Life is meant to be an effortless expression of joy. It is meant to feel good. When we embark upon the spiritual path of awakening there may be initiations and pitfalls, challenges and obstacles to overcome. But, deep inside, those of us who hear the call to truth take those steps towards alignment with courage; knowing that, despite material world norms, it is the only way. The truth is, you can’t really veer off your path. All rivers lead to the ocean. However, you can make the journey a hell of a lot more difficult than it needs to be (take it from someone who is stubborn ;) 

The more sensitive you are to alignment awareness, the easier it is to tell if you are out of your flow. The Universe always gives us signs when we are on the right track. When something feels off, guess what? It usually is. Bad luck and suffering happens to the best of the best for the purposes of growth and learning, but Spirit gives us signs to help us avoid unnecessary suffering.

All we need to do is follow the path with heart.

10 Signs You Are Living In Divine Flow:

1. Synchronicities Occur Regularly.


  • You find money in your jean pockets exactly when you need it. You are in the right place at the right time to meet that perfect person who can help you in your career. Friends call right when you are thinking about them. You fondly recall your favorite uncle who passed away, and 3 days later are asked out by a dude with the same first and middle name as him. Signs show up all the time through number sequences, the media, and the natural world. Things just seem to fall in place. At first, it's trippy! Eventually, it becomes the norm. 

2. You Feel Expansion & Ease Around The People Closest To You.


  • You've gotten to a place where your best friends, really are your best friends. You only tolerate those who truly see you and uplift you. In your work life or personal life, the people who are drawn into your sphere of influence are basically awesome. 

3. Work Doesn't Feel Like Work.


  • You do not wake up and curse your alarm on Monday mornings. In fact, work feels so playful and joyful that you aren't even aware of when its a weekend versus a weekday! Now, no one likes to go over accounting or pay their taxes (well maybe some people), but in general your work is your passion and your passion is your work. It lights you up. You are really good at it. You could talk about it for hours. You've made clear decisions and taken action steps to follow your dreams. When you show up for work or professional engagements, it is with excitement and a genuine appreciation for the ability to share your gifts to the world. And when someone asks, "What would you be doing if you had 10 million dollars?", your response is, "Exactly what I am doing right now." #boom

4. Self-Care Becomes An Effortless Priority.


  • You want to eat clean because it feels good. You want to work out because your body wants to move and feel grounded on the physical plane. Weight seems to fall off without you even trying because you've let go of emotional baggage. You aren't interested in going out to party all night because you're really excited about leg day at 8 am tomorrow. You clear your energy regularly, get massages or acupuncture when you need it & without worrying about the expense. You know that investing is yourself is the best investment you can make. You tell your friends to catch you at the library because expanding your mind is more important than getting more followers. You are okay with stillness, with solitude. Meditation becomes more reliable than Prozac. You cancel plans to relax because you listen to your soul who tells you when its time to rest. Food. Sleep. Exercise. Energy Clearing. Meditation. & Rest. All become your tools to be the best person you can be. If it has been a while since your last energy session, click here to book with me:

5. You Sleep At Night. 


  • When the heart is at rest, you will find peaceful sleep. Regular sleep has been an issue my whole life, until recently. Country living, a regular schedule, a badass mattress (thank you Tomorrow Sleep), and not working at night have all helped that case. But it wasn't really until I was at deep, deep peace that I could let down my guard to fully sleep. I worked with the mantras: I am willing to rest on Earth. I am willing to be at peace. I am willing to be supported. You've let go of all guards. You've done enough inner work to release the past. You've taken measures to get off your devices, eat early, and find quiet before bed (all self-care items). You trust the Universe to have your back so you can rest. 

6. Saying "No" Becomes Easy.


  • Sayonara, "Shoulds"! Peace out, "Obligatory Appearances". If it doesn't work for you, if you do not feel like giving your time or energy to it, you simply say no. You are neutral and polite in communication and you know that when you stay true to what works for you, everybody wins. You do not fear to make other people feel sad through your response because you know trying to manipulate the emotional responses of others by dishonoring your truth or "people pleasing" is ultimately a form of control energy. And you know that control energy totally sucks for manifesting miracles. 

7. You Smile Throughout The Day


  • You are perfectly delighted to watch how the wind makes the oak trees dance when the sparrow soars through. While driving or commuting on the subway you naturally take note of the sweet things and poetry of life. Your thoughts are on goodness within you, without you, an all that is coming to you. You are joyful. You don't even think about it. You just smile because it feels good. 

8. You Are Eager & Excited About The Future


  • Not only do you feel good things, but you anticipate and get excited like a small child about all the wonderful things you KNOW are coming your way. Life moves from soldiering through a chaotic war-zone to a being a kid with a million bucks in a candy shop, choosing what sweet thing he gets to have next! You are motivated because you are excited. 

9. People Are Drawn To Your Magnetism.


  • You're fucking funny. Everybody at the party is laughing at your jokes. Your wit and cleverness are increasing and you aren't even trying. Why? You are flowing with Source energy and everything is easy. You live as a pure channel so your swagger is basically divine. People want to hear what you have to say and actively listen when you speak. People come out of the woodworks and want to help you with projects or ambitions, just because they believe in you. You are invited to fun happenings. You feel supported because your soul tribe is flocking to you like a magnet. You've finally raised the authentic joy flag and those who are truly meant to be with you, suddenly are. 

10. Miraculous Opportunity Becomes The Norm


  • Life dreams are suddenly available for the taking. You start receiving calls or emails from big shots or key people who elevate your work. You meet your divine sacred soul mate. Large sums of money come in. A friend offers to take you on a trip. The stars align! And by this time... you don't even question it. You know you've done the work to get off that karmic wheel, create space for freedom and joy. You know that you ARE the master. Abundance is your birthright. Royalty is innate. And miracles are simply a way of life.