12 Fascinating Reasons Pyramid Energy Can Make You More Powerful

I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa, Lady, are pyramids the new crystals?” Nah, but hold on to your sage wands folks, combining their power just might put you over the edge!
It was last spring that I saw it in a vision. I understood nothing about about how the pyramid structure can energize, empower, cleanse, and uplift energy. I have never had any real experience with pyramids, other than I think they look really, really cool and I am down with Egyptian deities and energies. 

But I kept seeing a floating pyramid above the crystal bed in my meditations, and it just felt right. I am also interested in how ancient cultures historically used esoteric wisdom in their practical lives. So, I started doing my research. 5 parts from India, 7 industrial metal companies, and a couple of liability forms later… Here we are.
Do you think ancient Egyptians were just, oh I don’t know, f%cking around?

No. They were certainly not.
“Pyra” comes from the Greek word for fire. “Mid”, from the Latin “Mede”, which means middle.

So the word pyramid, literally means “fire in the middle”.
The translation is not unlike what is happening under the basic pyramid structure. It feels as if it creates a concentrated ball of life force or prana for you to use.
Pyramids don’t need to be charged, or even cleansed like crystals do.

You would think that perhaps the intensity is just too much to handle, on top of the other vibrational therapies we are working with: chromo-therapy, crystal sound bowl healing attuned to 432 hz, magnetic therapy, Vogel style crystals used to amplify and direct energy, AND a shaman-priestess-chick bossing around cosmic energy like the astral planes are her damn backyard… eh-hem ;) .
Alas, on the contrary, what I have experienced in sessions thus far is that there is an elegant finesse to the energetic integrations I am already performing. Instead of feeling raw or spacey after a session, you may feel more energized, clear, and focused. My last client had more visions (which she normally does not), recalled bits of wisdom from the past, and felt fully clear while rejuvenated after her session.
I could feel an absolute upgrade just by being the practitioner on the outskirts of the vortex. 


In fact, pyramid vibrations are life-giving. They create a force called bio-cosmic energy, meaning they channel cosmic energies & Earth’s electromagnetic energies like an integrative antenna, in essence becoming it’s own powerful and protective magnetic field.

Those powerful vibes are normally focused directly underneath the structure, but are also emitted from the 5 points.
The first day it was put up, I just didn’t want to leave. I kept testing it’s efficacy. I would close my eyes and walk from underneath it, to the chair, and back again to see what I could feel and experience. I had a rough week that week, and the best way that I can explain it’s affect on me that very first day, is that:

The pyramid made me feel safe and protected as if I was basking in the harmony of heaven and Earth’s union.

I didn’t even turn on the bed and give myself a session.
I just laid there.
I just felt.

I communed with Spirit.
I didn’t want to go home.

In fact, I am going to make another one to put over my bed. 

I believe in them so much, I will make smaller ones to charge my food before I eat, and my crystal before I meditate. 

You can even charge and structure water before you drink it!

Why not charge yourself up?!?!

The thing is, pyramids are modeled after the carbon atom, which is one of life’s basic structures of creation. It is a tetrahedron; a platonic solid. 

And when any pyramid form is aligned with true north (which it is in my office--we moved some things around), it’s like someone flipped the power switch, activating it’s magic.

But, What Exactly Is That Magic?


1. Converts negative ions to positive ions.
2. Protects human energy fields from harmful, manmade emf, radio waves, and negative vibrations.
3. Amplifies energy.
4. Powerful Tool for Manifestation.
5. Attracts positive etheric energy.
6. Balances energy around the endocrine glands.
7. Rejuvenating.
8. Boosts Immune System.
9. Balances Circadian Rhythms for enhanced sleeping patterns.
10. Decreases stress.
11. Balances Chakras.
12. Aids mental clarity and focus.

To be honest, it does a lot more. It does more than what I want to describe in a newsletter and would involve a hell of a lot more science. I encourage you to study pyramid energy on your own time. I can't wait to delve even deeper!

Suffice it to say, there is not another crystal bed therapy practitioner on the east coast who does what I do specifically, that I know of. Moreover, there is not another crystal bed therapist, who does specifically what I do, with a floating pyramid over their installation, at all, that I know of. 

This is a special installation of energy vortices and vibrational therapies unique to my practice here in New York City. It is my gift and offering. 

The best way to get an idea of the vibes I am talking about, is to come and try it for yourself. 

Let's get you to your next level, together. 

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