People talk about vibes and energy all day long, but how does that relate to your wellbeing and everyday quality of life? Well, when you understand that everything you see, hear, experience, taste, touch and feel is energy vibrating in different frequencies, including yourself, it is a little easier to understand the relationship between energy and your personal experience.

Energy affects your wellbeing like water affects your physical health. Everybody is operating at a different sensitivity level, and beyond that we all have different types of sensitivities. But, whether you are empathic or not, energetic disharmony has an effect on your experience. 

Crystal Bed Therapy can be as simple or complex as you'd like me to explain it. It can be scientific or metaphysical, (which to me is the same thing). Each session with goes into different realms of exploration, depending on my clients and what I am working with. 

But, there is one common thread among each session--and that is the clinical work of cleaning undesirable, denser energy blocks from your field. 

(image via pinterest)

(image via pinterest)

What is an energy block?

Anything that stifles your natural flow of energy is a blockage. A natural flow of energy is a combination of your pure essence + prana / chi / life force moving through your systems with grace and harmony. There are soul blocks or internal energy blocks (inner child wounds, past or current life traumas, patterns we take on from  cultures or parents, or institutions) or external blocks (stuff that doesn't belong to us). 

What is the most common type of energy block?

Through my practice, I've found that the most common issues disrupting people's quality of life, is energy they take on from other people, or other dimensional planes or sources. People seem to experience an increased expression of disharmony causing them to feel "off", "heavy", or "dull"  or "anxious" when they absorb energetic foreign bodies that can act parasitic in nature. Sometimes foreign energies can usurp your life force to maintain it's own hanging out in your field. Your soul knows when your vibration isn't natural, and it will tell you if you are listening. 

How do you become vulnerable to energy blocks?

  • Losing consciousness in any situation
  • Going under anesthesia for a surgery
  • Physical accidents
  • Sexual encounters, especially with addicts
  • Recreational drug use, especially mind altering substances
  • Feeding your own addictions
  • Blacking out
  • Out of body experiences (from either joy or pain)
  • Trying to help souls cross over
  • Long periods of stress or isolation
  • Inviting in spiritual energies through prayer, meditation, channeling
  • Contemplating suicide
  • Having openings in your energy field from unhealed trauma
  • Unhealthy boundaries with people / devaluing your own energy through behavior patterns weakens the field
  • Prolonged periods of experiencing lower vibrations (sadness, anger, fear, etc.)


What are common symptoms of energy blocks?

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Food issues and eating disorders
  • Allergies and rashes
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Loud, negative voices in your head
  • Clumsiness or not being in the flow of life
  • Feeling stuck or lack of clarity
  • Obsession
  • Acting out of character
  • Physical illness and ailments
  • Gender confusion
  • Relationship issues
  • Money Issues
  • Money Leaks
  • Night terrors
  • Isolation
  • Abusive actions to self or others


Even the best of the best have to clean out their energy on a regular basis. Living in the modern world on Earth right now will cause wear and tear on your energy field. Unless you are an incarnated ascended master living on top of a mountain, in a crystal cabin overlooking a pristine river and wild flower fields in the sunshine, without a need to work, deal with conflict or unhealthy societies-- you probably need to clean out your field. Okay? 

Luckily I can help you out with this. Come in for a Crystal Bed Therapy session for a total energy makeover, a reboot, or to deal with a specific issue.