Have You Ever Wondered If You're An Indigo?

You may or may not have heard of this term: Indigo. It refers to specific type of light worker, or healing frequency, needed at this time in the Earth's evolution. I remember being in elementary school when I went to the book store with my mother. I glanced over a book on display and immediately felt drawn to it. As we walked through to another section, I tugged on her arm and curiously asked, "Mom, what is that book? What is an Indigo child?" She said, "Oh I don't know honey, I think they are those trouble maker kids. I think they have some problems."

I distinctly remember being disappointed with her response. I remember where I was standing in that store, and how I felt. 

I laugh, now. Because in a way, she was right. Indigos certainly do have problems: problems to fix on Earth, that is.  

Indigos got a bad wrap in the 80s only because we really didn't understand them.
Truth be told...

Indigos are warrior spirits who wear the color in their auric field. Their collective incarnation serves to break down corrupt systems in place and pave way for the future.

No biggie...

They've got a big job to do! And so they were born with a soul mission that drives them forward, and powerfully. 

Eh, well... they are usually a lil' bit intense, but it parallels their power. If the realms of the light beings had a rebel group (which they do)-- this would be it (which it is).

First wave indigos were born in the late 60s and 70s. 2nd wave indigos, in the 80s. There were some 3rd wave stragglers in the 90's, but the new breeds of light workers are often crystal and rainbow healers: a gentler breed lacking the scrappy, willful, powerhouse nature of the indigo soul.


Indigos were built to never back down.

And so they can be stubborn, relentless, and have a tendency to walk the the fine line of bravery and stupidity (not that I would know anything about that).

Now, this is a powerful weapon, if one is able to point the cannon in the right direction. Indigos are living, breathing, powerhouses who have a strong will and determination unmatched by other light worker realms.

The hard work is in alchemizing the shadow self highlighted through tough life circumstances, as it is a common story for the indigo to traverse difficult times as part of their Earth school curriculum. 

They must know and master darkness just as much as light, because they have to understand the enemy and what they are breaking down.

Light warriors have transcended the shadow, and can walk through darkness in neutrality. Usually indigos have had "darkness training" in a few life chapters. Their reward for this transcendence, is access to immense wisdom and light, heightened psychic ability, self knowledge, and inner peace, and straight up caliber.

They do not like rules, systems, rigidity, or being told what to do.

They are highly psychic, fast pasted, energetic, and often labeled ADD or ADHD for their ability to  see many trajectories at one time. I prefer to call this kaleidoscope thinking. They are visionaries. 

They are born with a "mission" and have a soul knowing from birth that they are different, and there is some "epic-ness" to meet. This can be confusing without context or understanding. If they don't know what their mission is, or that they have one in the first place, everything feels wrong. Where does that power go? What is it for? If unaware of who they are and why they are here, they can feel lost and become destructive.

Good Lord! An out of balance indigo on a destructive path is a fucking nightmare.

They often have addict energy, that tick, and have to work with this archetypal frequency, though that is not always the rule.

As tough and intense as they seem, they are just as sensitive, highly artistic, enthusiastic and empathetic. They genuinely want to serve others, fight the good fight, and change the world. These people must have meaning in their daily lives. They enjoy a hard days work and feeling accomplished from it. The ability to see ahead of the game, work faster, and with the energy and stamina to make things happen--indigos are primed to empower this moment in history. They're hustlers. 

They can have a tendency toward self loathing as they often don't feel they fit in, are pained by the state of affairs in the world, or have a history of misplaced energy.

A combination of nutrition, meditation, intense physical exercise where they can unleash this energy, is necessary. Also a mindful movement practice such as yoga or tai chi can be extremely helpful.

These are some highly sensitive people. They really need to stay away from environmental toxins and chemicals in in good. 

They know when you are full of shit as they have a natural, internal lie detector.

The best advice I can give, is to trust this lie detector. 

Often times they are activists as they cannot stand injustice and enjoy fighting for the underdog! 

About now, most indigos are grown ups. We are in charge. This adds to the rebellion and backlash against corruption in politics and the media.

If you feel you may be an indigo, honor your instincts, fine tune your mission, care for your body and health, and seek activities and friends that support your positivity and personal power. All that energy, drive, history and desire is there for a reason. I promise you that. 

You are so needed, right now!

Check out Warrior Of The Light by Paulo Coelho or The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. 

Visionaries Unite. 


P.S. I am a hybrid light worker of several realms. Yes I am an indigo, but in combination with other frequencies. This helps me to understand many type of light beings!