How can we truly connect with others and feel “seen” by our circle of piers if we do not share a similar range in terms of one’s capacity for depth? When I speak to this, I am talking about how each individual perceives reality. What we see, how we view the world, how we relate to ourselves, other humans, and our purpose is connected to our perception of reality. And our perception of reality is shaped by our capacity to experience depth around us. This is not to say that we cannot love someone who does not have the same level of consciousness. Of course, we can love and appreciate people for who they are!

However, understanding the level of connection a particular relationship is capable of offering will save a lot of unnecessary frustration, and help you make better decisions about where you want to expend personal energy in your time off. It’s similar to having a like IQ range, or emotional intelligence. “Capacity for depth” should also be an official realm of intelligence, at least in my book. 

One can have an incredibly high IQ and have no idea how to deal with their emotions making it difficult to have a healthy relationship. One can be pristinely sincere, pure, and have great vision but lack the language or communication skills to present their inner philosophy with intellectual sophistication. Maybe communication is important to you. Maybe vibration and empathic resonanceare more important to someone else. We can have creative connections, but the emotional intelligence is lacking…etc. You get the idea. And beyond the 3 I just mentioned, there are many other forms of intelligence and like ranges to parallel when choosing to intimately engage in a friendship or relationship. But... surprise, surprise, I like to focus on depth. There are so many different kinds of beautiful connections from which we are continuously learning. Because of this, taking time to assess what those connections are, what kind of value they offer, and what is most important to you when it comes to intimate relationships, will help you to know which connections are life-giving and well rounded for you personally. 


In my practice, I hear a lot of people tell me that they feel alone, despite having a lot of friends. My question to them is usually around the quality of those friendships. Sometimes they are old friendships that are still intact today as a result of habit and history. And quite often, people socially engage because being busy and maintaining a full social calendar is a cultural program all too easily internalized without taking a step back and questioning whether or not it is necessary. When this happens, people often find themselves engaging in somewhat unfulfilling activities with people who don't necessarily see their soul or make them feel good or expansive or bring light to their life. Your personal time is precious. You are a being of great worth and value. 


There is only so much energy to expend in the day. Be mindful of your personal energetic investment because who you give your energy to says quite a lot about the kind of energy you are going to see flying back into your world. If your friends do not see the world with the same expansiveness you hold, it means you will have to expend your own energy to become smaller to meet them where they are. That is a choice. Maybe that choice is worthwhile because of plain ole’ unconditional love. But, maybe it’s not. 


Does the relationship make your muscles and body constrained? 


Do you find yourself more guarded around the other person?


Do you strategically filter what you say in order to make sense to them?


Does it feel like work to hang out with them?


Do you feel exhausted or drained after spending time with that person?

Do you find yourself having two different conversations when you are speaking about a subject?


Ideally, your friendships feel supportive, expansive, easy, joyful, fulfilling, and you are drawing into your sphere those who are capable of seeing your soul. 


Even just one or two friends like that will do the trick. 


We all have a spiritual curriculum on the earth plane. Sometimes dear ones and soul mates swim in the same curriculum current for just one lesson, one subject, and then the river veers causing you grow apart. Let it be. They may come back. They may not. But, forcing a flow or attempting to build a damn in Spirit’s current is a useless expenditure of control energy. Choose the path of least resistance when it comes to loved ones. Nourish them. Honor them. And put the most energy into those who reflect your highest self, and bring a glittering smile to your face. That’s the point. We all need to feel supported. 


And then all that extra energy you expend making yourself smaller around people who are not able to meet you on your personal growth level, can now to your family, your creativity, self-care, contribution, pets, projects or whatever holds meaning or purpose to you. 


You have a lot to give. I know it. You are meant to give it. I promise. Be wise, my friends. This life is but a sweet, short dream.


Life is meant to be an effortless expression of joy. It is meant to feel good. When we embark upon the spiritual path of awakening there may be initiations and pitfalls, challenges and obstacles to overcome. But, deep inside, those of us who hear the call to truth take those steps towards alignment with courage; knowing that, despite material world norms, it is the only way. The truth is, you can’t really veer off your path. All rivers lead to the ocean. However, you can make the journey a hell of a lot more difficult than it needs to be (take it from someone who is stubborn ;) 

The more sensitive you are to alignment awareness, the easier it is to tell if you are out of your flow. The Universe always gives us signs when we are on the right track. When something feels off, guess what? It usually is. Bad luck and suffering happens to the best of the best for the purposes of growth and learning, but Spirit gives us signs to help us avoid unnecessary suffering.

All we need to do is follow the path with heart.

10 Signs You Are Living In Divine Flow:

1. Synchronicities Occur Regularly.


  • You find money in your jean pockets exactly when you need it. You are in the right place at the right time to meet that perfect person who can help you in your career. Friends call right when you are thinking about them. You fondly recall your favorite uncle who passed away, and 3 days later are asked out by a dude with the same first and middle name as him. Signs show up all the time through number sequences, the media, and the natural world. Things just seem to fall in place. At first, it's trippy! Eventually, it becomes the norm. 

2. You Feel Expansion & Ease Around The People Closest To You.


  • You've gotten to a place where your best friends, really are your best friends. You only tolerate those who truly see you and uplift you. In your work life or personal life, the people who are drawn into your sphere of influence are basically awesome. 

3. Work Doesn't Feel Like Work.


  • You do not wake up and curse your alarm on Monday mornings. In fact, work feels so playful and joyful that you aren't even aware of when its a weekend versus a weekday! Now, no one likes to go over accounting or pay their taxes (well maybe some people), but in general your work is your passion and your passion is your work. It lights you up. You are really good at it. You could talk about it for hours. You've made clear decisions and taken action steps to follow your dreams. When you show up for work or professional engagements, it is with excitement and a genuine appreciation for the ability to share your gifts to the world. And when someone asks, "What would you be doing if you had 10 million dollars?", your response is, "Exactly what I am doing right now." #boom

4. Self-Care Becomes An Effortless Priority.


  • You want to eat clean because it feels good. You want to work out because your body wants to move and feel grounded on the physical plane. Weight seems to fall off without you even trying because you've let go of emotional baggage. You aren't interested in going out to party all night because you're really excited about leg day at 8 am tomorrow. You clear your energy regularly, get massages or acupuncture when you need it & without worrying about the expense. You know that investing is yourself is the best investment you can make. You tell your friends to catch you at the library because expanding your mind is more important than getting more followers. You are okay with stillness, with solitude. Meditation becomes more reliable than Prozac. You cancel plans to relax because you listen to your soul who tells you when its time to rest. Food. Sleep. Exercise. Energy Clearing. Meditation. & Rest. All become your tools to be the best person you can be. If it has been a while since your last energy session, click here to book with me:

5. You Sleep At Night. 


  • When the heart is at rest, you will find peaceful sleep. Regular sleep has been an issue my whole life, until recently. Country living, a regular schedule, a badass mattress (thank you Tomorrow Sleep), and not working at night have all helped that case. But it wasn't really until I was at deep, deep peace that I could let down my guard to fully sleep. I worked with the mantras: I am willing to rest on Earth. I am willing to be at peace. I am willing to be supported. You've let go of all guards. You've done enough inner work to release the past. You've taken measures to get off your devices, eat early, and find quiet before bed (all self-care items). You trust the Universe to have your back so you can rest. 

6. Saying "No" Becomes Easy.


  • Sayonara, "Shoulds"! Peace out, "Obligatory Appearances". If it doesn't work for you, if you do not feel like giving your time or energy to it, you simply say no. You are neutral and polite in communication and you know that when you stay true to what works for you, everybody wins. You do not fear to make other people feel sad through your response because you know trying to manipulate the emotional responses of others by dishonoring your truth or "people pleasing" is ultimately a form of control energy. And you know that control energy totally sucks for manifesting miracles. 

7. You Smile Throughout The Day


  • You are perfectly delighted to watch how the wind makes the oak trees dance when the sparrow soars through. While driving or commuting on the subway you naturally take note of the sweet things and poetry of life. Your thoughts are on goodness within you, without you, an all that is coming to you. You are joyful. You don't even think about it. You just smile because it feels good. 

8. You Are Eager & Excited About The Future


  • Not only do you feel good things, but you anticipate and get excited like a small child about all the wonderful things you KNOW are coming your way. Life moves from soldiering through a chaotic war-zone to a being a kid with a million bucks in a candy shop, choosing what sweet thing he gets to have next! You are motivated because you are excited. 

9. People Are Drawn To Your Magnetism.


  • You're fucking funny. Everybody at the party is laughing at your jokes. Your wit and cleverness are increasing and you aren't even trying. Why? You are flowing with Source energy and everything is easy. You live as a pure channel so your swagger is basically divine. People want to hear what you have to say and actively listen when you speak. People come out of the woodworks and want to help you with projects or ambitions, just because they believe in you. You are invited to fun happenings. You feel supported because your soul tribe is flocking to you like a magnet. You've finally raised the authentic joy flag and those who are truly meant to be with you, suddenly are. 

10. Miraculous Opportunity Becomes The Norm


  • Life dreams are suddenly available for the taking. You start receiving calls or emails from big shots or key people who elevate your work. You meet your divine sacred soul mate. Large sums of money come in. A friend offers to take you on a trip. The stars align! And by this time... you don't even question it. You know you've done the work to get off that karmic wheel, create space for freedom and joy. You know that you ARE the master. Abundance is your birthright. Royalty is innate. And miracles are simply a way of life. 



Your sexual energy is intrinsically related to your creative energy, life force, Kundalini, as well as a healthy, dynamic flow of Prana throughout the body. In the discussion of spirituality and energy bodies, it is important that we take note of how our sensuality and sexuality is expressed in our physical reality. And no, you don’t necessarily need a partner to have a healthy expression of that energy. What I am speaking about is balance, flow, intentional utilization, integration, and expression of that most powerful, sexual energy within you.

Before I move forward, I want to define some of the terms I used earlier. Prana (with a capital P) is the motion and the coding of energies through the realms of mind and body. It has to do with movement and flow. Prana divides itself into different frequencies or types of motion within the areas of the body, known as vayas. Prana is NOT Kundalini energy. Kundalini is an emanation of the soul itself, the opening of soul energy and awareness. Kundalini energy is coiled, sitting at the base of the spine and can be channeled, opened, and harnessed throughout the body. When this happens, the soul takes the wheel; not your ego.  The opening of consciousness parallels the journey of opening Kundalini. Kundalini is known as the nerve of the soul. 

There are many reasons sexual energy can become blocked and out of balance, and it gets way more complex when we take into consideration external sourcing of energy that may be affecting one’s natural alignment of vibration. However, for our purposes today I want to impart to you that for you to feel balanced sexually there needs to be balanced energy forces throughout your multidimensional bodies. 

Have you ever been completely heartbroken and all the sudden fatigue, depleted energy, and low libido takes over; as if your system is shut down? Or, on the contrary, have you ever been overwhelmed with the energy force created by combining your sexual self with a new or current partner? It can manifest as overly excited energy or heat stuck in certain regions of the body, jolting and fizzing in a specific somatic locale. Sometimes it can be hard to concentrate with those types of palpable physiological reactions to stuck energy, indicating disintegration. I’ve worked with clients experiencing all different kinds of sexual energy imbalances; from addiction, to overindulgence in masturbation without being able to feel an open heart center (which can lead to confusion & escapism), to those who have been harmed in the past and are unable to access their sexual energy with their current partners due to fear.  Sometimes people are just shut down. Sometimes people cannot handle their bad selves (I's sex, c'mon).

The point is, blocked sexual centers can lead to blocked creativity, joy, excitement and the like. 

Each case is different. And whether you notice a major or minor imbalance, or perhaps rather you are someone who loves working with their sexual energy in positive, healthy forms daily—it’s always a good idea to check in.

We can learn to harness our sexual energy to manifest the desired, to exercise our physical bodies with more power, retrain the brain, enhance creativity or create something new, to bring light to our cells, to feel unity with God, to feel unity with another, and to heal. At some point, I will share with you some exercises and mental attitudes to help you work with sexual energy as a practice, or even with a partner. But damn, babe... that is another email (or training).

Lack of balance, joy, and community can stifle this energy. Toxic partners, unhealthy habits, addictions (workaholics included) can stifle this energy. The kids can get in the way, but they certainly don’t have to. 

Every breath can be poetic and sensual. My sacred, sensual self helps me access my depths, keep my senses keen, communicate with joy, understand with compassion, play with life, manifest what I wish, and bring others joy. Yours can do all those things too!

Allowing the creative force of sensuality (when balanced and in the heart’s temple) to lead the way to passion, desire, light, and love means living a beautifully fulfilled, higher reality. One’s intuitive, poetic self is uplifted and the physical body responds to the heightened dance of the sacred sensual. May you live as the Kings & Queens, the Gods & Goddesses that you truly are. May you revel in this open playground. 


Energy clearing always helps open the door to true alignment and I’ve seen my client's sexual lives and romantic relationships improve from working with their own pure energy. 

If it is time for a remote energy healing, click here to book your next session with me:


For now, let’s look at how we can balance Prana with a simple, 3-minute exercise so your Kundalini can circulate through upper energy centers.


Here's the deal:

Lie on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor under the shoulders. The heels are together with the soles of the feet facing up. Inhale into Cobra Pose, arching the spine, vertebra by vertebra, from the neck to the base of the spine until the arms are straight. Begin Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. (Breath of Fire is a rapid, rhythmic, continuous breath and is always practiced through the nostrils with the mouth closed. It is powered from the naval and solar plexus. To exhale, the air is expelled powerfully through the nose while you pull the solar plexus/naval back to the spine. This should feel automatic. To inhale, the upper abdominal muscles relax, the diaphragm extends down, and the breath seems to come in as part of relaxation rather than through effort. ) After 1-3 minutes, inhale, arching the spine to the maximum. Exhale and hold the breath out briefly while applying mulbandh (tightening and pulling sex organs/root in and up through body). Inhale. Exhaling slowly, lower the spine, vertebra by vertebra, from the base of the spine to the top.  Relax, lying on the stomach. P.S. Like what I have to say and share? Support your high vibe community by posting on Facebook or forwarding to a friend. Thanks!

Lie on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor under the shoulders. The heels are together with the soles of the feet facing up. Inhale into Cobra Pose, arching the spine, vertebra by vertebra, from the neck to the base of the spine until the arms are straight. Begin Breath of Fire for 1-3 minutes. (Breath of Fire is a rapid, rhythmic, continuous breath and is always practiced through the nostrils with the mouth closed. It is powered from the naval and solar plexus. To exhale, the air is expelled powerfully through the nose while you pull the solar plexus/naval back to the spine. This should feel automatic. To inhale, the upper abdominal muscles relax, the diaphragm extends down, and the breath seems to come in as part of relaxation rather than through effort. )

After 1-3 minutes, inhale, arching the spine to the maximum. Exhale and hold the breath out briefly while applying mulbandh (tightening and pulling sex organs/root in and up through body).

Inhale. Exhaling slowly, lower the spine, vertebra by vertebra, from the base of the spine to the top. 

Relax, lying on the stomach.

P.S. Like what I have to say and share? Support your high vibe community by posting on Facebook or forwarding to a friend. Thanks!


You are not a small cog on a wheel. You are not a hamster stuck and trapped in a moving maze. The mounting obligations on your back are perceived and self imposed. The trap you feel, the grid-cage of fear around your circumstance is of your own making.

We are all capable of changing our lives for the better. You are meant to align with what you really want, with who you really are. This is the Creator’s greatest wish, that you actualize the pure potential of your highest self, your quantum blueprint. All else is false. All else is illusion. And it is up to you to see that, reprioritize, let go of perceived safety nets or comfort zones holding you back. Take a leap.

There is a simple answer to the question, “What does it really take to change your life?”. The answer is guts and faith. 

It is not necessarily all about money. It is not the right circumstances. It is not the right partner who will agree and do it with you. It is not the next job lined up perfectly for you. It is not. Enough. Stop. Inherent in having guts, is a pure faith that life is meant to be expansive, rich, adventurous, joyful and playful. We are free. We are meant to be free. I am someone who evolves so quickly that my external world changes to match what is happening inside of me. And I love this. It has to. It feels so ghastly awful, misaligned and wrong, to be off the path of my soul’s pulse. I don’t allow for it. And that is a choice. Others may have more security. Others would not make the choices I make and will continue to make because they are afraid and hide behind their own mental constructs, limitations and fears. Most would not be willing, in faith, to sacrifice earthly safety nets for the wild unknown, just because it feels right. Oh dear me, I’ve had Earth security taken away so many damn times that part of my soul curriculum was to learn, that earthly security isn't the point. And I thank God for that.

Nothing on Earth is secure. Not your partner. Not your job. Not your bank account. Of course you can generally rely on the security you’ve built and people close to you, but we must understand that there is no real permanence. The material security blankets you so dearly cling to are nothing. It is false. the only real security in this word is your connection to Source. This is the ultimate freedom. It is permission. It is the most powerful safety net. These are your wings and your way out and through. You cannot go wrong when you listen to your inner urges, intuitions, your body, your heart, and your blood.

A healed mind does not plan. A healed mind enacts the plan given by God. 

I told someone very close to me I was going to put an application down on a country home, and restructure my business to move towards remote work, my writing, creative collaborations, and offering a wider variety of retail products such as charged crystals and sound healing meditations, in addition to the clothing, meditation pillows, meditation pyramids, and my healing services. I thought, it might be nice to start a podcast, sing the blues, make short films. My point was, I am choosing to relieve the stress of intense overhead so I can be more present with my incredible daughter, and have time and space for my creativity and offerings. My goal for many years was to get the point where I can work remotely. I don’t know if it’s going to work. I never know if anything is going to work or what the outcome will be. I just do what I see and feel is right given the context of the moment. If a notion stays with me for a couple months and becomes very clear, I take that path. When I told this person what I was doing, I could tell she was jealous. Her energy contracted and felt rigid. She said, “Well, that’s so awesome you can do that. That’s what I want.” She said it with a slight tone that felt, annoyed with me. Her jealously made me feel a little sad. I thought, does this person not understand the work and bravery it takes to be free? And then I realized it wasn’t about me, it was her stuff. I am triggering her own judgments, issues and insecurities. This person has had a much better career than me, much more security, dual income from a supportive partner, probably has a higher IQ or let’s just say a different kind of intelligence that the world deeply needs. She is more educated. Her body is more fit. She is incredibly well read. She has more savings. She has no children. She has a much better resume. A fancy apartment with a guest bedroom. There is no reason, on paper, that she could not change her life if she really wanted it. But I guess, she not so accustomed to taking leaps. I thought to myself, “You could do that. You could do anything. My gosh you are one of the most amazing thinkers I know!” But, I didn't say anything. I knew she wouldn't want to hear it or have that conversation. Wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to listen. 

I believe everything is figure-out-able. Maybe her partner is not on board, but she is unwilling to work out a different, more evolved, new paradigm dynamic that allows for more space and freedom. I don't know what the case is, but let's say for the purposes of teaching, that it is. Wouldn't you want a partner who gives you range and freedom? People stay in relationships even though they know they are being held back, because the comfort is too great to release. There is no right or wrong here, it’s just choice, priorities and values. She has no children to worry about. No school districts or constraints there. And yet, she won’t stand up for her self and proclaim: THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. I AM CHANGING IT. I AM WILLING TO TAKE ON THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING MYSELF IN THIS WORLD. You see my friends, this is what we must all do. The Bhagavad Gita says, “ Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself.” And I couldn’t agree more. I see people in all the time relationships that are good. And with relationship comes compromise. But the truth is I would never choose to be with someone with whom I could not actualize my fullest and greatest potential. Oh, so what if it’s good. Good isn’t good enough for me. 

You must understand who you truly are before locking in, my sweet loves. Attract when you are at that point. Otherwise it is likely you may compromise a part of yourself. And no I do not believe we are meant to compromise our true nature for the sake of relationship. I think that's very old-paradigm bullshit and the world is changing. Keep up. Go be your greatest self!  Go be your freest! Go actualize and become and flow. And then attract someone who aligns with that person. And if you choose safe and good, that's wonderful. Just have an understanding about the choices you make based on your values. Many people do not want to be single for however long it takes to become that person. It’s too scary and lonely. Ahh, and yet, it is also freedom. Do not be afraid of yourself. Do not be afraid of solitude. Do not be afraid to voice your needs and who you truly are to your partners. They may surprise you when you walk your path. They may evolve with you. Or they may not vibrationally align, but then, you will know the truth and allow them freedom to live their walk, and you yours.

And this is true love. 

I would never choose a job that is soul sucking and stifles my creativity, or voice, permanently, and without having an exit strategy. Sure, I've had jobs that weren't the greatest different times in my life, but I always knew it would lead to a next stop. Or I've taken jobs that I don't have to bring home. I go, do my work, take my money and go home. That way I could focus my full energy on the real projects at night. I would rather live in a trailer park writing poetry and painting, sleep on my parents couch saving money and coming up with a new business, be in the peace corp, devoting myself to full acts of charity, or study in a monastery with monks than live long term as a cog in a wheel that I do not align with. I would rather live very simply in the jungle, a one room shack giving dolphin tours to folks on holiday.

I believe in magic. Even when my faith is thwarted, the world turns its back on me, and I am left with nothing, I still believe in God and magic. To me, that is the Universe saying, “There is another way, child. This is a dead end. Time to take another route.” But again, most people do not want to sacrifice their security, even temporarily for a taste of real freedom.

They fear change like toddlers afraid of a small slide at the park. You don’t know freedom until you let go of everything. Freedom is a mindset that is earned through trust, bravery, and a transcendence above material concern. You have to live somewhat outside of the grid to see the world in this way. This is meant to be our playground. The walls you hit and the obstacles are there for us to jump over and transcend. When we do this it always gives us greater power. We are meant to say no to people who toxic. We are meant to learn from negative situations and let them go. 

We are meant to unfold into new versions of ourselves, our talents and gifts continuously. We are meant to always evolve and expand. This is a lifestyle choice. There is a great and magical world beyond those norms. There is beauty and freedom outside of the matrix. To live there, you must challenge your attachments. You may say, I need my relationship to look this way. I need to be connected to this city or that city. I need to have this money from these people in this way. I need to eat at these restaurants and wear these clothes. I need to know whats going on in this scene or that scene. I need my special fitness classes. I can't say no to my boss. I can't disappoint this person. I don't know what I will do for work. I need to know everything before I do anything. 

I need. I need. I need. I need. I need. I need. I need. So I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. 


"Stop coming at life with the same old story. You are boring me. You are boring yourself. And you are boring God." - Jean Houston. 

 We are nothing without revelation. Revelation is nothing without embodiment. Truth is not real unless embodied materially. When truth is just an intellectual idea out there in the realms of the mental planes it ain’t shit. 


Who are you, truly, as a being? Without your partner, your job, your friends, your money, your city, your clothes, your car, your kids, the roles you play? Who are you, when you release identification with forms? Do you know that person? If you do not, then you do not know freedom.  And there is work to be done. 


My goodness, it isn’t easy! No one ever said that. Ahh, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Once you cross over, it is easy. This path of freedom becomes the only way. And the journey is worth every moment of  sweet joy from realizing that every breath of life is filled with riches and miracles. All people are blessings. All darkness is illusion, teacher in disguise and this whole world was made for your evolution. It was made just for you! Overcoming pain, guilt, confusion, fear or learning to embody this with a child, broke and with echoed fear from my own story and traumas was nothing short of miraculous. I know that now and can say that to you without ego and in full confidence. My life, though for so long I thought it was a disaster and I was meant to be left in the shadows—cold as damaged and forgotten, was nothing short of miraculous. I am a genius. I am blessed. I am loved. I am unafraid. What I have done, is so beautiful. This story. My beautiful story. In tears I tell you it is miraculous. And you are too. The difference between you and I is that I know it and you don’t yet. I thank God now, every day, for all the pain and this beautiful journey. I wouldn’t trade an once of my wisdom for any sad experience. Not a single ounce. Maybe I have nothing to show for my life work and journey but who I have become, but this is the one thing that stays with you wherever you go: who you’ve become. It is the most precious.

The holy grail is not a golden cup you can hold with your hands. You don’t see it until you learn to see. Wisdom and fearlessness are my safety nets. The Creator is my guide, the palm in which I rest, as I journey forth to become even greater. This is my destiny. And it is yours. In fact, it is the reason I tattooed the word “Rise” on my right arm. Whoever you are, whatever your story, your destiny is to rise. 


I humbly beg you to take a leap of faith towards your truth. Your becoming is this world’s liberation. Nothing changes collectively without individual evolution. Do you see this world? You must. You must see what is called for at this time. Your utmost and absolute best! Your highest self. You have chosen to incarnate at this time in the Earth’s shift, at this tipping point towards darkness on the brink of our species end, to embody the genius and pure potential that you are. You are not here to cower and fear. You are not here to live as a slave to circumstance. You are here to be bold and contribute. You are strong enough to handle the challenges you may face. You are powerful enough to absorb any loss. You are brilliant enough, resourceful enough to wing it, baby. And you have enough light to attract that which you need to move forward on your path. Yogi Bhajan says, "Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear a path." He was right. This is truth. You see, you are the only person who can take that path. You are the only you. You are the only one with that fingerprint. There is no one else who can walk that walk for Source, in the way that you can. Your swagger is sacred and unique. No one else has my voice and calling. And no one else has yours. Your work is to stand up and embody the creative genius of God, in your way, and through your individual channel. You are not defined by what you do, your friends, your bank account.

You are already a masterpiece. You need for nothing. And when you realize this, you are free. 


Most of my fucks, have been given to God. Your past does not define you. My past does not define me. I used to let it. I never fit into anything. No pegs. I used to think you have to be mainstream to be successful.  But, it just never worked for me and I realized how badass it is to fully accept I am fringe. And thank God I was never allowed to mold into the grid! That’s not my steez. That’s not what I want. Those aren’t my values. I respect past masters who have lived on the outskirts and molded consciousness through their seemingly radical and wild ideas. Mainstream ideals bore me. I am unimpressed with mass culture. It is not who I am, how I think, feel, operate, and live. I am not mainstream. I am wild. Now I understand, not only am I allowed to be part wild,  I have to be part wild. You see, it is my job to hold space between your world and the other. This way I can be a bridge, show you glimpses of who you are. We are meant to embody those otherworld higher frequencies, here and now on Earth to create our heavenly here an now. Hold those ideals strong, friend.  Stand up to the norm and stand up to yourself, your ego and your fears until they but crumble in the wake of the light you hold.


 Throughout history, it is the fringe thinkers, the different, who change the course of human perception. The "same" will never do that. Perception shapes action. Perception is based on information and data taken in. When you have depth of vision, you take in expanded data. Wider reach of data means greater perspective. And it is the greater perspective that steers the course of consciousness. Do not be afraid of your wild ideas, unpopularity, or offbeat pathway. Whether you are rewarded or not does not matter. You are gifted vision and sensitivity and you are meant to harness those channels and communicate truth, no matter the outcome. Let us promote and embody depth, range, evolution, and beauty. When you seek to explore the unknown, you push the cutting edge. How do we move forward if we do not push our reach of perception? We don’t. When you liberate yourself from the rigid grid, you open space to create, heal, move, shake, and do some good in this world. Its beyond me and you at this point. We are one. And we have become utterly conditioned to violence and grief in our daily lives. Our species is greater than this and it is very likely you are greater than the choices you are making.

The most powerful form of human control is the suppression of the sense of what is possible. 


There is that voice who whispers to you from the blood of your soul. That voice is getting louder and louder. By God, for the sake of humanity listen and heed! We have everything to gain and nothing to loose. 


(And it is here that the spiritual guidance group I work with would like to make themselves known. It is for me to step aside now.)


“The realms of the Universe are rooting for this planet. I speak to you from the cosmos. I speak to you from the light sources protecting and watching this planet from dimensions far beyond what many perceive. The time is now. There is none other. We will work with you. We will be the warrior, the angel, the visionary, the mother, the activist, the powerhouse, the genius, the master, the curator, the architect, the lover, the freedom, the dove and the savior, but you must let us in. We, the spiritual realms, we the collective consciousness that guides the pulsing beat within you. When you are driven by that higher will towards truth you hear us, and we ask that you listen. We ask that you stand tall. We ask that you rise and know your heavenly kingdom for you have but forgotten. You think you have all the time in the world but there is no such thing that exists. Your now is but a moment. Your now can change the course of this species and with it the rest of the galaxies. We are one. We are united. Ultimate reality exists beyond your pain and grief. Love and contribution exists beyond this human strife you buy into at the detriment of your lives and this beautiful planet. Do not make the same mistakes humans have made over and over and over. You are here to transcend beyond any dark forces, for they are nothing. Beyond any tampering by malfeasant ends. When you remain in a frequency above lack, fear, poverty consciousness you change the world. You do not have to achieve material greatness to change the world. You only need embody your highest self in the moment. It is as simple as that. You change the vibration of the plants, animals and people around you through chemical reactions and vibratory responses of your field through your very presence, you see? A gentle whim, while humming to the bees, as you garden alone, is healing. Speak peace unto the plants and trees wherever you go, and you are the savior. Change your life to suite your happiness and you have chosen God. God is benevolent, creative energy, a force of unconditional love who has your greatest and highest wishes in mind and heart. There is only forgiveness. There is only grace. There is only eden. There is only beauty. There is only virtue. There is only love. There is only love. There is only love. How many times, in how many ways can we show you this, dear Earth children. Allow the force of high spirit to move through you and guide you without reservation, fear or guilt, and you will be shown the way to liberation and peace. And as our agent said, it is true, the answer to this question you ask is indeed simple. What does it really take to change your life? Bravery, faith and we would add love & fortitude. 


We are humbly in your service from the cosmos, guiding and available to you. 


In Blessing, We Remain. “





People talk about vibes and energy all day long, but how does that relate to your wellbeing and everyday quality of life? Well, when you understand that everything you see, hear, experience, taste, touch and feel is energy vibrating in different frequencies, including yourself, it is a little easier to understand the relationship between energy and your personal experience.

Energy affects your wellbeing like water affects your physical health. Everybody is operating at a different sensitivity level, and beyond that we all have different types of sensitivities. But, whether you are empathic or not, energetic disharmony has an effect on your experience. 

Crystal Bed Therapy can be as simple or complex as you'd like me to explain it. It can be scientific or metaphysical, (which to me is the same thing). Each session with goes into different realms of exploration, depending on my clients and what I am working with. 

But, there is one common thread among each session--and that is the clinical work of cleaning undesirable, denser energy blocks from your field. 

(image via pinterest)

(image via pinterest)

What is an energy block?

Anything that stifles your natural flow of energy is a blockage. A natural flow of energy is a combination of your pure essence + prana / chi / life force moving through your systems with grace and harmony. There are soul blocks or internal energy blocks (inner child wounds, past or current life traumas, patterns we take on from  cultures or parents, or institutions) or external blocks (stuff that doesn't belong to us). 

What is the most common type of energy block?

Through my practice, I've found that the most common issues disrupting people's quality of life, is energy they take on from other people, or other dimensional planes or sources. People seem to experience an increased expression of disharmony causing them to feel "off", "heavy", or "dull"  or "anxious" when they absorb energetic foreign bodies that can act parasitic in nature. Sometimes foreign energies can usurp your life force to maintain it's own hanging out in your field. Your soul knows when your vibration isn't natural, and it will tell you if you are listening. 

How do you become vulnerable to energy blocks?

  • Losing consciousness in any situation
  • Going under anesthesia for a surgery
  • Physical accidents
  • Sexual encounters, especially with addicts
  • Recreational drug use, especially mind altering substances
  • Feeding your own addictions
  • Blacking out
  • Out of body experiences (from either joy or pain)
  • Trying to help souls cross over
  • Long periods of stress or isolation
  • Inviting in spiritual energies through prayer, meditation, channeling
  • Contemplating suicide
  • Having openings in your energy field from unhealed trauma
  • Unhealthy boundaries with people / devaluing your own energy through behavior patterns weakens the field
  • Prolonged periods of experiencing lower vibrations (sadness, anger, fear, etc.)


What are common symptoms of energy blocks?

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Food issues and eating disorders
  • Allergies and rashes
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Loud, negative voices in your head
  • Clumsiness or not being in the flow of life
  • Feeling stuck or lack of clarity
  • Obsession
  • Acting out of character
  • Physical illness and ailments
  • Gender confusion
  • Relationship issues
  • Money Issues
  • Money Leaks
  • Night terrors
  • Isolation
  • Abusive actions to self or others


Even the best of the best have to clean out their energy on a regular basis. Living in the modern world on Earth right now will cause wear and tear on your energy field. Unless you are an incarnated ascended master living on top of a mountain, in a crystal cabin overlooking a pristine river and wild flower fields in the sunshine, without a need to work, deal with conflict or unhealthy societies-- you probably need to clean out your field. Okay? 

Luckily I can help you out with this. Come in for a Crystal Bed Therapy session for a total energy makeover, a reboot, or to deal with a specific issue.


As we enter a new spring season, a rebirth of soul-- no matter the tradition you ascribe to--it is time for new life. In this new chapter, I invite you to examine not only your beliefs but how your behavior aligns with your beliefs. Are you in conflict with yourself? Are your truths practically embodied in your everyday life? My sweet child of the light, your time is precious.Trim the fat.

As I grow, I tolerate less and less. There is a greater level of embodied focus upon that which I would like to manifest and vibrate with. 

I no longer tolerate...

Voices making noises without a foundation of substance. Engaging or responding to those who will not broaden the scope of my soul's horizons. I do not judge, but there is no longer time or tolerance for any force that is not aligned with utmost purity. I count on my hand those who truly feed my soul. I no longer engage if it feels forced, or like work.

Yes. Oh yes, I understand what I will do for you. But what will you add to my vibration? This is the question around equal energy exchange in our relationships, personal or work related. Friends, it is unreasonable for others to expect to have access to your light if they are not on a level that nourishes you. Do not tolerate anything less. 

I do not care to play superficial games in my personal life, or for the sake of work, or marketing.

I do not ascribe to the belief that one must be an influencer, win a popularity contest or have high instagram following to get a book deal, sell the painting, be an artist or have legitimacy or credibility.

This is the death of craft and art. If we continue to move in this vein we will lose as a humanity. The false power is now comical. Leave it behind. There will be a backlash.

I no longer have time or patience to compare myself to others, friends, family, strangers on the internet, or people in my industry. This is pointless, weak, and you miss your life doing this.  Moreover, it is exhausting and sucks your energy clean. 

Every breath I take is precious. My time on this Earth is precious. I will only breath in beauty and divinity. I no longer tolerate anything that distracts me from this gratitude.

I am obligated to no one, to nothing but Spirit. God. And what is God but creative energy? 

If you've outgrown people, let them go with love. If you've outgrown context, jobs, cities, or the illusory gridwork of materiality created out of a past paradigm structure, by God let it shatter. Your evolving greatness will always shatter paradigms.

I no longer tolerate distractions, staying busy for the sake thereof, or over-toil. We are all worthy of rest, integration and self care.

I no longer tolerate media mind-programming.

I no longer care about the internet or what is happening on it.

A leaf blowing in the wind will speak more wisdom unto me than any content you can send me.

I no longer tolerate the savagery, racism, poverty, war, strife and ignorance of this world nor will I sink down into vibrations of despair. No amount of your suffering will heal this world. It is law. Your joy will heal this world.  I contribute to the collective elevation the more I hold my light strong and lead by example.

There is nothing outside of me, that fills me in a more powerful way than I fill myself.  I am pure, vibrating creative energy. I just am. I deeply trust my instincts. People will always be looking for ways to get to you, to get in with you. You must ask yourself to whom you are available and why? Who is worthy of your availability. You are under no obligation to answer all the people who want to connect with you. I've personally always had conflict dealing with the modern world and people always having access to you through technology. If I do not have one day a week where I can limit access to people, I would go insane. Every night I shut off my wifi, devices and put my phone on airplane mode. Everyday I so look forward to the appropriate moment to take this action not because I dislike people, but because the truth is, the space and solitude to vibrate with myself is communion with Source and my soul craves this more than anything.

My silence is more powerful than any word. No words will be spoken without intention or thoughtfulness. As my vision, wisdom and sensory instinct expands, I follow suit. I watch. I observe. I am neither afraid of silence or the power of my own voice. 

It is a happy place when you are no longer triggered by bullshit, nor are you engaging with it, nor are you judging or condemning others for being false, superficial or if ignorant. Be what you will! You cannot affect me. If you don't like something, there is no reason to call it a name, or act petty. This reflects where you are, not them. How neutral can you be? This is the place of the master. If there is something that does not align with you, take away it's only power over you and that is your attention. This action can be wordless. 

It is a happy place when you are neither the victim or vengeful, but the master on the mountain watching. It is a happy place to accept all while knowing full well who you are and what is allowed in your sphere.

It is a happy place when you are your own guru. My outer world reflects the purity and grace of my inner world and I will not tolerate anything less than this. Why would you give your energy to people, places, things that do not bring you light? Why create a world or life you don't believe in? This is insane. The regular and standard operating systems of beliefs and action to which most of the world ascribes is insane to me. 

I am self-contained joy and neutrality. So are you. It's just that perhaps you do not realize this yet.

I look outside myself and see your beauty, but you don't see it so you distract with drama and pain, trifles and nonsense.

I look outside and realize how beautiful I am. My gentle grace. And I am humbled to be of the same strain of light as you. I am humbled to have the vision and perspective that I do. I am grateful for all the experiences that gave me this moment and breath. There is a new world upon us. Will you choose to cultivate the not only the vision and perspective to see it, but the maturity and power to actualize it's blessings in your daily life?

I look up and say, my goodness- look at who you've become! My sweet child, welldone indeed! As if I am a master speaking to my human self. My human self is a small child in a dress, bowing with a smile and curtsy in this sweet game of dancing in the material while hearing the guidance and whispers of my master guides, light forces and beings since I was small and strange, whispering child truth in the woods while my teachers asked what I was doing. Are you sad? Why do you sit there and stare into space? Why aren't you running around like the other children? I would tell them I was fine and happy to sit silently because there is so much to see. This game no one knew about or understood. 

This dance of purity, that showed nothing materially, all these years, and yet now I have everything to show for it now. How long I spent chastising myself for not fitting into this normal grid work. Not fitting in. Not being like them. Not having the same beliefs or values. Being completely incapable of molding myself into something I am not. And I thank God every day I never did. I have everything to show for it and yet glory spoils are intangible. I understand now. How many years I spent thinking if I worked hard enough I would create the material security I wanted.

It's silly now. Isn't that funny, how all of the sudden one day a half belief can seem silly? Anyone who knows me knows I have a strong work ethic, but it's not about that and what you can yield from those efforts though I respect it. The whole point is cultivating the wisdom that would call for transcendence of material concerns, you see. The golden chalice is nothing you can hold! It will not peak for you in gold or bank accounts. Glory's spoil's is my own natural energy yield, it is who I have become, it is who you become. It is unspoken and nameless. 

You must have eyes to see it. No money, no home, no car, no credit or fame or popularity or security could ever compare to what you can cultivate within. 

Give me a small trailer and the sweet, crystal river. Give me silence and nature, and I am bliss. Give me the jungle and oceans, my journal and a pen, and I am in heaven. Give me the buoyant grin of a child laughing. Give me the gaze of the wrinkled elderly, who hold more wisdom and energy than your pinky. I need for nothing. And in truth, you need nothing either. 

What is there to prove, sweet child? Who are you trying to prove it to and why? What do you toil to protect? What do you need to show off? Why are you not living in your highest high?

What will you teach your children? What would you teach your piers?

There is only beauty and bounty before us. There is a new Earth before us, can you keep up? Keeping up means staying ahead and not falling into false power, false security, false love. That which is false will shake and tremble, fading away like dust before what is true. It is nothing. Wake up. 

My friends, what you tolerate is what will continue. Do what you can to catch glimpses of truth and bliss, it will inspire you to tolerate nothing less than this. And life becomes what it was intended to be. It becomes divine will. Then, nothing will scare you. You realize that the false security you've desperately built around you your whole life means nothing. You will be free to move how you choose. You will transcend a limitations.

Most people believe in these limitations. And its a boring existence. What is this story you keep playing? Over and over again? You are boring me. You are boring God. You are boring yourself. 

There are others who only believe in higher ideals with their minds, but not with their bodies and emotions and with their damn souls.

But when you believe in this higher world with the purity of your essence you can smell it a mile away. "You cannot fake a frequency", as my dear friend and soul sister, Erin Telford would say. You cannot fake this place of being.

Can you see? Can you feel the vibration of my words? Can you sense this transmission that I speak to you through the crown of my head that comes through my fingertips? You must wake up. You must begin to see. Do you understand that the world's becoming, is your becoming?

Embodied purity, power and humility is home.

I will only tolerate exchanging with souls who have come home. Come home, and you are for me. Come home, an we can exchange. Come home, this is where I am. 

I do not care what the world's rules are, if they are not my truths. I've never been a fan of rules, or stepping into playing games with "how the world works". By these lower rules, the world is indeed fucked up. Why would I play by these rules when there are higher and more rewarding ones?

My entire life there was deep conflict around this. I had to grow into my power through following the beat of my soul. Why would I  play a false game? There is only one dance, and that is with yourself and the light. 

Come home. Come home. Come home. They say, these Masters. If you knew who walked with you through this life you would never be alone. You would never be afraid. You would not be scared to do the things you really want to do. You would not believe for a second in untruth. You would not throw around your precious energy like cheap cotton candy. 

God is benevolent, creative energy. Angels are frequency, vibrational, psychic vortexes of specific light that comes from the one source. We can tap into these light sources here to help us. Gods and deities are nothing other than frequency. Humans have a deep need to anthropomorphize energies that they cannot understand. 

I do not take offense to this. I like it.  In fact, what I am is a story teller. In most lifetimes I incarnate as the priestess, the warrior, the poet/storyteller/artist, or the healer. Do not be offended so easily by semantics. All is energy. All is creative. All is beautiful. Everything else is illusion. 

There is help all around you. Do not dumb yourself down, making up excuses for the reasons you cannot do, or you cannot win. There is powerful energy here to assist you. Study the laws of the universe, these are the true laws. There is wisdom abound on this planet but it is your choice to seek it out or not. It is your choice to embody it or not. 

Artistry, takes bravery.

I don't care what you are trying to create. Authentic living is for the bold. The highest form of artistry is crafting the life of your dreams. Be bold, dear heart. Be brave and true. You are a divine artist despite form, craft or your type of mind. You hold the wisdom of the stars in your bones and yet you play games with dirt. There is no reason for this. 

Come home, they say. Shed it all. They say. Let go. They say, and doors open. Do not fight. Accept what is and your transformation begins that very moment. 

"Out beyond the ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." 

"The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across he doorsill where two worlds touch, the door is round an open.

Don't go back to sleep."


Come home. They say. This is the place of everything you seek. This is when your swagger becomes sacred, this is that space that no one can take away from you. This is that energy that attracts. It is confidence. People use the term boss babe all the time, without any real understanding of what it means, to actualize being a boss.

It is something untouchable. Being a boss is coming home. It is clarity and acuity. It is untouchable. 

It is your birthright. 

Bless you. 

In Sincerity, 


The Art Of Surrender & 17 Powerful Life Lessons It Can Teach US

I evolve constantly. I am sure you to too. But it isn’t necessarily a conscious decision for me. It’s as if I am always processing, taking in data, allowing myself to move with the unfolding current, and then bursting through a glass layer with new understandings. Conscious evolution is vibrating expansion, with or without my willingness or consent. Conscious evolution is beyond intellect or even full cognitive understanding. I am always opening and unfolding within myself. And considering world pressures, an up-leveled embodiment of surrender is arguably required to vibrate with an essence of peace and grace in this time. I read something that caused a remembrance a few weeks ago. I already knew this concept intellectually. I practice it off and on emotionally. But somehow it stuck in my blood, resonating in a different way until I cracked.


The most attractive vibration of allowance, ripe for manifestation, is a state of consciousness that transcends bodily concerns. 


I kept with that idea, and after some personal conflicts and shifts, business transitions, loved ones coming and leaving, physical and energetic exhaustion, and with enough financial pressure around me to instill fear— I burst through and died up, without trying. Poof. This happens often enough, but so far, this new state of flow has stayed with me without ebbing. I prefer not to speak, or move too much right now. I am with myself and I am with Spirit. I am listening. I am not thinking. I am not planning. I intend and I daydream. I visualize and speak thoughtful words unto myself in the mornings, evenings and throughout the day. But I move slow. I take days one at a time, moments one at a time. It’s like healing from years of, to put it simply, a really long and hard period of my life. It is healing through silence, stillness, and non-desire. It is in the quiet spaces that I remember who I am. Again, those moments come and they go, weeks or moments. But this surrender feels phoenix like.


This is human life. Inherent in human life is contrast. There is a time for hustling. There is a time for sitting back. There is a time to concept, and a time to implement. I wouldn’t be writing you here, if I hadn’t hustled, or had enough energy to move through walls and work multiple jobs, ask the hard questions, be brave, take the higher road, and all that jazz. But right now, something special is happening. My hands are in the air with a white flag as I stare at the beauty, richness and strangeness of my life like a mermaid looking through water up at the sun, laughing and tearing up at the same time. To raise that flag feels so good, and like dying at the same time. Dying, is good for you, don't you know? I know well, those moments of death-surrender. They echo in my mind. I can stare at them, looking at a picture of a moment in time with a bird eye view. They were dark moments. They were important moments. They signified new chapters of existence.

There is nothing dark now, in my personal world. But, I am just raising my hands higher, letting go deeper. With my hands up, I see the world differently. And I am looking at God everywhere, in everyone I meet, in everything I see, like light shinning through form so that I remember who I am always, despite circumstance, story, other people’s behavior, my bank account, the roles I play, the jobs I have, who likes me or doesn’t like me, who understands me or not, what I am doing “right”, what I am doing “wrong”, status, or anything else the ego uses to define itself. 


My cells are changing. I knew something was happening because I can feel the energy of my cells and DNA releasing. Any of you who know me or what little bits of story I’ve expressed here and there, know that I am not here for any superficial reason. When I was 22 years old, I had been studying deeply, and had a nightly meditation practice that took me hours into spirit realms. By this time I had met my spirit guides and was in consistent communication with them, I had left my body and knew absolutely that we are spirit beyond physical. This was a time where I jumped into my ability head first. It was like finding myself. But I did not have the mastery yet to handle ability with responsibility, but I was learning. There was one moment, about an hour and 15 minutes into meditation when I was in the process of activating my light body and healing “sub-personalities” from my past. I remember sitting still with my hands held up in a mudra, when kundalini light energy powerfully un-coiled from root to heart. My vision turned golden, like there was light coming out of my heart and eyes. I looked around and the physical world faded as if was a dream. The chair in the corner was cloud-like and ethereal. I could see the desk, the walls, the bed, the closet, but they were in between solid and gaseous states of matter and covered by a golden light substance that filled the room. I could feel energy moving out of my palms. It came up through my heart. I burst into tears on my knees in absolute awe of what life really is. It was beautiful and transcendent. I will never forget dropping to the ground in that moment with the golden light. Gazing up towards the skies I said, “Okay, okay. I am yours. I am committed. You have my life. I see. My breath is in your service. My hands are in your service. There is work to be done. I am yours, on my knees. I understand.” Prior to that moment, about a year before, an ascended master came to me in a trance, with an assignment. Though it was one of the most powerful moments of my life, It was hard for me to take in the time. I was scared to tell anyone. And I was more of an agnostic/aethist when it happened. But the experience of golden light solidified my contract and commitment. 


I follow the pulse of light wherever that may take me. It pulsed me here. And let’s just say it took some maneuvering in the physical world. I tried very hard to keep up with that pulse, while making sure needs were met for my child and I, and staying true to the work. It’s been at times physically & emotionally exhausting, at times taking a toll. But, maybe it’s a good toll-taking. You see, inherent in the art of becoming-- is spiritual initiation. My soul wanted initiation. And now, it is my time for rest and peace. 


My surrender is looking around as I speak to my higher self and Spirit and saying, okay, I’ve done everything I possibly could, with every ounce of energy and intent. Your turn. Thank you for taking the reigns. Thank you for bringing me to my knees. Thank you for showing me what humility is. Thank you for giving me the energy and gusto to do what I’ve done. And thank you, dear God, thank you, for tapping me out. I have realized, that this space is deep, deep surrender. It is deep, knowing, femininity. It is healing me, for however long it lasts. 


No longer can I tolerate working through states of hunger, thirst, or fatigue. When my body says no, it is done. It is okay, when things are undone.


No more pushing. 


No more wondering if I am good enough, or the work is good enough.


No more trying to make meaning. No more questions.


No more wondering what’s going to happen, where the security is, or what home really looks like for Helena and I. The answer is I don’t know, and I don’t care, because these are questions related to physical form. I know that real security is spiritual. It is golden light. It is God. When I stay there, answers come.


No longer can I rush. It seems to hurt my soul. Nature does not rush. 


There is no more trying. There is only vibrating. There is only attracting. 


I could die tomorrow and be at peace. That's an incredible feeling.


And though I have made so many mistakes, there is acceptance and great pride. For I can say, with full confidence, that when I look back at my life I have done everything I possibly could, with all of my being. I have given my all. That knowing, allows me deep rest. Soul rest. 


The past several months in my personal life there was mounting pressure stemming from belief in the world of form. And then one day, I let go. I just, stopped. My soul just said, okay-- no more ascribing to this. My soul said, yes, I see all these things that cause worry, and I don't care because it is un-reality.

May you remember a few things in times of stress, clinching to an idea, when desire verges desperation, when you are physically ill without knowing why, feeling abandoned or lonely, or perceiving yourself as without support or love, when pressure dominates, please remember this: 


1. Everything you see around you is illusion. Light is the real substance of the world. 


2. Everyone that comes to you is teaching you a lesson of some kind. There is learning in everything. The other person is always a mirror. 


3. Only the ego believes in lack. Lack is false. Suffering is false. No matter how real you think lack is, it is not. 


4. Consider what will flash through your mind on your deathbed. Those are the things that warrant your attention here and now. 


5. Nature is what brings you back to self, spirit, and the laws of the universe. 


6. It’s okay to outgrow situations, change your mind, and walk through another door. Every next level of your life will require an evolved you. Context and external worlds of form change. 


7. Your raw, quiet essence, nameless and wordless, vast and unique, is the light of the world. The world is noisy and people can be full of shit. Truth is quiet. 


8. As an introvert, and a super sensitive, I understand needing to be alone and have space to process. I have to shut off regularly. But remember that the love of God comes through humans. Stay open. Love big. It is so brave. The way back home is not only within, but through your brothers and sisters. 


9. Who you were when you were little, is probably the closest to your authentic nature. 


10. Your job is not to save the world, or all the people in it. Save yourself. Lead by example. You’ll inspire others with your vibration. 


11. In such a loud and noisy world, in the maze-haze psychology of strategy, I believe that the purist has the most power. 


12. Act in accordance with your beliefs, and you will not be conflicted internally. 


13. Get quiet enough to know what those beliefs are in the first place, or else you will be running around like an insane person. 

14. Let go of everything. See what stays. 


15. Let spirit in. See what happens. 


16. Let life unfold. Let your intent and vibration guide. Let your actions follow suit in honor. 

Trusting yourself, is surrender. Trusting the outcome, is faith. Presence is surrender. Letting go of what may or may not happen, is surrender. Letting go of worry is surrender. I am not saying it’s easy. As a mother who loves my child so unconditionally, often my desire to provide for her overrides my ability to transcend the world of form. But I get better and better at it. There has been a drive within me, and maybe you feel this too as it is a human condition, to work so hard that the bad things of my past never, ever repeat themselves, ever again. For a time, vigilance made me feel so safe. But vigilance has crystalized and now feels harsh. I thank it. I release it. 

17. The things that may have served you before, may no longer work in the present. Adapt. 


May you stay brave and true. 


May you know yourself enough to know when the time is right, to surrender. 


Have You Ever Wondered If You're An Indigo?

You may or may not have heard of this term: Indigo. It refers to specific type of light worker, or healing frequency, needed at this time in the Earth's evolution. I remember being in elementary school when I went to the book store with my mother. I glanced over a book on display and immediately felt drawn to it. As we walked through to another section, I tugged on her arm and curiously asked, "Mom, what is that book? What is an Indigo child?" She said, "Oh I don't know honey, I think they are those trouble maker kids. I think they have some problems."

I distinctly remember being disappointed with her response. I remember where I was standing in that store, and how I felt. 

I laugh, now. Because in a way, she was right. Indigos certainly do have problems: problems to fix on Earth, that is.  

Indigos got a bad wrap in the 80s only because we really didn't understand them.
Truth be told...

Indigos are warrior spirits who wear the color in their auric field. Their collective incarnation serves to break down corrupt systems in place and pave way for the future.

No biggie...

They've got a big job to do! And so they were born with a soul mission that drives them forward, and powerfully. 

Eh, well... they are usually a lil' bit intense, but it parallels their power. If the realms of the light beings had a rebel group (which they do)-- this would be it (which it is).

First wave indigos were born in the late 60s and 70s. 2nd wave indigos, in the 80s. There were some 3rd wave stragglers in the 90's, but the new breeds of light workers are often crystal and rainbow healers: a gentler breed lacking the scrappy, willful, powerhouse nature of the indigo soul.


Indigos were built to never back down.

And so they can be stubborn, relentless, and have a tendency to walk the the fine line of bravery and stupidity (not that I would know anything about that).

Now, this is a powerful weapon, if one is able to point the cannon in the right direction. Indigos are living, breathing, powerhouses who have a strong will and determination unmatched by other light worker realms.

The hard work is in alchemizing the shadow self highlighted through tough life circumstances, as it is a common story for the indigo to traverse difficult times as part of their Earth school curriculum. 

They must know and master darkness just as much as light, because they have to understand the enemy and what they are breaking down.

Light warriors have transcended the shadow, and can walk through darkness in neutrality. Usually indigos have had "darkness training" in a few life chapters. Their reward for this transcendence, is access to immense wisdom and light, heightened psychic ability, self knowledge, and inner peace, and straight up caliber.

They do not like rules, systems, rigidity, or being told what to do.

They are highly psychic, fast pasted, energetic, and often labeled ADD or ADHD for their ability to  see many trajectories at one time. I prefer to call this kaleidoscope thinking. They are visionaries. 

They are born with a "mission" and have a soul knowing from birth that they are different, and there is some "epic-ness" to meet. This can be confusing without context or understanding. If they don't know what their mission is, or that they have one in the first place, everything feels wrong. Where does that power go? What is it for? If unaware of who they are and why they are here, they can feel lost and become destructive.

Good Lord! An out of balance indigo on a destructive path is a fucking nightmare.

They often have addict energy, that tick, and have to work with this archetypal frequency, though that is not always the rule.

As tough and intense as they seem, they are just as sensitive, highly artistic, enthusiastic and empathetic. They genuinely want to serve others, fight the good fight, and change the world. These people must have meaning in their daily lives. They enjoy a hard days work and feeling accomplished from it. The ability to see ahead of the game, work faster, and with the energy and stamina to make things happen--indigos are primed to empower this moment in history. They're hustlers. 

They can have a tendency toward self loathing as they often don't feel they fit in, are pained by the state of affairs in the world, or have a history of misplaced energy.

A combination of nutrition, meditation, intense physical exercise where they can unleash this energy, is necessary. Also a mindful movement practice such as yoga or tai chi can be extremely helpful.

These are some highly sensitive people. They really need to stay away from environmental toxins and chemicals in in good. 

They know when you are full of shit as they have a natural, internal lie detector.

The best advice I can give, is to trust this lie detector. 

Often times they are activists as they cannot stand injustice and enjoy fighting for the underdog! 

About now, most indigos are grown ups. We are in charge. This adds to the rebellion and backlash against corruption in politics and the media.

If you feel you may be an indigo, honor your instincts, fine tune your mission, care for your body and health, and seek activities and friends that support your positivity and personal power. All that energy, drive, history and desire is there for a reason. I promise you that. 

You are so needed, right now!

Check out Warrior Of The Light by Paulo Coelho or The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. 

Visionaries Unite. 


P.S. I am a hybrid light worker of several realms. Yes I am an indigo, but in combination with other frequencies. This helps me to understand many type of light beings! 

Q&A: Is It Fear Or Intuition?

Hello Kalisa, 
As a working mom with a recent... and pretty inconvenient spiritual awakening, I come up against a lot of resistance when it comes to making decisions that I believe will guide me towards my true self and purpose (writing that makes me feel embarrassed). I never shied away from taking heart-based risks in the past, but as my responsibilities grow (I'm married and have a 6yr old daughter) and I get older, I find myself not being able to tell the difference between fear and intuition; if it is fear telling me "no, don't do it" or my intuition's wisdom. 
Sorry... my point is, is that sometimes it feels like wishful thinking. Did you ever feel that way?
Thanks for being so real and so magical at the same time! 


Dear E.,
I am writing this on a Monday, the day after a tear-torn, inward-melting into myself on a Sunday evening, deeply questioning the tight rope walk of single parenting and empowerment pioneering through crystal bed therapy and the craft that I put out to the world. When do we draw the line between what is right for us as women, and what is right for our families as mothers? What does it mean for our children or families when we take soul-powered risks changing the course of the stream? Inherent in the soul lesson of motherhood, is sacrifice. There is great spiritual initiation that comes from loss of freedom, the shattering of layers of ego as you allow the “you” that you’ve known, to die in full service to this beautiful, newly Earth-bound soul in your care and stewardship. We must lead by example, indeed. And every mother should choose for herself what that tightrope walk looks like. There is no right or wrong here. 
I will tell you one thing that I do believe: when you make decisions conducive to spiritual purity, that also allow your soul creativity, expansion, and a sense of self-honoring empowerment, everybody wins. Your children learn how to give to themselves and your romantic partner understands through your behavior that you are, most definitely, a Queen, who loves and trust herself. You build  up that magnetic energy within. Others will ride with you, or they may fall off as you evolve. But when you choose conscious evolution, I promise you that from a higher perspective--no one loses; no matter what it looks like on Earth (conflict or ease). I chose your question for this particular column, because as women and especially as mothers, the belief in magic and the gusto to make intentional decisions that lead us to our highest alignment is so very, deeply important; and, arguably layered with more consequence as someone who’s decision making affects not just one self, but children who will one day be leaders of society. Your children watch your every move, mirroring your every breath. They will not do what you say, but take on the patterns of your belief systems and actions, whether you like it or not. And it is such a common belief that when you marry and have kids, the magic dies. And that is a load of crap. There are responsibilities, obligations, mortgages and deliverables, but the magic is there. It just looks a little bit different. It's all about perspective. 
When I personally come upon “a lot of resistance when it comes to making decisions that I believe will guide me towards my true self and purpose,” I consider how I would want my daughter to tender her soul, as a grown woman. And that very thought, fires me forward. It helps me break through resistance and get straight through to truth. I think, if Helena was in this situation or that situation, what would I tell her to do?
And fuck no, I do not believe your sentiments are wishful! In fact, what is "wishful thinking" but the first step in manifestation? Our actions and decisions as mothers are laying the blueprint for our children’s very vibration. Their vibrations dictate the future of this world. Do I get insecure, frightened, overwhelmed, wondering if I am worthy of these dreams and visions I have? Absolutely. Do I question my choices? Of course I do. Do I think that some of the things I know I would like to do for myself, are akin to wishful thinking? Yes, it is. But I still wish it. I still think it. And any vision, idea, or feeling that stays with me for weeks, for months, is more than an impulse. These are real, valid, know-ings. I use discernment, and my rational mind in combination with my strong intuition and visions. Balance, dear heart! I am often just as strategic and discerning as I am emotional and intuitive.
Three years ago I had a rewarding job in a wonderful community that I loved. I didn’t make much money, but I worked hard and was treated well. I moved back home after a nasty break up with baby daddy and a lot of upheaval to save money and get grounded. I enjoyed working in fitness, but I wanted more.  I worked full time as an instructor/trainer during the day, healed part time on the side, while I was completing trainings and studies, and was creating a side e-commerce brand at night, after my daughter went to sleep. Towards the end of my time period at this job, I kept having impulses telling me it was time to go, despite loving what I do and the people I worked with. My side healing-hustle was becoming very powerful and I noticed that what was happening with my clients was, well, beyond me. It was extraordinary. Every time I was on the mic sweating and coaching, as much as it was fun, my gut was telling me that something was off. I didn’t make any decisions for a good 6 weeks to see if this feeling would fade or grow stronger. It only grew stronger. My heartbeat felt a deep call to go back to New York (I moved there when I was 17 and my kiddo was born there). Deep in meditation, I would ask spirit to show me a vision of a map. I looked at New York City and it would light up in fireworks. I asked about some other cities and none of them had as much energy or light as NYC. I tested this in meditation over and over. LA? Colorado? I saw a crystal over NYC. I saw visions of Helena and I in Brooklyn. The message was very clear.

I consulted mentors. I went over cash flow. I looked at my little girl and thought, “How in the world am I to do this with her? You want me to quit my job, with very little savings, pack up my car and drive across the country to become some crystal witch in New York City when no one has even heard of this work and I have no network there, or safety net, medical insurance, or a back up job lined up… that’s what you want me to do? Right now? Just mother-fucking wing it?“
“Yes,” Spirit said.
The idea both terrified and thrilled me. No one did what I do, up there. I saw John of God beds, but I didn’t see any indication that the operators of what few beds there were, had the training or skill set that I did. They didn’t have my bed model, my crystal sound bowls, or my swagger (wink wink). I did not have enough money to last more than a few months. I guess I was just testing the waters.
But there was a pulse that I could not ignore. I just couldn’t.
Not many rational single mothers would do what I did. I know that. I couldn’t bring her with me either. I can’t explain to you the guilt, anguish and sorrow that came with leaving her in TX after some very traumatic years together. I felt selfish. I felt like a failure because I couldn’t provide enough money to have her with me. And I had no fucking clue if this was even going to work. But I thought maybe, just maybe, if I got this right, it would pay off for us both. That was my deepest hope. I found a room in someone’s wellness clinic for my crystal bed. I found a couple roomates and moved into a place in Lefferts Gardens. I prayed every day. I cried often. I lived on protein bars and cursed the mice crawling through my quarters wondering when I would get to see my daughter again. Does she know that everything I do is for her? Will she understand? Is she proud of me? Am I instilling bravery or abandonment? I couldn’t answer those questions at the time. All I could do was put one foot in front of the other and pray to God I wasn't fucking up.

But I guess that is the thing about working through resistance. It's a practice. Eventually you don't care about whether you fuck up or succeed. It's about just simply doing the most right thing in the moment.  

The final factor in deciding to move, yet again, was imagining this scenario: What if Helena was a 27 year old single mother who never got to do the things most young folks do, and had a rough time of it. What if Helena was living with me and I was the grandmother. Would I tell her to stuff her intuitive drive and just find a salary with benefits? Or would I take charge of the baby, tell her to be brave, work her ass off and follow her heart if only, for this one temporary moment?

What would you tell your 6 year old girl, if she were in your shoes now?
The answer was so clear to me. In no way, ever, as a mother, as a female, would I encourage someone to ignore the inner workings of their heart, drive and intuition. I will always tell her to take the sword and go forth. I would tell her life is so precious and short and I would rather die having tried and lost than never opening up to the possibility because of fear or resistance.
Was my crystal career just a bunch of wishful thinking? Am I going to waste what little money I have chasing some intuitive desire that doesn’t even belong to my individual personality, and yet emanates from my soul? Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell. Even if I turn out to be a financial failure, the inherent lessons will be well worth the journey I have taken. By watching me work, take risks, and follow my heart, Helena will be brave. She will be powerful. I am not worried about her for one second. She speaks her mind. She is rational and discerning while soft and empathetic. And I know she is so deeply proud of me. The impulse to move back to the city with my work was like being driven by a force beyond my cognitive understanding. There is a part of me who knew exactly what she was doing, driving on, driving forward. And another part going, “God dammit woman you are fucking crazy! Go get a real job and some medical insurance and start saving up! Fool.” Maybe I am a fool. But I am a hard working and brave one and I am the type of person who trusts the will of my soul.

The reason I always do this, is because I know that is God’s will. God’s will knows no fear. And despite resistance, despite the ego's fear, inherent in the action step of moving forward, is trust. And trusting is so deeply brave. I will always remember that Latin proverb: Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat (fortune favors the bold). For some reason that has been a mantra of mine since I was 19.
I remember sitting in my ill lit office, an empty healing room with my crystal bed. I knew no one. I spoke to the crystals. I did meditative, vibrational spells. I prayed to every angel, master, God, deity, and spirit I could think of. I spoke to the trees and the wind. I told them I was here. I offered everything on a sliding scale. I did every ground up marketing tactic I could. I lost money. I made mistakes. I sat in deep meditation all day in my office to create the vibration in a space that would attract the right people.
And then something fucking rad happened.
Parker Posey walks in the door. She was maybe my third client. She probably doesn’t know this, but her appearance in my world helped me keep going, emotionally and logistically. Someone I looked up at artistically my whole life, came to me, for this weirdo, eccentric service. WTF? She introduced me to someone who is now a dear friend and soul sister, Alex Hayden, who sent so many people and lovingly spread the word of my work. And then influencers, business owners, dear healer friends, media outlets found out. How the hell these people came to me, I do not know. But they had influence and trusted me. The network built, and built, and built.
People would look at the photograph of my daughter in her basketball uniform on the wall of my office and say, “I didn’t know you had a child.” I would explain I was working to get her back with me. Shortly after I moved back, my dog died. She was my angel, best friend, and one good companion. I carried her in the snow to the vet clinic in full tears. And then, everything I owned in storage unit in Austin was ruined by a rat infestation. At the time, this was a very big deal. Devastating. I came with barely any clothing, thinking I would go back to Austin and get my things. I had a couple clients donate used clothing. It was so kind! People would say, “Goodness you look different every time I see you.” Yep! Because I am wearing other peoples clothes, I would think to myself. And hearing Helena’s voice in tears on the phone at night, in pain because she missed her mother, killed me.
Let go.
Let go.
Let go.

The Universe said.

Let go of everything. Money, your things, relationships of unconditional love. Let go.

And just vibrate, purely. Then, you will know the truth. Do you know who you are, without any of these things? 

I learned. Little bits of magic here or there would keep me going. I practiced gratitude like it was going out of style. Thank you for the rats! Those “things” were my past! I focused on the little bits of magic. Magic was the universe communicating to me that I was on the right track, despite resistance that came my way.  
My clients were deeply grateful. And I felt strong alignment in the work. I was able to find a job on film sets while I built myself. I continued working on the e-commerce brand, and eventually got my daughter up here. 

My point in sharing all of this, is that making intuitive, heartfelt decisions does not necessarily negate challenge or external resistance. Good Lord, saying that would be a bunch of bullshit. However, I can promise you that when you move from your heart and not from fear, the lessons inherent to the challenges are the lessons your soul craves in this Earth-school curriculum filled with contrast.
So you see, dear E, when you practice cultivating a spiritual path, not only do you honor yourself. You are part of a movement of people ushering in a new era of consciousness. You create a new vibration within yourself and it echos through your family and into the streets. When you are brave enough to move through resistance, we all win. Resistance just means there is something to work through, you know? When you foster spiritual action within the self, you are a warrior, brave and true. Usually the epic shit doesn't come easy. And I promise you that your spiritual path, is nothing short of epic. 
And here is a tip to know if it is intuition or fear: look at either physical contraction or physical expansion, when you compare two choices.
-Let’s say you have choice A and choice B.
-Go into meditation.
-Take at least 7 minutes to allow yourself a calm space.
-Then picture choice A.
-Does your body expand or contract?
-Do you feel light or heavy?
-Now do the same with choice B.
If you cannot get an answer, either you have not learned to quiet your mind enough to hear the voice of your soul, or the information simply is not in yet. Even for the best of the best, some things are meant to stay unknown.

There is deep beauty in mystery.
Let the issue go, and revisit again in one week. Then two weeks. You will notice a pattern of bodily and emotional expansion with an air of lightness, when you are on target intuitively.
Practice working with your intuition over simple things like, sushi vs fish tacos, or red blouse vs blue blouse. Practice listening to your soul through meditation and stillness. I used to meditate with a 3 year old slapping my face. Oh boy...maybe with kids, meditation looks different. I can tell you as a mother, your spiritual practice will look different. Get used to it. Finding time for a spiritual practice can be difficult, but, eh, what the fuck ever. It’s still yours. Own it. Make time where you can. Be gentle with yourself when you simply can't. It's ok. Life is yoga. It's all a practice whether a 6-year-old is throwing spaghetti at your face mimicking you saying "god dammit" while you are on a conference call for for, or whether you are in lotus pose in your meditation group. Make a contract with your body. Say, “Beautiful cells I will heed your ancient wisdom. Dear heart I am on your side! We are in this together. I hear you.”
I look in the mirror so often and tell myself I am forgiven, for all my mistakes I am forgiven and that I am worthy of my heart’s calling. I can trust myself because I trust my boundaries, wisdom and intuition. And I know my line. I promise myself I will make changes when my tightrope walk is out of balance. Sometimes I can be stubborn and strong willed, and don't realize when I am out of balance from hyper-focusing on something, or just trying to keep it together until it's too late, and I am spent. I am still working on it. I am still learning. My life isn’t still and calm. But it so deeply rich. God damn, it is rich, sister.
We cannot ask for 24/7 peace. Not unless we join the monastery, which, believe me, I have considered a thousand times. We cannot ask for 24/7 perfection, or glory, or smooth sailing. But you can 100% count on the richness of experience when you listen to the deep, conscious wisdom of your intuition and your heart.

And I promise you, oh how I tear up when I type these words, I promise you, your daughter will learn grace.
It is my hope that this letter serves you well. Thank you for writing me and trusting me with your sacred question. I believe in you.

And I know you will make decisions that cause your soul to expand.  

12 Fascinating Reasons Pyramid Energy Can Make You More Powerful

I know what you’re thinking, “Whoa, Lady, are pyramids the new crystals?” Nah, but hold on to your sage wands folks, combining their power just might put you over the edge!
It was last spring that I saw it in a vision. I understood nothing about about how the pyramid structure can energize, empower, cleanse, and uplift energy. I have never had any real experience with pyramids, other than I think they look really, really cool and I am down with Egyptian deities and energies. 

But I kept seeing a floating pyramid above the crystal bed in my meditations, and it just felt right. I am also interested in how ancient cultures historically used esoteric wisdom in their practical lives. So, I started doing my research. 5 parts from India, 7 industrial metal companies, and a couple of liability forms later… Here we are.
Do you think ancient Egyptians were just, oh I don’t know, f%cking around?

No. They were certainly not.
“Pyra” comes from the Greek word for fire. “Mid”, from the Latin “Mede”, which means middle.

So the word pyramid, literally means “fire in the middle”.
The translation is not unlike what is happening under the basic pyramid structure. It feels as if it creates a concentrated ball of life force or prana for you to use.
Pyramids don’t need to be charged, or even cleansed like crystals do.

You would think that perhaps the intensity is just too much to handle, on top of the other vibrational therapies we are working with: chromo-therapy, crystal sound bowl healing attuned to 432 hz, magnetic therapy, Vogel style crystals used to amplify and direct energy, AND a shaman-priestess-chick bossing around cosmic energy like the astral planes are her damn backyard… eh-hem ;) .
Alas, on the contrary, what I have experienced in sessions thus far is that there is an elegant finesse to the energetic integrations I am already performing. Instead of feeling raw or spacey after a session, you may feel more energized, clear, and focused. My last client had more visions (which she normally does not), recalled bits of wisdom from the past, and felt fully clear while rejuvenated after her session.
I could feel an absolute upgrade just by being the practitioner on the outskirts of the vortex. 


In fact, pyramid vibrations are life-giving. They create a force called bio-cosmic energy, meaning they channel cosmic energies & Earth’s electromagnetic energies like an integrative antenna, in essence becoming it’s own powerful and protective magnetic field.

Those powerful vibes are normally focused directly underneath the structure, but are also emitted from the 5 points.
The first day it was put up, I just didn’t want to leave. I kept testing it’s efficacy. I would close my eyes and walk from underneath it, to the chair, and back again to see what I could feel and experience. I had a rough week that week, and the best way that I can explain it’s affect on me that very first day, is that:

The pyramid made me feel safe and protected as if I was basking in the harmony of heaven and Earth’s union.

I didn’t even turn on the bed and give myself a session.
I just laid there.
I just felt.

I communed with Spirit.
I didn’t want to go home.

In fact, I am going to make another one to put over my bed. 

I believe in them so much, I will make smaller ones to charge my food before I eat, and my crystal before I meditate. 

You can even charge and structure water before you drink it!

Why not charge yourself up?!?!
The thing is, pyramids are modeled after the carbon atom, which is one of life’s basic structures of creation. It is a tetrahedron; a platonic solid. 

And when any pyramid form is aligned with true north (which it is in my office--we moved some things around), it’s like someone flipped the power switch, activating it’s magic.

But, What Exactly Is That Magic?


1. Converts negative ions to positive ions.
2. Protects human energy fields from harmful, manmade emf, radio waves, and negative vibrations.
3. Amplifies energy.
4. Powerful Tool for Manifestation.
5. Attracts positive etheric energy.
6. Balances energy around the endocrine glands.
7. Rejuvenating.
8. Boosts Immune System.
9. Balances Circadian Rhythms for enhanced sleeping patterns.
10. Decreases stress.
11. Balances Chakras.
12. Aids mental clarity and focus.

To be honest, it does a lot more. It does more than what I want to describe in a newsletter and would involve a hell of a lot more science. I encourage you to study pyramid energy on your own time. I can't wait to delve even deeper!

Suffice it to say, there is not another crystal bed therapy practitioner on the east coast who does what I do specifically, that I know of. Moreover, there is not another crystal bed therapist, who does specifically what I do, with a floating pyramid over their installation, at all, that I know of. 

This is a special installation of energy vortices and vibrational therapies unique to my practice here in New York City. It is my gift and offering. 

The best way to get an idea of the vibes I am talking about, is to come and try it for yourself. 

Let's get you to your next level, together. 

Book your next full Crystal Bed Session, Crystal Bed Express, Remote Energy Session (for those of you outside of NYC), or a session for your child by clicking this link:





The purpose of a goal is not to achieve it, but who you become to achieve it.
— Tony Robbins

This week I am overwhelmed. Last week I was overwhelmed. Despite trimming the fat, self care regiments, supplements, a strict diet, spiritual ritual, and regular crystal bed sessions, life coaching, and acupuncture. Despite incredible friends. Despite a loving and supportive family.  Despite enriching and meaningful work with depth, creativity, and expansion.Yesterday was in a negotiation battle with my developer who was using very condescending language and blaming any issue I had on me (bye Felicia), I am redo-ing both websites, installing a giant copper pyramid above the crystal bed, trying to hire a personal assistant, planning out of town events, preparing to take my kiddo away for vacation, preparing marketing plans, creating yearly budgets & my to do list haunts me. I am at peace with it. At times, everything can become overwhelming. Every day I fold into myself, opening space for more neutrality and expansion. But how do we know how powerful we really are, unless we experience these moments that test our endurance?

Today my computer is crashing. I couldn’t’ sleep last night. This morning I was tired and rushed. I dropped my glass coffee pot, sliced my hand in two places and the there was blood mixed with shattered glass everywhere, of course on a day I have to do manual labor with the office installation. The Late nights & Single-mama-ing. After I got Helena to school late, I was sitting on the floor cleaning up glass and blood, rushing before a call with a PR person.

I looked around, and just said FUCK.

Then my sister texted me a quote. “The purpose of a goal is not to achieve it, but who you become to achieve it.”

I remember saying to myself years ago, I want to be the type of person who can bring this type of healing to New York. I want to be the type of person who can live my dreams, contribute, and be a present mother. I want to be the type of person who can see an idea and make it come to life. I don’t care if I am successful or not. I want to create, bring things to life. I want to be the person who does not limit herself because of circumstance, lack of money, lack of resources or support. Contributing to the evolution of humanitarian consciousness is non-negotiable. My health is non-negotiable. My creative expansion is non-negotiable. My autonomy as an entrepreneur, is non-negotiable. Being present as a mom and a strong role model, is non-negotiable. Tall order. But I am a tall woman. Things may be a mess. There may be broken glass, blood, fights, and frustrations. It may take longer than I thought. But when I read that quote I remembered the point: becoming.

I became the woman I saw in the vision 3 years ago. I am still becoming. I am always becoming. Goals are for growth. Not the accumulation of things.


Your Brilliant Heart: As Energy, A Brain & The Pulsating Beat Governing Your Life Force.

“Very few people understand the heart. In truth, your heart is one of the masterpieces of creation. It is a phenomenal instrument… In most human beings, the heart does its work unattended. Even though its behavior governs the course of our lives, it is not understood. If at any given point in time the heart happens to open, we fall in love. If at any given point in time it happens to close, the love stops. If the heart happens to hurt, we get angry, and if we stop feeling it altogether, we get empty. All of these different things happen because the heart goes through changes… You are the experiencer of your heart…the heart is actually very simple to understand. It is an energy center, a chakra… The heart controls the energy flow by opening and closing. This means that the heart, like a valve, can either allow the flow of energy to pass through, or at can restrict the flow of energy from passing through. If you observe your heart, you know very well what it feels like when it’s open and what it feels like when it’s closed. You can be experiencing great feelings of love while in the presence of someone, until they say something you don’t like. Then your heart closes towards them, and you simply don’t feel the love anymore. We have all experienced this, but what exactly is causing it…What you will find is that the heart closes because it becomes blocked by stored, unfinished energy patterns from your past…As events take place in this world, they come in through your senses and have an impacts on your inner state of being. The experience of these events may bring up some fear, some anxiety, or maybe some love….it is actually energy coming into your being. “ –Michael Singer.

Traditional researchers tended to measure how the heart responds to the brain. Not the other way around. What we began to discover in the late 60s and early 1970s is that the brain, actually, responds to the heart. 

The brain and the heart have a dynamic, two way conversation. Each power center continually influences each other. The heart has a massive influence on the brain and most certainly affects how we perceive and also how we belong to the world. 

This is powerful information. Perhaps mystics have known this for a long time, but he brain, is not the only control center. 

The heart communicates in 4 ways: neurologically, biochemically (hormones), biophysically, (pulse waves) and through energetic communication (electromagnetic field). 

In fact, your heart actually has it's own logic, very often acting independently of the signals sent from the brain. Ever known it was time to leave a relationship, but your heart and soul would not allow it? Right... 

Your heart actually has it's own brain. The "heart brain" as it is often called, was discovered at the birth of neurocardiology, when a group of cardiologists joined forces with a group o neurophysiologists and neuroanatomists to delve into mutual interests. Party time, y'all. (I am such a nerd. I know. ) The heart brain, or intrinsic cardiac nervous system, is an intricate network of complex ganglia, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells (the same as those found int he brain). because of the heart brain's neural circuitry, it can act independently of the cranial brain to learn, recall, decide, feel and sense. 

Scientists have discovered that:

The heart, in fact, sends more information to the brain, than the brain does to the heart. 

Take a moment to appreciate this. 

Take a moment to appreciate how powerful, intelligent, precious, and wise all the cells in your heart center are. 

Appreciate the massive network of genius that causes you experience the world the way that you do, is. 

Take care of your heart. Listen to your heart. Your physical body has it's own intelligence, and even it's own consciousness. Your physical body, metaphysically speaking, is part of the elemental realm. 

Align with your heart. Talk to your cells. Ask your heart what it needs to feel safe, open, free and loved. 

When the heart is not cared for, stressed, overtaxed, and not given time to rest it becomes vulnerable to disease. In an early study confronting the relationship between the heart and stress stimuli, half of the patients who had heart failure traverse deep emotional upsets that precipitated the trauma. 

Health is not the absense of disease but the sustained balance between many realms of the multidimensional self. 

Your emotional, hormonal, biochemical, electromagnetic, pulsating frequency filled Heart Brain, is an integral part of your sustained thriving in this life. 

May we honor the heart, individually and in relationship. May we honor our love, needs, rest, and health--in all realms. 

This Valentine's Day, do not narrow your attention to a single and simplified aspect of your dynamic heart of depth. Consider the spectrum of its communication and power. 

I will say it again...

The heart sends more information to the brain, than the brain does to the heart. 

Your heart, is smarter than your head. 

Stay in love. 

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your beautiful heart. 


4 Powerful Ways Crystals Rock Your Vibe

Kalisa holding her 1.8 million year old Stoller cut quartz used on her Crystal Light Bed. 

Kalisa holding her 1.8 million year old Stoller cut quartz used on her Crystal Light Bed. 

How Crystals Can Rock Your Vibe: Science Explained Simply. 

There is so much mainstream media attention around crystals right now and I am glad of it! These precious, starlight jewels deserve all the accolade and pomp they are given. But, what’s the deal? Why are they so great? I’ve had so many reporters ask me about why crystals heal.

If you are interested in culture’s response to crystal healing, check out W Magazine’s recent article about crystals here: 

And Vogue’s piece this fall: 

Yes, crystals, and especially Crystal Bed Therapy, can help give you what I call the Unicorn Sparkle Factor. But, truth be told, there is a lot of science and spiritual understanding that goes into the complexity of therapeutic grade quartz crystal healing and more specifically, crystal release techniques.

At their core, crystals can be likened to frozen light. Held within a physical structure is a perfect and systematic order of molecular and energetic patterning. Precisely cut, they can be used as an energy device to balance, organize and smooth the human energy field or vibrations in a space. They can even restructure your drinking water!

Not only are they pretty to look at, crystals can literally elevate your vibe. If you were to take away some simple understandings that might enliven your interest in these gorgeous human helpers, I would break it down like this…

1. Trust Mother Nature’s Intelligence – Crystals Are Here For A Reason. The Earth doesn’t produce a natural abundance of a plant or an element needlessly. Nature, when left un-tampered by man, is efficient, intelligent, and perfect in design. Gaia would not produce tons of crystals if we weren’t meant to use, cherish, and work with them! Next to oxygen, crystals are the 2nd most abundant element in Earth’s crust. They are here as nature angels gifted from the universe.

2. Crystals Can Talk To Your Cells. A crystal’s natural structure is a six-sided prism with a terminated end. Crystals share this configuration with water and energy molecules. It is sort of this cool thing in physics. And not only that, crystals vibrate at the same frequency as water and the human body (456 hz). This resonant structure and vibration allows for direct communication with your cells. And remember when I said that crystals are like frozen light? Their molecular structure is perfect? Well, with the right intention they can cause the water molecules in your body to elevate and match it’s perfect patterning. In a nutshell, the like vibe and structure opens the door to physiological communication, and their perfect patterns elevate your cells.
So. Cool.


3. Crystals Create Energy Grids. Natural crystals are amplifiers, transducers, and organizers of energy. Crystals made in the Earth are programmed by Earth’s electromagnetic field to bring about balance to life forms around them. Crystals help the plants, animals, and trees found in the vicinity of the crystal’s location. They form a crystal grid of energy movement around them affecting the vibration of the space. Imagine a gridwork of sparkling light and perfect patterns that emanate from a crystalline form! This is why it feels so good to have them in your home, on your person, at work, etc. The energy grids spread the love vibes! 

4. Crystals Aren’t Trendy. They are Timeless. They’ve really got it all wrong. Crystals aren’t New Age. They aren’t fresh to the scene. Everyone else is. Crystals are as old as our 4.6 billion year old planet. The one’s I work with are millions of years old. Because they are storage information devices, they are sort of like Earth’s geological and conscious record keepers. Crystals are ancient healers and the mainstream just getting used to these ideas. Crystals are OGs. Crystals don't fu*k with trends. Your ancient ancestors worked with them. Before that, plants and animals did. I mean, they’ve been around as long as sand and sandstone have been naturally oxidizing in the Earth’s crust. Feel me? (I’m a nerd. I know.) Anything timeless is meant to be. Any great work of art that lasts through the ages does so because the message speaks to the soul, over and over again, for generations to come. Crystals are energy healers for your soul. Trust what is timeless.

I'll Take Extraordinary, With A Side Of Magic

I was listening to an old Wayne Dyer lecture the other evening, when I heard him say something that spoke to the way I live my life. This teacher is one of the greats who wrote and spoke of manifestation and aligning with God. Since feeling burnt out over the holidays, I have instilled a much deeper ritual around my self-care practice. My evening jam consists of a mini energy clearing, meditation, spiritual study, and then journaling while working with personal affirmations, emotional visualization and prayer. As I was absorbing Wayne Dyer’s message, he spoke words that helped me understand my own internal drive. It was just a simple statement. He said that ordinary, just wasn’t good enough for him. He wanted to live an extraordinary life, and that he most certainly did. There is nothing wrong with ordinary. I have no judgments against it at all. There is true beauty in simplicity and I believe that whole-heartedly. But ever since I was a child, I felt out of place in an ordinary frequency, in monotony, in just going about my business with the way things are. It was as if everything felt off, wrong. And now years later as an adult I can verbalize what I felt as a child. Society needs healing, and I felt wrong aligning with the normal, lower vibrations around me. On so many levels of my being: the emotional body, mental, spiritual, physical body, intuitive body— every damn realm has violently rejected what is standard and normal. I can’t eat “normal” food (fake GMO pesticide filled crap that is the standard American diet). I have sensitivities to environmental toxins. Through many types of sickness over the course of my life, I have rejected what is ordinary and frankly my body won’t let me tolerate it. My spirit has always wanted heaven on Earth. A part of me remembers. I remember what it should be,from a deep place within, because I am meant to. We are meant to bring about the higher frequencies that whisper to our souls. Is ordinary healthy? Is normal the way?
Most people don’t believe they have the power to access their gifts, or they believe those entirely special and unique gifts, are not going to support them financially. Some people believe it is too much work and energy to change things for themselves. There are the kids. There are the bills. I am already working this job, and it’s ok. I can deal with it. I have to do these errands. Maybe later. Well this is what is in front of me, so I’ll just take that. It’s easier. Everyone is waiting for the weekend, the next break, and living with constant stress and anxiety. But I believe the energy of extraordinary, the energy of pure potential, wis intrinsically your birthright and path back home. The world, as it stands, is not set up for most to grow up accessing their extraordinary. Yes, perhaps it takes a little more work. But, to me, it is worth the pioneering effort. It always has been.
In the spiritual community there seems to be two schools of thought. One being to accept what is, release all desire and attachment, stop placing your own mental constructs around what is good and bad, let things unfold however they will and do not judge it. Do not care what happens. Why do you think it has to be a certain way? You become unhappy when you want things to be a certain way, and they are not. Release desires. And I believe this ideal, but only to an extent. The other school says: manifest, co-create, expand, let your natural desires lead the way to your becoming, go forth, create, make it rain, baby! The world is your oyster! Go get it! Remove what blocks stand in your path for there is always a solution. You can figure it out if you want to. And you know what? I think it's kind of fun to figure things out. I enjoy it. If any of you know me personally or professionally, I am of the latter philosophical camp. This does not mean I do not ascribe to the first school of thought. Acceptance and letting things unfold, is peppered when appropriate into my desire and drive to manifest an extraordinary life. There must be a beautiful, harmonic tap dance between co-creation and living life hands off.
I will be honest with you; I have a burning and relentless drive to create magic, meaning, beauty, and magnificence. I will do whatever it takes. Magic and magnificence, creativity and expansion, is worth my time and effort. It will be worth it until the day I die. I have been in places where I have been completely broke, jobless, alone, scared and I looked around and said, “No, I do not accept this.” And I changed things. I have been in jobs that don’t feel right, where something feels off, and said again, I do not accept this. If something feels off, it usually is. And so I made changes. I’ve been in negative situations that I have judged as unpleasant, seen patterns repeated that are out of alignment with what I was trying to create, been in groups of people that don’t feel like the right circle of friends, and thought it is time to change things. You can tell where you are in life by what types of people and circumstances you are attracting. I know who I am. I know what I am capable of. I know my soul. My human self is learning, growing and becoming that pure potential. My life joy is learning to merge the two. Knowing my higher self so deeply and intimately has guided my journey back home for the last 12 years. 
I believe in accepting the truth in a circumstance, taking that truth and deciding what you are going to do about it. I believe in acceptance, but I don’t believe in just accepting what is happening if it is not aligned with your expansion. 
Get up. Do something about it. If it is in your control, there is nothing to worry about because you can make changes that will affect your life for the better. If you do not have control over it, don’t worry about it because there is nothing you can do. This is where allowance, letting things unfold, accepting what is, takes its rightful place in my world. Indeed, there is only so much you can do. But my goodness don’t squash your desires in an overemphasis of neutrality and acceptance. That is called spiritual bypass. All must be in balance. It is too easy to play the “Well I am just going to stay low, stay broke, stay a victim, stay here, because I accept how things are and they are just going to unfold as it will and I don’t have a say around it so might as well not even try.”
Bullshit. If you can balance inner work with outer work with clear direction, focus, joy, and acceptance—watch our world. Baby’s comin’ on up.
You are powerful! You are a child of the divine and a piece of the soul of the world is in your heart. You have the same abilities and resources as everyone else. I am not speaking to you now, having taken a role in this community, because I accepted what is or because I accepted the ordinary. You gotta risk it to get the biscuit, baby. Life is so much more rewarding, enriching, deep, exciting and worth living when you are actively involved in the process of bringing about desired circumstances that align with what is natural to YOU. I love life. I love playing the game. I love growing. I love learning. I love feeling. I love making mistakes and then learning from them. I love all of it. I love the wisdom that comes from being down. I love the elation and excitement from being up. I love the new and special soul mates I’ve met from expanding my world, taking risks and coming into new circumstances. I love choosing what types of people and vibrations I want to be around. I love discerning what is not good or good for me. I am like a spiritual scientist. I love changing my mind, because I grew out of a circumstance. I am constantly growing and changing and that makes me feel alive. The experience of intimate living utterly fascinates me. The universal soul story of ascension utterly fascinates me. I am committed to and dedicated to my expansion. I know what it feels like to die. And I know what is feels like to rise. It makes me good at what I do, and connecting with you. And the soul story of your heroic journey, your becoming, my dear friend, is your ultimate story. It is my story. And the pulsating current of movement within that river of conscious evolution is your ability to manifest and co-create. The universe has a heartbeat. Listen. That is your heartbeat. The universe is expanding. This is your expansion. You were created. You are part of creation. Therefore you are creative. That is why you are here: to create. Yes, accept the truth. Accept that which you cannot change. Accept and let things be. Live for the process and excitement of creating without attachment to outcome, but don’t throw your mojo out the window! Don’t let any idea disempower you, make you lazy, stifle your excitement to move and learn. Go on, shake thing up a bit, take risks, let your curiosity take your for a ride. This is the art of being childlike. This is looking at the world with deep wonder. This is the art of imagination, perception, and choosing what type of world you are going to live in. Accept what is, but do not accept a life that is unnatural to your soul’s journey of becoming. One thing is true that I can tell you:
If it doesn’t feel natural, it isn’t going to work. 
Period. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be soul challenges to work through. It doesn't mean you don't have to have patience and work for it. Nobody is above challenges or growth. Intrinsic in the experience of life is an element of discomfort. Discomfort can speak to you, tell you where to go, how to move, indicate what is natural or not, and steer you towards what you need to work on, etc. Discomfort is wisdom. But if the role you are playing doesn’t feel inherently natural to your soul, if there isn’t a sense of ease in connection on an energetic level, it isn’t going to work. When you look at life from a higher perspective, oh how much easier it becomes to see through false illusion, false beliefs, and transcending mental concepts around what is or isn’t possible. What a joy to live this way! That we must grudge through an uninspired rat race, work jobs that we hate, let systems, institutions, or the way things are disempower us spiritually or physically, is false. No. I believe we are here to change the way things are done so humans can experience expansion more freely, naturally, and create a better world for us all.

When we are fueled by inspiration we become more excited to play with our gifts and have the energy to make them come alive in the material world. Those gifts and talents are roadmaps towards genius. Were all of humanity able to truly harness the pure potential of our innate genius, this world would change in an instant. When you stay low, and accept low-level living, you are ignoring parts of your genius. I do not judge any path as right or wrong. Everyone gets to make their choices, and live how they want to. My way is not the right way for everyone. But word on the street is it’s a pretty juicy way to pulse with life.
You are not little. You are big. You are not ordinary. You are the most extraordinary network of 34 trillion cells of genius that knew exactly how to become a physical human without you telling it what to do. You are intelligence incarnate. What you tolerate is what will continue. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in flow. And part of experiencing states of flow is choosing what do to and how to move through this world. Perhaps there is work to get to that state. I work on it daily. I will always be a student. But I so deeply trust because I am guided by the light, and I know that in states of light filled flow I can easily expect miracles. Dance with worlds beyond what you see around you. Go on world; give me the challenge. I bask in God’s school of learning, for better or worse. I am lucky to be here and so are you.
Play with life.
So, go on kitten, what do you want?

It is my hope these words serve you well. With all my heart, soul, and dedication, I am grateful to you for listening. 

With Extraordinary Sincerity,



The very breath we all share is precious. More often than not lately, we are experiencing individually and collectively a deeper meaning through loss. The year 2016 was the end of a 9-year cycle, according to numerology. It was a year of endings accompanied by the experience of completions. It was a time to culminate transitions, let go, take in and let it rest. End scene. Any time we experience a death, symbolically or literally, rebirth and regenerations awaits the other side, if we are ready to cultivate a healthy perspective. Maybe parts of your personality that at one time secured your survival but are no longer necessary to sustain your life force, are dying; or perhaps loved ones or family members are transitioning to the other side leaving blank space in your lives or hearts; or a true love has slipped through your fingertips like lost water. For some of you it is socio-political hope that is gone. Many sensitive souls can no longer handle the denser vibrations rising to the surface as energetically toxic and oppressive. It is time to take charge of what is working and what is not, claim the power of your breath and co-create with higher energies what you want to see and feel everyday. Just live life the way you'd like to. That is all. Go sober, stop saying yes to shit you hate, don't hang out with assholes, meditate, make an exit strategy for the soul sucking career, take vacation. You don’t need to go out looking for some epic force, searching for some spiritual experience to change your life. The essence of the universe is in all things. When we see this, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Study the Tao. Notice how it feels to flip the pages of an old book with your finger tips. Notice how the flower bloomed more today than yesterday, and how sunlight is diffused through translucent petals creating a language of the soul that knows no words. Let us be of service in this world, leave legacy and contribution. Let us be grateful every day that we are alive that we get to experience the human condition. You are not above it. You are it. It is okay to feel sad, lost and confused in this transition. It is healthy to acknowledge what you are experiencing, but know that you are not alone in this world.

You never walk alone. Even when you forget, disbelieve there is a higher order, feel betrayed or forgotten… No, sweet love you are completely supported. Parts of you are regenerating, understanding, building up, learning who is in your tribe, who is important, what is important and how to be the type of person who honors what is most valuable.
There are worlds upon worlds that exist in other dimensions and realities connected to this 3D Earth world plane. When I say you are not alone, I mean it. Angels are messengers of Spirit. They are not specific to any one religion. They do not have egos but are part of a higher order in a spiritual realm. They are co-creators and helpers in any process that leads to your highest good and understanding. You might think of them as personal spiritual assistants. There are many types of angels in different levels, or triads of creation, so to speak. Some of you may have resistance to the word Angel because of the religious association. But I would ask you to open your mind to what this actually means. You might liken an angel to an archetype that exists to serve and help us in our becoming. The Greeks used deities as archetypes and there is nothing wrong with personifying values into a way that serves deeper meaning. From a purely energetic level and without any attachment to what really is and what really isn’t, let me break it down for you: Angels are representative of psychic vortexes. These are very real energies. Whether or not you believe they have feathers, wings or halo’s… I really couldn’t care less. I see what I see and feel and if you want to know more about my personal experience, feel free ask me in your next session. Some people see them as energetic forms of color and light. They have a specific frequency that is absolutely undeniable. I could not do the work that I do, without aid of these energetic vortexes of divinity. Period. It ain't just the crystals. What you feel and experience on the crystal light bed has to do with our ability to use these powerful vibrational therapies to tap into higher realities and powers that help release and cleanse your field.

Whoa, I know... 
Angels have specific duties that may lend themselves to certain life areas with unique expertise. By calling on these assistants, we call upon illumination, energetic support and love to helps us find our way, as well as aids the manifestation process. Without them, I know I would still be lost, afraid, alone, stuck in trauma patterns and unable to see my purity. They may be personified as having genders, but ultimately they are genderless.
You have to ask. They will not intervene without your permission. Ask the light and the light will come. Set an intention to receive wisdom that is from your highest good. Nourish the relationship.

What you appreciate, appreciates.

How can you expect light to serve if you do not serve it?
Here is a list of Archangels to call upon in times of need. Remember, these are powerful energies. Do not get hung up on the name and your own resistance to a mental concept muddied with pre-conceived notions. Open your mind and go deeper into thespiritual energy that these powerful beings represent. They are guardians of humanity, nature, nations, the earth, romance, karmic balancing, protectors against darkness and so on and on.

As always it is my hope that this information serves you well. These angel descriptions is paraphrased from the IEL Institute Training Manuel from my teacher and friend Russell Forsyth. If you would like more information about the IEL Institute and how you can learn more, send me a personal email. I am taking on a master trainer role within this program and am excited to teach this work to those of you ready learn. 

Big Love,


Archangel Ariel: Lioness of God, bravery, focus, courage, elegant movements, boost confidence, divine magic, manifestation, animals. 

Archangel Azriel: "Whom God Helps", animals, environmental concerns, grief, death. 

Archangel Samuel: " God Sees", finder of lost items, helps when lost, find career, love, global peace. 

Archangel Gabriel: "Messenger of God", writing, speaking, communication to teachers, throat chakra, the arts, mothers, children, parenting. 

Archangel Haniel: "Glory of God", uses moon energy to aid with miraculous shifts, helps live highest potential, polish your skills, magical, nurturing. 

Archangel Jeremiel: "Mercy of God", in difficult times call him to delivery mercy to all involved, develop more merciful outlook, respect for self and others, assists life review when we cross over. 

Archangel Jophiel: "Beauty of God", beauty in all forms, spring cleaning, feng shui angel, helps beautify relationships, environments, or life itself. 

Archangel Metatron: Chief angel to Tree of Life, Enoch, overseer of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children (more on that in another newsletter), time bender, shape shifter, sacred geometry. 

Archangel Michael: "He Who Is Like God", cuts negativity, courage, protection, warrior energy with sword of light cutting through blocks, love, power, strength, faith. 

Archangel Raguel: "Friend of God" healing relationships, softens heart with forgiveness, harmony, order, cooperation, kindness, wisdom, fairness. 

Archangel Raphael: "Heals with God", supreme healer in the angelic realm, personal healing, healing careers, divine guidance. 

Archangel Raziel: "Secrets of God", delivers esoteric wisdom of Spirit, ancient secrets, alchemy, works with spiritual l teachers and students. You could liken him to the archetype Merlin. 

Archangel Sandalphon: "Together with God", helps children, artists, musicians, actors, writers, anyone in the arts, prophecy, healing, manifestation, awakening. 

Archangel Saraqael: "Prayer of God", helps people connect to Spirit through prayer, helps those who need focus and concentration, motivates people to share their truth with Universe. 

Archangel Uriel: "Light of God", fire or flame of God, healing life through the mental planes, psychic release, negative thought forms, ability to enlighten mind.

Archangel Zadkiel: "Righteousness of God", helps transitions from one aspect to another, spiritual professor, helps human memory function, release forgiveness, heals in dreams. 

Archangel Aniel: "Grace of God" Stars, moon, helps us return to our natural state of grace and integrity to essential self. 

Soul Mates & Twin Flames: On friendship, Love & Beyond.

You do not have just one soul mate, and they do not only come in the form of romantic partners. They are the ones who bleed and breathe with you. Often times there is a similar over soul, or like frequency to which you are both attuned that acts as an umbrella energy. It is likely you have incarnated with them throughout lifetimes. They are called soul mates because they are just that, literally mates for your soul beyond this particular life and the recognition expands outside of time and space perception. When you meet them, you feel a sense of home and familiarity as if your depths can rest from the peace of being seen without explanation, work, or even trying. When we meet soul mates it is truly a divine occurrence.

I’ve been blessed to attract soul mates throughout the years and find deep comfort in these connections. It is said that if a friendship surpasses 7 years it is likely to remain in tact for a lifetime. There are, of course, souls (both platonic and romantic) who come in for a lesson or a specific reason. There are some who come for a season of your life. Then, there are those who remain with you for your life span. Finally we have the ever-elusive twin flame union, but we will get to that later.
In friendships, soul mates are quite obvious. Quite quickly you discover the kindred spirit link, which provides that safety, ease and peace I mentioned earlier. You can also have platonic soul mates whom you love deeply, but find frustrating. If you have a pattern of attracting a similar type of friendship that triggers any type of angst, take a deeper look at what the quality is you find repelling. In meditation, ask about the soul lesson connected to the person. For example, in 3 cities, for 3 years I attracted a type of friend who I did honor, respect and have deep love for, and yet there was always something off. They repelled me and made me feel uncomfortable, as if I couldn't fully be myself. I couldn’t figure out what it was. When I moved to a new city, I would attract a very similar type of friendship. Oddly enough, all of their names started with the same letter. When I finally discovered the lesson around it, this type of person stopped appearing so powerfully in my life and I was able to let go of that particular triggering friendship. The friendships that remain with you for lifetimes are foundational. There will be times when you vibrate closely with them, and times when there is more separation for the purposes of growth through individuation. Trust where the vibrations take you and do not be afraid when your life time soul mates feel more distant. There is always a reason. I’ve gone through so many phases with one of my best friend soul mates. We would be learning the same lessons for a time, and then her soul went one way while mine went another. Our belief systems would veer and evolve as we did. But, as always, we would come back together and be able to simply stand next to one another, talk for hours and say things that no one else in the world would understand. She has been there for me through my darkest moments, my brightest lights and there is no separation anxiety when it is time for distance. She will always be a soul mate.
And now we have the karmic lover. Oh Lord, have mercy. I cannot tell you how many people come into my office in a panic and sweat, torn and twisted inside, feeling the pain, ecstasy, power and bliss that comes with push/pull patterning with your classic “hot-as-fuck-magnetic-as-fuck-divine-soul-mate-lover-balancing-karmic-energy”… Pumpkin, I'm sorry to break it to you, but it’s a classic. S(He) isn’t necessarily the “one”. {If you are having trouble letting go of an unbalanced soul mate relationship, come get a crystal bed session and we can remove hooks, cords and release karmic energy associated with the connection.} When soul mates meet, often times that karmic energy can be initially translated as sexual chemistry, especially when your soul mate comes packaged in the body of someone you wouldn’t mind making out with. I am not a lesbian (though, damn … sometimes I sure wish I was). I am probably 20% gay. But I can count a few times where I met a female soul mate who was so powerful to me, that I could not tell if I was sexually attracted to her or if it was karmic energy. It would take some time and then I would realize, “Oh! She is a soul mate and a huge part of my life!” That sexual, questioning chemistry would fade and I would know it as karmic chemical reaction happening and then fading.
I date and am attracted to men. And have had enough years of dating as a spiritual practice, taken courses and workshops, and experience with divine soul mates to understand the different types of frequencies. I see how these experiences and understandings help my clients. Meeting romantic soul mates can offer a love, brilliance, magnetism, and power that can put you over the moon! But all too often these soul mates connections can manifest as what we call entanglements. Entanglements are not relationships. The power of the connection keeps you linked but they can have unhealthy relating patterns, be spiritually immature, or even abusive and depleting. Your emotional wounds will be triggered and it can feel extremely uncomfortable to be enmeshed in these types of connections. Usually, they end very badly. What is so beautiful, is that you get the opportunity to open to the deeper parts of yourself and examine the wound being triggered while acknowledging that which needs healing within you. You are always a vibrational match to what you attract. All you can do is take ownership of your part. And remember, when you don't like something, take away it's only power over you: your attention. Most of the time, you are learning your own boundaries through practice while balancing karma through these experiences.

Having a powerful connection with someone does not mean you are a doormat. It does not mean that you must cling to the person out of fear that nothing that blissful will ever occur again in the future. In fact, in means that you get the opportunity to practice balancing love with strength and honoring your soul’s integrity even when you want to drop to your knees in the wake of love that feels like a high. Because, my dear, guess what? Your relationship with yourself is more important than any other relationship in this world. There is no pain that can ever truly weaken your spirit. We experience things that break us down until we realize that we are inherently unbreakable. There is nothing that anyone could ever take away from you. You are the only one who can truly block your divinity and power. That bliss is within you. Now, it certainly feels amazing when a soul mate, with whom you are so deeply familiar, is shinning their light and vortex upon you. It is so much energy! It feels amazing! But ultimately it is your job and your work to feel blissful by staying connected to Spirit and honoring yourself through care, nourishment, healthy communication and behavior that aligns with your boundaries. Remember, what you tolerate is what will continue. Entanglements begin to disappear vibrationally when you’ve learned the associate soul lesson.
There are also romantic soul mates beyond entanglement. This happens when both souls have evolved past drama, but you are still balancing some karmic energy. It is manifested as relationship. There is healthier communication, mutual respect, like values. There are less highs and lows than an entanglement. Some of them will go on to remain with you, some of them leave when the balancing is finished. But with all of this, again, please don’t drop your boundaries for anyone. I don’t care how cute their grin is, how much their eye twinkles, how funny they think you are when you’re mad or how good it feels like when they call you “baby”. And you know, sometimes the most incredible act of love is honoring what was, honoring your needs, honoring the soul lessons associated, and honoring the other person’s process by letting them go. You only keep learning. You can have a deep understanding of what you do actually want, by experiencing what you don’t want. And how can we manifest if we don’t know what we want? So many clients come in clinging to an idea, a mental construct created by how they think it is supposed to be. They are determined to be with this specific soul mate or that one and if they are not, then they will be depressed. They want answers. They want to know what they can do to keep this person. They are creating their own conditions instead of looking at love and opening as a choice and a gift. You do have a choice. Sometimes it makes sense to date and activate Aphrodite energy. Sometimes life lessons are around creating, child raising,  or building professional structures for ourselves. There are those people who come into our lives, and we realize there is no choice but to surrender. The thing is, that the paradigm of what relationship was, is evolving as human consciousness evolves. We are called to be more open, more clear, more loving, and to communicate authentically. Again that does not mean we allow behavior from another that hurts our soul. But it is incredibly sexy and beautiful to allow the other person their process while honoring your own. You do not know who is meant to stay with you, until you let go of them. It is only pure if they walk with you by choice.

Finally, there is the twin flame. Pull out the big guns y’all. This is the most intense type of relationship one can have on this Earth plane. All emotions are intensified as you are telepathically, metaphysically and spiritually connected. You have prepared yourself through experiencing karmic soul mate relationships (again the ones that are super intense but also extremely difficult and don't usually end well). The twin flame will test you. It is said to be the other half of your soul within the original spark of your creation. There is a masculine flame and a feminine flame. Usually one part of the flame (or energy) serves as a spirit guide while the other incarnates, and vice versa. Supposedly, upon final incarnation, the two come together in the same life and it is said that the meeting can be one of the most trying, powerful and expansive unions ever. You have the same core essence and values but come at them from total opposite perspectives! How perfect for soul growth and the dissolving of ego. The two of you are complete opposites and exactly the same. You are duality, united; the perfect relationship balance in essence. All too often, people think they’ve met their twin flame and tolerate unhealthy behavior. Understand that not everyone is incarnated with their twin. It is a very special and the most divine occurrence. You see, the union of these souls creates a third type of energy between them that is at their disposal to use for creation and manifestation. It is the most powerful energy that exists. This is the energy that creates worlds. We all have it within us, but when created between two flames, the energy is intensified. And to be spiritually rewarded with this creative gift, so to speak, you must pass tests and work to dissolve ego. It’s one of those relationships where you’re doing great, you think you’re super spiritual and you’ve got your shit together. Then this person knocks your socks off and you realize you still have a lot of work to do. Spirit doesn’t just hand this creative energy out to those who are not prepared on a soul level with a certain spiritual maturity. If you are not ready, you don’t get to work with this energy. You can liken this dynamic to a trinity, of sorts. These two flames together create a third flame even brighter. Their union lights up the world. At this time many twin flames are coming together to create new energies, new divine structures and paradigms that will change the course of humanity. The time is ripe for these types of unions. This is no joke and it ain’t easy. And there are different stages of coming together with this person. Firstly, there is usually logistical difficulty. There are age differences, cultural differences, location differences. They pop up at the wrong time, or live half way across the world. One partner may be in a relationship. But no matter the difficulty surrounding circumstance, meeting your flame activates and enlivens you while awakening previously dormant energies within you. When you meet this person you are truly home and it is completely mutual. You could gaze at them cross eyed for days, talk to them all night and day, melding into one energy. The feelings of love are undeniable to you both. The sexual chemistry is beyond powerful and seals the activation. There is a love bubble phase and many synchronicities that seem to be orchestrated by the universe surround this first meeting. Spirit designs this to restore faith, and propel the two flames together. Often times, it is usually more difficult for one soul to handle the intensity of the connection because it is so powerful. As the connection deepens you come into some sort of understood union or partnership with this person. True love blooms. This activation happens in a very short time frame and this time period gives you a glimpse of what a real union would be like. It is perfection. After that initial stage, it is said that the bubble bursts and not only do intense love feelings emerge but fears of the ego. Wounds, unbalanced energies, and pains arise on both sides to be cleared and healed and these feelings are just as intense as the feelings of love. Each partner must work on themselves without focusing on or controlling the other person’s healing process. The flame splits and there is usually a “runner” and a “chaser” during this separation phase. One person begins to feel overwhelmed, exposed and on a deep level has a fear of being controlled, while the other has a deep fear of rejection. They both go their separate ways and continue to evolve through individuation. One person wants the relationship, the other questions whether they can handle the intensity. Usually the runner is slightly less spiritually advanced though both partners are in the same realm here. Sometimes this phase is handled easily, within a few weeks. For others it could take months, even years in some cases. And sometimes, because of blocks from ego, twins will not reunite, only to know that love is there, viewing it from afar. This separation phase is a moment of deeper discernment as to whether or not both partners are ready for the immensity and intensity of the relationship. After the separation, the twins fully evolve and come together as one. The number sequences 11:11 can be associated with the twin flame union. The sexual chemistry is beyond any sexual experience previously known. And the relationship itself is like none other. In fact, it is said to be beyond mental constructs of relationship. It is union. If you find yourself working through twin flame dynamics, remember to stay focused on your own growth process and boundaries. Be honest with yourself around what is fear, what is ego, and what is real. If you are lucky enough to have attracted this gift, stay with the growth. The rewards are waiting.
As in all things, we have a choice as to how we handle the gifts, the love, the experiences, and the soul mates we manifest. The universe says, “Here, here child, this is your gift. What will you do with it? Will you learn from it? Will you appreciate it? Will you abuse yourself? Will you abuse the other? Will you compromise? Will you communicate? Will you ignore? Will you deny? Will you look deeper at yourself and your issues? Will you throw it away? Will you be the doormat? Will you come from fear? Do you know what you want? Will you stop controlling the other? Will you love and empower yourself?

You, yourself are the only thing you can control. What your soul mate does or does not do, what he or she decides is not your concern. If he or she makes a decision that you deem tragic, so be it. You have the opportunity to grow, no matter what the circumstance. The pain is but an illusion and the only thing that is truly real from the experience is love and growth.
Never compromise yourself, your honor, or your integrity for the sake of a soul mate.
Do not put up false walls because of the pain of entanglement. That which you protect so deeply is the magic that will save you.
Never harm yourself for the idea of blissful love or a mental construct of what you think it should be.
Let go of everything but your divinity and true connection to Spirit. Whoever stays for that ride, is meant to be by your side.
Trust that process.
Let us honor our soul mates: the light and the dark, and the growth in between. Forgive and receive. You are the transcendent neutrality beyond that duality, child of the light. Come forth and know yourself. You are God incarnate.
I love you. 

As always, it is my hope that this information serves you well. Blessed be this holiday season.

Vogel Cut, Therapeutic Grade Crystal Technology.

Art by Christopher Mancinelli Rodriguez for Crystal Bed Therapy

Art by Christopher Mancinelli Rodriguez for Crystal Bed Therapy

Vogel Cut, Therapeutic Grade Crystal Technology.

And The Good Reason I Use Them...

When people wake up from sessions with me they really do try and act cool. I give you guys credit for trying, but please, honey... take it easy. I always say, "Take your time coming back to full consciousness." And guys, I mean it! People pop out of the bed like one of the 7 dwarfs on their way to work, take a first step onto solid ground and either stumble, feel dizzy or experience confusion. Lacking the understanding, initially, of the mountains of energy we moved and the places we must travel with our consciousness in order to do so, everybody wants to play it cool and charge back into NYC taking on the world like the champions that you all are.

I get it, but, let us just slow down and respect the power of the crystals.

Sessions can be transformative and intense. As many of you know we are doing extremely deep work that you may not fully understand. And that is perfectly okay. In fact, you don't fully need to understand it. The work that I do and the experiences people have are not necessarily meant for human description. There is magnetic therapy, sound healing, chromo-therapy and finally our perfectly cut crystals. I want to discuss, with those of you so interested in crystal healing, why I use therapeutic grade Vogel style crystals on the bed. 

Check out the article below. 

THE POWER OF CRYSTALS: The Legacy of Marcel Vogel.
by Susan Barber
(Based on an interview with his friend and associate Rumi Da) Source:


There are a myriad of sources, in books and on the Internet where you may learn about healing with crystals. Their focus and complexity, like the crystals themselves, come in many assorted flavors. Mainly, this data consists of sincere teachings by alternative therapists. But if you research the subject, you also will find reams of other material about crystals – claims, sometimes hyperbolic, of those who sell them; texts so technical that they are virtually unreadable by the layman; and channeled discourses of Ascended Masters and other Extra-Terrestrial informants – to name a few. In all of this plethora of information, one source, one man, stands above the rest. His name is Marcel Vogel. In this article, we will refer to him, as his friends did, as Marcel – to distinguish him from the Vogel, or ''Vogel-cut® crystal,'' which was his legacy.

We spoke with Rumi Da, Marcel's protégé, close friend, and the steward of Marcel's crystal technology, who told us this revealing story:

The last time I was with Marcel, it was his 49th wedding anniversary and he was 72 years old. We were looking in his notebook, and then he closed it, with a really deep sigh, and he said, ''You know, sometimes I think I should stop this work because it's so potentially dangerous.'' A month later, he was gone.

At Marcel's funeral, in 1991, the eulogy, delivered by a medical doctor, includes a description of the man and his accomplishments:

"Those of us who are scientists or physicians and who worked with Marcel Vogel were well aware of his scientific achievements: his extraordinary work with phosphors, bio luminescence, luminescent paints, and the design of magnetic-disc coatings in computers. He was one of the most prolific scientists in IBM history, with over 100 patents in his name. Yet, until his recent honorary Ph.D., he possessed no official university degree. He made his mark because of the brilliance of his mind, his prolific ideas, and his seemingly limitless creativity." (Eulogy by Dr. Bernard McGinty)

Rumi Da admits that, although Marcel was a scientist's scientist who normally chose to interact with officialdom from that model, he was really a shaman, pure and simple. ''Marcel often held workshops for people in the medical profession,'' Rumi Da said. ''They would walk in as MD's, and walk out wearing feathers.''

Not to minimize Marcel Vogel's 100-plus patents and his awesome vision, he made two overwhelmingly important contributions to building the necessary bridge between science and Spirit. The first is central to this article:

He developed a way of cutting quartz crystals in order to magnify their power exponentially for healing purposes...

Marcel was not only famous, but also somewhat notorious, Rumi Da said. "This basically came out of the work that he'd done on human-plant communication, which made its way into the now-famous book The Secret Life of Plants. ''This was all new, and it was a challenge to science.''

But it led, finally, to Marcel's work with crystals. ''The plants could not handle all the psychic energy he was focusing on them in his experiments. They were dying, OD'd on energy. So Marcel turned to quartz crystals, instead. ''And he found that the un-faceted ones were very limited in what they could do. But the real problem was, they were all different, so they all gave different results. That kind of thing is a nightmare for science, because it means you can't duplicate an experiment. So Marcel cut the crystals in order to have repeatable experiments.''

Marcel tried many different shapes for cutting crystals – six-sided, single terminated, double terminated, and so on. But he had had a vision of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. And although he didn't know what that meant at the time, he kept returning to this shape. Eventually, it became the four-sided underlying pattern for what is now known as the Vogel-cut® crystal.

Crystals, as Marcel knew, can both store and recover information. A group of Stanford scientists proved this in concrete terms when they succeeded in putting a 3-dimensional image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal and then retrieving it (Newsweek, September 1994). We also know that crystals can broadcast information; early radios, in fact, were called ''crystal sets.'' And crystal or silicon technology is the basis of computers.

The purpose of using a Vogel crystal is to amplify and cohere the thought and energy that you wish to direct into your body/mind or that of another person.

Amplification we can understand, but coherence is a somewhat difficult concept in physics terms. Simply put, however, at least where light is concerned, coherence is the property exhibited by lasers. If you take ordinary light and make it coherent, what you end up with is a laser beam! So the thought and energy we put into a Vogel crystal not only becomes amplified, but incredibly concentrated and focused. Literally, a Vogel crystal adds to our intent the power of a laser beam. We can begin to understand why Marcel Vogel might have seen danger in this technology.


In order to measure the energy that a crystal was putting out, Marcel developed a radionic device known as the Omega 5. The benchmark ''rate'' on this device for a Vogel crystal is 454. Even very powerful uncut crystals might have only a 333 rating. Other shapes, he found, have different, mostly lesser values, and all are different from authentic Vogels. There are many crystals that Rumi Da calls ''Vogel like.'' In other words, they have been cut into the characteristic shape, with the broad end cut at an approximate 51-degree angle (like the Cheops pyramid) and the other, ''firing'' end cut at a more acute angle in relationship to it. Most of these, he says, are machine made and imprecise. '

'With a true Vogel, if you hold the crystal between thumb and forefinger and twirl it, you can see that the girdle – the place where the tip facets joins the body of the crystal – is perfectly straight. With most counterfeits, the line moves up and down, like a roller coaster.''

But even master stone-cutters cannot reproduce a true Vogel, because the shaping of the crystal is done ''in a sacred manner,'' holding in mind the person who is going to be using it, and it is then programmed in such a way that the crystal cannot be used for harm.

If you try to do something potentially harmful with a Vogel, the tip will break off, or worse [we always would recommend ''getting permission'' before involving yourself in any work of this kind--ed].


Rumi Da said:

I'll tell you a story to illustrate this. It happened to me. I was in a restaurant and found myself sitting at a table beside two people who had a little 7-day-old baby that was a cocaine addict.

I happened to have with me a 6-sided smokey Vogel, and smokey quartz is kind of an energetic sponge, it will absorb toxicity. So I said I wanted to see if I could help the baby. And I put the crystal on the child's chest.

After about 30 seconds, this gorgeous crystal just exploded. It broke into about 6 pieces, and those fell onto the floor and broke into more pieces.

I asked Marcel about it, and he said, ''Never put the crystal on the body of a child.'' And he explained to me that a baby's etheric body is not yet fully formed, and the crystal's power was too strong for it. So either the crystal had to break or the baby had to break, and because the crystal had been programmed not to do harm, it shattered.

Ruefully, Rumi Da added that he wished Marcel had told him this before his $500 crystal ended up in pieces on the floor. But Marcel liked people to learn by doing. ''He wasn't the kind of person who would rob you of your own experience. He would give you just enough to go on, and then let you find out for yourself. But he was always interested to hear what you had discovered.''

Another way in which a Vogel can break is if its rightful owner achieves a major spiritual break-through. ''A person's vibration changes when this happens, but the crystal can't change. So what happens is that the point will break off. You have to send it back to be recut to resonate with your new vibration.'' 

A crystal must be faceted not only with geometrical precision along the''C'' or growth axis, Rumi Da tells us, but must also be worked with right attitude, understanding, and consciousness. It is not simply a matter of mechanically cutting the same general shape.

...There are some things that a genuine Vogel can do that the counterfeit cannot. For example, faceted quartz crystals can structure water. ''But when you remove the crystal, you can tell through the Omega-5 device that the structuring of the water begins to decay. It only lasts for a couple of days. With Vogels, the structuring is permanent. And with some, after you take the crystal out, the vibration actually continues to go higher for about half an hour.''


Because Marcel used scientific instruments to measure his results, he was able to develop an entire technology in the handling, clearing, and programming of crystals. Rumi Da has shared some of this with us, and we include this information for those of you who would like to try to incorporate it into your work – whether for self-healing or in helping others. Many texts say that you should use salt, or salt water to cleanse most crystals. Marcel felt otherwise. Dry salt, he claimed, can scratch the surface, or finish, where some of the programming is stored. And saltwater leaves a film. Marcel also tested other forms of clearing, such as smudging with sage or cedar. These things, according to Rumi Da, did not work. Here's how Marcel says to clear a crystal:

Take a slow, deep breath as you focus on the crystal with the intent to clear it.

Then, pulse out your breath, in a burst through the nostrils. You can do this from anywhere. In workshops, people learn to clear their crystals first while holding them, then at a distance, and then from the next room. This way, they learn through experience that the distance doesn't matter.



You are going to be putting Love and well-being into your crystal. It helps to recall a real, physical experience of love. Rumi Da says that sometimes he even thinks about his Schnauzer licking him on the face.''Just pure love.'' The technique is pretty much the same as for clearing:

Breathe in the Love and well-being.

Hold your breath and focus and concentrate this feeling.

Pulse your breath out, this time mentally directing the Love and well-being into the crystal.


If you have done this correctly and with loving intent, Rumi Da said, you can hold your breath and you will feel your body resonate with the crystal, and it will vibrate in your hand. For some people it takes practice to feel this and others feel it right away. You may feel a reality shift. Once it has been cleansed and charged, you mentally put into the crystal whatever else it is you want to work with. But, again, the foundation is Love, Rumi Da said. ''That is an absolute requirement. Will is not enough.''

I asked why we can't simply learn to do these things ourselves. Since we are simply energy, anyway, why do we need the crystal? ''Marcel and I used to have this conversation a lot,'' Rumi Da answered. ''Why can't you just point your finger? ''Basically, I think what Marcel would say is that the crystal amplifies and coheres whatever you put into it. So wherever you are, the crystal is going to amplify and cohere that.''


Because the crystal holds whatever pattern you put into it, and then broadcasts that pattern wherever you want it to go, as long as what you are doing is lawful you can change the functioning of glands and organs in the body. With diabetics, for example, they've done work using the crystals to duplicate the work of a healthy pancreas. Rumi Da told of a case where one man was able to stop using insulin completely through the agency of working with a Vogel crystal. ''Now don't go out and do something stupid,'' he said, ''because this kind of work is experimental. You need to do it under the supervision of an M.D. But many people have been able to decrease their insulin needs by three-fourths, or even completely.''


We said that we would talk about Marcel Vogel's second main legacy. And it was this: He absolutely proved, using scientific, double-blind experiments in his laboratory, that the power, the matrix, the whole web of All That Is consists of Love.

At Marcel's funeral, the same Dr. McGinty we quoted earlier had this to say:

"I was one of a group of 16 physicians privileged to work with him over a number of years with body energies, especially the capacity to focus healing energies with crystals in the treatment of illness. All of us had an extensive background in acupuncture and appreciated the ability to manipulate body energies.

Under Marcel's guidance, some of us began to learn the process of transmitting thought, especially loving thoughts, unconditionally, to our patients. It brought us an even greater capacity to appreciate the power of the mind to influence illness, the power both to heal and exacerbate disease. And, most important of all, to appreciate the incredible presence of unconditional Love and its capacity to trigger transformative shifts in a patient's psyche.

[I]t is for his work with Spirit, his great spiritual strength, his wonderful capacity to love that I will always remember Marcel."

''Marcel always said that Love is the glue of the universe,'' affirms Rumi Da. ''All healing is a consequence of loving.''


You see, we are doing so much more than experiencing consciousness from a gem or mineral. We are using technology to direct healing in a profound and scientific way. This is only one aspect of what makes up a session on the crystal light bed. Please know I am here and available to you during this time of unrest within our country and on our planet. Take use of this spiritual technology to ground and awaken, tap in and experience, open and let go, and come into resonance with your quantum blueprint, your highest potential. 

Right now, humanity needs your best self. And I am honored to be a part of that journey. 



Art by Christopher Mancinelli Rodriguez for Crystal Bed Therapy

Art by Christopher Mancinelli Rodriguez for Crystal Bed Therapy

I will not go on too long about the pain, disappointment, torment, and disgust brought on by the election results. You have had enough of that. I have held back discussing anything until some of the dust had settled and I had enough time to step to find my center. 
And I am working on that daily.
I am extremely sensitive to energies and I found this week nothing short of debilitating.  I felt a heightened need to be connected to myself, my loved ones, and to find a sense of safety and comfort amidst rising rage, depression, and fear. And to be frank, that is a perfectly normal and healthy response.  Yet, let us remember the spiritual context and how we can begin to feel a sense of peace right now. In our communities, through proactive solutions, strategy over reactivity, and coming back to a sense of autonomy over our vibrations we can begin to shift the individual vibration which beyond a doubt shifts the collective. It starts with you. Let us come back to union with God. We are being asked to dig deep right now. Fortunately, it is easiest to find light in total darkness. All be comes clear. Light is easy to see. And the truth is there is no external power that can dim your light unless you allow it.
In moments of trauma, pain or suffering it helpful to take a step back from the immediate, personal wound. My tendency is to take whatever action steps are necessary in order to come back to the depth within myself and feel connected to Source. From a deeper space of neutrality, observing underlying vibrations that cause pain becomes more manageable and it is easier to find healthy ways to perceive and grow from circumstances that cause fear and suffering. From a higher perspective, all wounds are symbolic in nature. Ascension comes from our ability to handle a shift in power. So how can you begin now to shift from a sense of loss, fear, hopelessness, fear, into a state of neutrality, peace, compassion, autonomy, clarity, and connection with Source?

I would ask you all to begin to shift your consciousness from a sphere of concern, and into a sphere of influence.

We are all lighthouses. We are stable. We are grounded. We are loving beings. We just simply forget from time to time. When we focus on the effect (material world, external, personalized here and now human dramas), the cause (Source light, spirit, magic, God energy) begins to diminish. Energy flows where attention flows. We must understand that to experience the life of joy, vitality and peace we crave, there must be continuos focus on the cause. It is law. This is what creates the open flow of Source light into the material plane as a channel. The system is rigged in Spirit's favor, you see. Come back to your depth and reconnect. This is where you can transform your life with the most power. You can channel fear into activism. You can transform your art into humanitarian declarations. You can be the hopeful beacon of light among those who cannot feel their own warmth. You can transform those around you through your very vibration. You can use your gifts and talents to heighten your sense of self and contribution. You can plant a garden, smile at strangers, open doors, and kick up your sense of service in all ways.

You can use this moment to evaluate your life. Let us not waste time on the superficial, the unimportant, the fluff that continues to keep you distracted from your mission. All of your energy is needed a thousand fold, and we must be mindful of energetic investment. What do you want from friendships? Are you receiving it? What needs to change there? What do you want from a home space? How can you create it? What do you want from a partner? Your work life? How do you want your daily life to feel? What are the most powerful conditions most efficiently conducive to your best self, in all ways, in all areas?
Get clear on this. Pain and darkness reminds us to get back to basics. Make your foundation strong. The pillar on which you stand should carry you to the highest of heights!
This is also a wonderful moment to reevaluate core, archetypal beliefs. You get to choose how you experience the world and through what filters data is downloaded. What are the cornerstones of your belief system? Is the world safe? Is the world good? Oh my, in every good story there is always a climactic moment where the villain seems to be winning; but faith, character, persistence, grit, and acts of love and grace always “trump” the villain.  It is the greatest test for the bravest souls, to find happiness and joy when all hope is lost. This is a game of mental yoga. And remember this earth world is but illusion and the darkness we see here is the collective dream of human mis-creation caused by a lack of remembrance that we are spirit in nature, and that we are inherently unbreakable. It is all growth experience, no matter how big or small, no matter if it is light or dark that touches you. Yes, there are younger souls on this planet who will take time to evolve. There are frequencies on this planet that are dying out and as they leave, they are kicking and screaming like children throwing tantrums. But trust that Gaia will always care for herself. She will regenerate. Chaos and collapse always leads to regeneration. Hold space for yourself, channel in higher frequencies of love, strength, resilience, and hope. 

Be the light bearer for those around you. This is your sphere of influence.

And just as it goes in your individual spiritual growth, we cannot change that which is unacknowledged. If you have a belief or wound that is still in the shadows, denied or resisted, you cannot begin to heal it. The same goes for collective evolution. The rise of dark energies is here for our transmutation and healing of it. Gaia is pushing to the surface that which is unsustainable, saying here, "Here it is. Humans, do you see this?" We must acknowledge where we are as a species in order to see where the most immediate and vital changes must take place.
This moment is a part of the process. This moment is a challenge for you to become stronger as you dig deeper. This moment is an opportunity for you to come into greater alignment with circumstances that serve your greatest self. Let us only tolerate harmony, our quantum blueprint, our highest selves. As you shift from fear, anger and rage, into neutrality, stillness, and peace, you will see how you can be a positive agent of change. You are the calm in the eye of the storm. You are the hope that sings in the street. You are the voice that stands up to violence. You are the power that does not fall into lower vibrations, for if you do, that which you seek to destroy will only grow larger. Release your attention to hate, to the media, to chaos, to what could happen. Focus on solutions while lending attention to that which enhances your vortex of creativity.
I am here with you. Thank you for incarnating. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being interested and vested in your spiritual evolution. Your power is in your sphere of influence and you are the solution. 

Who's The Boss? Real Talk On Personal Power.

I remember reading Carlos Castaneda in my teens. There was a concept he discussed as taught by Don Juan Matus, a “man of knowledge” and great shaman of the Toltec lineage, that really stood out to me as I was diving into esoteric and metaphysical study. I don’t remember the exact quote, nor the chapter or even which book it was I was reading, but this one idea was so powerful that now, all these years down the path of becoming, do I understand what he meant.

Don Juan taught that the most powerful shamans or sorcerers (one who is a channel for Source, as Wayne Dyer put it) need no props, no frills, no tricks, nothing. It is all within you. This was the message. I enjoyed studying everything growing up, and I still do. When I read this lesson, I was delving into comparative religion, magic, tarot, crystals, uses of sage, rituals, yoga, meditation, and working on my developing my psychic abilities and inner vision by testing myself with games. For example, instead of actually reading the questions on standardized tests in high school, I would simply look at my 4 bubble choices, and feel into which was the right answer. (And I did really, really well on that particular scantron test by the way.) I would tell my little brother to take ten cups and hide one pebble underneath them and I would have to know which cup had the object. I would meditate in front of the fireplace or go in our back yard and talk to all the swirling energy I saw around me. I called the energy I could see, “the dots” because my vision would shift and all matter would appear as pulsating, vibrating tiny little dots that looked something like atoms and molecules; as if a scene turned into tiny pixelated versions of itself.

I am in a place in my personal development where I am reflecting on this idea more so lately, as I deepen my work and practice and find myself in the midst of the powerfully emerging wellness scene here in New York City. Everybody has something to help you balance, align, awaken, understand, heal, feel, resolve, release, etc., myself included in that. The crystal light bed is an amazing tool for personal transformation. This shit is absolutely powerful and changed my life. Acupuncture is powerful, crystals, tarot, astrology, red tent ceremonies, theta healing, angel readings, cranial sacral sessions, etc,. All these practices, rituals and therapies are great tools to help you get to the place where you truly understand yourself. But they are just that: tools. I am seeing a whole lot of people in this community identifying with form, reaching for something externally that is going to cure them, and staying stuck in egoic identification with the "thing" or ritual itself, instead of using these tools for their intended purpose: access to the peace and clarity that comes from within you. 

The whole point is not the ritual, it is becoming a badass who knows what’s up and has no need for props or frills. The point is feeling safe because you know you are safe internally. 

For example, what is the dominant vibration behind your use of sage? Are you running around fearing that a terrible energy is out to get you? Or, do you enjoy how this herb in your space makes you feel? And by the way…sage does not clear negative spiritual energy. It thins the veil. We can learn to clear undesirable energy with our eyes closed in stillness, without a tool. There is ritual involved, process, working with multidimensional reality and powerful light sources.

We do not need anything outside of ourselves.

I do not need tarot to tell me what to do or what is happening in my life. This can be a powerful tool indeed, and can help you see your inner world when it’s hard to gain perspective. It is a divination tool to help you connect with the guides within. But, you can talk to guides from a certain brainwave state achieved in meditation. You don't need the tarot. You can astral project, meld with the energy of a plant, know if someone is thinking about you (in what context and when), or talk to a crystal or an animal from this same space. It all happens without anything but you and your highest self. I know what to do and how to move from feeling into the depths of my heart and soul, not a card that tells me what to do.  If I do not know what to do, that means the information isn’t in yet and I must be patient with divine timing. I do not make moves until I know what to do. If I were to do tarot reading for myself when I truly do not know what to do, I would have a reading reflecting my inner conflict, so the meaning would come from a story I created based on what I see and feel.

But guess what player: all meaning comes from a story you create based on what you see and how you feel. 

Perhaps the story would serve your purpose, and help you to move forward. And thus the tarot served as a tool. But you pull cards based on law of attraction. Now, there are many people who are working towards becoming one with their truth, and seeing it clearly. This is why tarot can be such a powerful divination system as it awakens people to know what they are actually vibrating and what may truly be in their hearts when they cannot see it for themselves. In this example with tarot, I do not mean to disregard the divination system or how it can be helpful to people. Tarot itself, is not my point. 

I only mean emphasize that you and your intuition together are more powerful than anything anyone tells you. It's not about the reader, or the pendulum, or the crystal. The point is the wisdom and vibration you want to gain from working with it.

I know, I used to be that girl obsessively checking my astrology reports: Vedic, Western, Destiny Cards, daily, monthly, hourly. I get it. I don’t need to do that all the time anymore.

I don't check what is going on out there because "out there" isn't affecting what's "in here" as much.

It's good to be aware of frequencies. It's even better to emit your own so strong that it just doesn't matter. I like to work with my astrologer, as a roadmap, biannually, for in depth check-ins. Beyond that, I just breath with my heart. 

I am down with my North Node position. But on a regular basis, I do not look to the stars or the cards, or to others. I look within myself. 

Unfortunately, what I see happening is a lot of control energy, wanting to know the future, escapism, and identification with form and we have to be careful with spiritual ritual and practice in this regard. Use discernment. Behavior and intention can turn to escapism, or surface practices without heart or soul, when we lose awareness of the underlying vibration and core intention around our wellness rituals. I see a lot of people who “do” all the right “practices” and have been for years, who are still ridden with frustration, anxiety, fear, conflict, anger, and more. Do not listen blindly to any sage, seer, or master. Just focus on your own shit, and go get it. Sometimes it's as simple as that. I take on, with humility, advice from those people I trust, with greater wisdom, more experience, or a unique perspective. But I take that advice into my own heart, sit with it and see what truth resonates for me personally.

Ultimately true knowing will come from within. There is no other way. 

I have a crystal staff. I used to use it in full moon rituals in Central Park. In my early 20s, I would very dramatically dress in all white, take my writings, intentions, poetry, drawing, my daughter, something with which to light written intentions on fire, and march out in the night and perform whatever I was intending and manifesting--and let’s be honest—who the fuck else was out in central park with a crystal staff at midnight on full moons ten years ago performing ritual and lighting things on fire? It was cool and fun and a silly magical thing I could do. But, I no longer use or really need my crystal staff, other than for decoration, because you must learn to speak to Source, to God, to the Universe with power and caliber from your heart, from wherever you are. It doesn’t matter what items you have or do not have. I love raven feathers and dream catchers. But I know I do not need them. I am not a huge fan of psychics readings that look too deep into the future for you, because this can turn into a form of control energy and can take away the process of one learning to make conscious, aligned decisions. I read the energy of a situation for my clients and help them identify dominant vibrations about people, relationships, context, or big decisions, but I deter these conversations from getting too deep and desperate about a future that has yet to be created or written in stone. There is great beauty and excitement in the mystery of it all unfolding. 

So, what about the moment where you reach a deep well of clarity within yourself? What about after the daily fear is gone? What about after you are free? I don’t mean to say that fear doesn’t creep up. It does and it will. I am totally cool with being human, with crying, with being exhausted and raw. I have a set process to deal with lower emotions and it’s healthy, cathartic and makes me feel safe and cared for. I get scared sometimes. I can push myself too hard and bite off more than I can chew. Sometimes I feel alone, just like everyone else. But in general and on a daily basis, I am not afraid. I know this to be true because I used to be afraid everyday. I know what daily fear and suffering is. I know it for good reason. But that good reason is false. I see that now. There comes a point where fear isn’t the topic anymore.

Clarity sets in.

Think about this idea: the most powerful people need nothing. I fully believe this with all my heart. Rich or poor, spiritual or not, ravens or physics: it comes from within. A purist can see through the external layers of fluff and into someone's soul. This is where you find magic. It is in the well of clarity that becomes alive and present, beyond the field of fear. This is G-Status living. But when I first heard the concept described by Don Juan, I was young and newly on my path. I didn’t get it. I do now.

I believe it is when you need nothing, that you attract everything. When you are at peace there are no needs.

We live in modern society and we all need help balancing. There is never enough time. I need 7 clones. I am exhausted. There is too much to do.  I still get on my crystal bed bimonthly because clearing my energy puts me in touch with myself, and I need all of my power to accomplish what I want to accomplish for myself and my daughter. I just want to emphasize that all these metaphysical, energetic, and wellness practices are the vehicles unto your becoming and authenticity.

These processes are a means to understand your unlimited power as a channel of Source, a co-creator here on the Earth plane, and a powerful human being.
Fuck the sage, this is about your power. Sheesh. Enough. 
I want to get to the core foundation of what makes a person powerful since everyone has a different definition. To me, powerful means you are at peace and are not afflicted by unresolved issues. An unresolved issue is anything that disturbs your peace. A powerful person is a master manifestor, meaning one who is able to co-create the dream of their life by easily attracting their heart’s desire. (This does not mean you are immune to life lessons or pain.) A powerful person is joyful and often laughs. It was the great visionary and French philosopher Pierre Teilhard De Chardin who said, “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” It’s true. I love that quote. A powerful person has a strong sense of self worth evident through behavior, lifestyle, and healthy boundaries. A powerful person knows themselves, the dark and the light, and accepts their unique nature while acting in total alignment with who they are.

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about authenticity. It’s about honesty.

A powerful person speaks to the soul and communicates truth. A powerful person is a purist and has vision. A powerful person makes people feel good by their very presence alone. They honor others because they honor themselves. The more we honor our gifts, our unique nature and ourselves, something very special starts to happen…
You Give. Less. Fucks. 
And there is a reason for that. There is no one else in the world that can know your very nature as deeply as you can know yourself. Not everyone is willing to take the journey within, to know themselves. There is no one else that knows how far you can go and what you are capable of. There is no one else who can access your pure potential. No one. Start to know yourself as, The Master. Masters do not need frills, tricks, or props. Masters use their minds to serve their heart and intuitive senses, to go forth and fearlessly create the dreams that make them happiest.

I would say to you, that all of these practices are a means to a state of clarity. Do not forget the point: You are the Master. What YOU say goes. What YOU know, is the truth. No one trusts themselves. Move beyond this state of lack. Why do you fear your own voice? Child of the Light, you get to choose where to go and how to move in this world. It truly is all within you. Just you, completely raw, naked, alone in the woods without any material objects, can conjure up anything at all that you might need.  This is not magic. This is law.

Personal power comes from within you.



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The Power of Silence

I have not written a newsletter in some months, which is funny because writing is one of my favorite things to do. But my silence was not neglect, rather it was choice. My authentic makeup, is that of silent warrior, seer in the shadows, observer with a foot in both worlds. Oh just give me my cave and my cloak and let me be. Indeed, I now honor that inherent makeup and embrace it as an adult. I cannot be, authentically, anything else. I will tap dance through my soul's need for space, and my dedicated human callings, with as much balance as I can summon for the rest of my life. There is a time and a place to share and tell all, explaining the power and potency of one’s personal process. And yet there is a time and a place for intimacy, privacy, and silent growth. As many of you know, there are times when spirit shows you powerful things and it simply cannot be shared, else the energy and the power of the vision be muted. There are times when spirit shows you things that must be shared, lest the energy and power of the vision be muted. It is our job to be awake enough to discern the difference. Let us not forget, the power of silence. This is a state of inner rest. Silence cannot be broken. Silence cannot be manipulated. Silence cannot be limited. Silence contains all. This does not mean you forgo processing, expression or growth. It means you have the right to keep it to yourself when you feel that is the most inspired act. I invite you to develop a relationship with silence in the midst of a noisy, chaotic, egocentric, world. This is a world that screams in desperation. Your silence will lead the way to powerful communication; the kind of communication that speaks to the soul and transforms consciousness. At this point, this is the only type of communication that matters. Understand this.
What a powerful spring transition. We are growing so swiftly we can barely keep up with ourselves. So many have come into my office saying the same things. You are not alone in your pain, in your malady. You are not lost on your path. Do not be fooled into believing you are on a path estranged from your brothers and sisters. Your tears, your losses, your strengths and your heart’s hope are shared. Rest easy in this knowing. Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal truly exists. The way to successfully traverse the Earth plane is to understand that you are not of the Earth realm. Silence helps us remember the voice of God and break free of the illusion of human suffering and dramatics. I will tell you, however, I am finding many people spinning off their rockets. Often we become distracted with life and forget the importance of energetic self-care. We all get busy, but we must come back to spirituality. Without spirit we have no life force. Without strong energy we cannot accomplish anything in the material world. The physical body cannot exist without spirit. Without the understanding that we are primarily whole and perfect spiritual beings, we will begin to believe the illusion of the broken and pained earth self. Again, we can only draw personal power from spirit. You may feel that leaning on something is unnecessary, but the soul leans naturally. And if you are not leaning on Source, God, Spirit, you will find yourself inappropriately leaning on someone or something as a weak replacement, finding yourself confused and in error. Your process is all you. I am simply here at the doorway helping you prepare for entrance into divine reality, but ultimately your dealings with God are none of my business. It seems that people are so utterly terrified of silence, that there is a refusal to enter the doorway. You cannot know yourself if you are afraid of silence. You cannot experience rest, if you do not meditate. You exercise so that you can go out and accomplish what must be accomplished in the material place. You basque in silence to conquer limited perspective. Silence is the inner work. 
As a small child, I learned very quickly that the safest place to be myself and open to my magic, was through silence and meditation. This is where all the answers come. Often it is pain that pushes us into spiritual awakening because we must learn to bring consciousness to pain in order to release it to God. When you bring darkness to light, it diminishes. When you understand, and not intellectually, not from a book, not because you are regurgitating something you heard, when you understand through mastery in the emotional body, the expansive power of the infinite within you, the perceived pain of this life evaporates and you realize the silliness of that illusion and the smallness of your own ego to give it so much power. I understand my ego’s propensity for smallness, selfishness, lack mentality and silliness. I am human. It is my spiritual work to use ego it for its warnings and to also keep it in check. My ego is filled with nonsense. It takes practice, patience, mindfulness, silence and will on a daily basis to keep it in check. If you refuse silence, you refuse yourself. If you cannot sit down to meditate you will be lost. They always say, "It's too hard". Well, babe…Try harder. This is not some luxury for the elite. This is an integral aspect of living a healthy life. Silence helps you keep it real as a human in your human form. You fear your infinite self because this greater aspect will tell you where you need to make changes. And it is frightening to make major life changes, isn't it? It's uncomfortable. And here in the west we detest any and all discomfort and will do our damnedest to avoid it. I would invite you to accept discomfort as a part of the process, intentionally shifting your relationship to what you perceive as darkness until a pathway becomes clear. We can find acceptance in silence. We will always experience the upheaval of life but can cultivate skill sets that make those moments easier to move through with mastery. The challenge becomes a fly. Remember, there is no resurrection without crucification. There is no instant gratification when it comes to spiritual understanding. There is no opening without clearing. It may take some time and practice to reacquaint yourself with inner silence. We all, no matter how evolved we are, have to sit down in ritual stillness to hear the voice of God. Do you think Yeshua did not meditate because he was so evolved? Do you think the Dalai Llama does not meditate? This world is too noisy.  There is no judgment or shame around our inability to see the importance of silence. There simply needs to be more awareness around it. The asana aspect of yoga is not enough. Asana prepares the mind for meditation. Yoga is union with God. You do not know God if you do not know silence. You do not know silence if you do not know inner stillness. You do not know inner stillness if you are unacquainted with meditation. Silence is the answer. You can run around looking for external validation and meaning as much as you want but you will never find outside, the type of truth and peace that rests, already within you. You are not broken. And I am no healer. I do not need to heal you. You are perfect. I am a sorcerer. A "source"-erer is one who channels source light. I am a priestess aiding your path. With this light I can curate energies to resonate in alignment, so that you see your God-self within, you see that you need no healing, you see that you are already perfect. My goal is to help you feel the type of alignment that brings you closer to Source. I open the gate. You have to walk in. Be courageous, dear heart. Be strong enough to let it all fade and sit in silence with the cosmos. Let the illusion fade. Let your identification with this cool thing and that cool thing fade. Let your fear of insignificance fade. This trembling fear of insignificance keeps you on your knees and unconsciously desperate for validation and the desperate are easily manipulated. Rise. You are Kings and Queens. You need only remember. My job is to help you awaken. When you remember who you are, this world changes. And the only way our species will survive, if you awaken. Honor your silence. This is the way.

As always, I am here to work with you and help you along the path. If you have not booked a session in the last 4-6 weeks, you can do so by clicking the "Book Now" navigation tap on this website. I will be out of New York in late July and part of August so I recommending getting your summer sessions in now. Blessings dear ones.

With Love,


Want to know what mantra I am working with lately? It is called, the Mantra for Positivity: Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad. It is a very sacred and powerful mantra, and one of the few mantras given with a warning. You must be very careful and intentional with your thoughts after working with this chant because your manifestation abilities are so heightened. If you allow lower thoughts to bombard your person, you will see this manifested quite quickly. On the contrary if you use the sacred space post-meditation wisely, you will be calling in the hearts desire with great power. I enjoy meditating with this mantra, and immediately after writing in a journal called my Book of Positive Aspects. I write down in present tense, " I am" statements all the beautiful things for which I am grateful, and all the things I intend to call into my life. This mantra helps me prepare for this ritual manifestation technique.