game. Want to manifest? Want to create something new? Move towards a calling? Well, trust is required. And I speak to all the hustlers out there. Partnership, is a life theme. But hey, I’m not saying it’s easy. But little by little, I’ve learned that all these seemingly separated areas of my life: money, sex, body, work, love, relationships, spirituality etc., are actually very interconnected. And our relationship to each of these areas of our lives, when given a deeper look, become patterns that parallel each other with a common root belief, reflecting the way in which we approach the world. That whole trust thing comes up a lot for me. And as I’ve decided to move into my practice in energy medicine as a crystal bed practitioner to New York City, I’ve come face to face with a piece of truth, the real beliefs I carry with me about how the universe is going to support me while I take the risks and action steps required to change my life and help the world. There is a relationship there, can you see it? The universe supports me, I move into a deeper experience of joy as I move towards that path, my joy makes my vibe higher and affects people around me. My creativity is heightened. Crystal bed therapy is available to a larger demographic of people. Everyone wins. High-five world. 

When we step into our highest, most passionate path we will inevitably come face to face with major life decisions requiring an element of faith. We can calculate all we want, run as many conservative or opportunistic projections, but at the end of the day, moving closer towards a heart calling requires a bit of gusto. And you know what? It makes life fun, and caters to an element of magic. I always remember a quote when faced with the choice of staying safe, or stepping into my daring side: Fortes fortuna adiuvat. Fortune favors the bold. When I have a hard time remembering how bold I am, if I am strong enough to take that next step, if it is safe to trust the world, I simply look at my life path thus far. I then see that trust has been absolutely inherent in every step of the process leading me to this moment. There is a partnership there. It’s me and the universe, creating this magical life. So why wouldn’t that trust continue on? Strengthen, even? The universe will always have your back, so long as you can look in the mirror and tell the deepest part of your soul, “Hey, I got you. It’s you and me. Let’s do this”. Then you smile, give yourself a wink and go about your day, knowing, that it’s all good.

Because the truth is, real Gs are bold enough to trust. 

Redefining Tough Love

The heart is a magnificent energetic instrument able to vibrate the cosmos and co-create masterpieces beyond any symphony ever written, or heard. It is made of subtle energies that can harness a power so great that few who’ve walked the Earth understand. It is much more than, “the organ in your chest that pumps blood through veins and arteries” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Despite the magnitude of its power, it's is very simple. The heart is an energy center. It is a chakra, or a vortex of subtle energy in your multidimensional being, through which energy flows and is distributed. You know when your heart is open. You feel that sense of life force, enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, falling in love etc. That kind of energy causes your entire being to vibrate higher. When we vibrate at a higher frequency, we attract elevated people, life situations, jobs, opportunities etc. because like attracts like. You are constantly dictating orders to the universe through your vibration, thought patterns, as well as spoken word. Thoughts are energy.  Your word is where you choose to prioritize your thoughts. And behind all solid matter, is an energetic component. The universe is energy. And what science has discovered in this century, is that everything pulsates and has frequency. We call it the quantum field. And when you align your vibration to a higher frequency, you attract opportunities of the highest caliber.

But how do we do that? Well, let’s go back to the heart...  

“The heart controls the energy flow by opening and closing. This means that the heart, like a valve, can either allow the flow of energy to pass through, or it can restrict the flow of energy from passing through”.

-Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

Stay open. When the heart closes, energy is blocked and we become deadened, empty and hard. Whether or not you close your heart, has to do with how you digest and process the experiences you traverse in this life. We all have a story. We all walk through darkness, but staying open is for the brave. Learn to hone a love strong and resilient enough to flow through you and unto others, no matter what happens in this world. It becomes a choice in observing your experiences without attaching to them, gracefully letting them go, while knowing there is learning in everything. This is where I want to redefine tough love: walking through the world as a conscious pioneer, with a love so tough nothing can break you. And that, my friend, is gangster.  It’s grit. Just hold on, and put one foot in front of the other and stay open. You never know what’s around the corner.