The Crystal Light Bed incorporates different types of vibrational therapies, combined into one healing session. Vibrational therapy operates based on the principle that all matter vibrates, and has a specific frequency. Behind all matter is an energetic component. Kalisa works to heal the energetic root blockage behind physical manifestations of disharmony. When we understand that all is energy, and our highest, expanded existence is influenced by our partnership with the quantum field, we see that the curation of energetic harmony within the body and electromagnetic field enhances one's quality of life in a transparent and palpable way. 

When humans have blockages in their energy field, a myriad of physical, emotional, and psychological issues can occur as an ongoing problem. Crystal Bed Therapy combines the vibrational healing benefits of sound, light, colour, magnets, and Vogel cut quartz crystal to achieve electromagnetic balance. These varied therapies partnered with Kalisa's intensely keen sensitivities and profound ability to channel highly refined quantum energies, make for an incredibly deep, powerful and transformative healing session.  

Crystal Bed Therapy is a process of using a multi-sensual, multi-dimensional, and quite frankly theatrical system, to download data (healing energies) with the whole body while accessing a different part of your brain through inducement to the theta brainwave state, to access wisdom and experience healing.. This is an impactful way, utilizing your entire system, to let go of dense energy that may be holding you back, and to bring in new light. 

This process creates an alignment between the physical and non-physical elements of the body.

Crystal Bed Therapy opens, cleanses, and balances major energy centers in the electromagnetic field (the chakras). The results and benefits are amazing. It also acts as a profound energetic complement to classic western medicine. 

Kalisa is able to curate an enhanced energetic flow by incorporating reiki and ancient shamanic techniques while the client is relaxing on the table, which deepen the potency of the collective vibrational therapies, offering an incredibly powerful session for her clients. She also offers consultation before the session, and mentorship for energetic self care moving forward, after each crystal bed session. 

Crystal Light Bed Therapy is offered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn off the Bedford stop, convenient to anyone who is looking for crystal healing in New York City. Please allot one hour and a half for your entire session. 

We take showers every day to clean our physical bodies, and yet people will often go a lifetime without cleaning their energy. 



  • feeling lighter
  • healthier eating patterns
  • the sense of feeling alive
  • clarity of thought
  • the release of deep seeded emotional blocks
  • sound sleep
  • cellular restructuring of the water molecules in the physical body
  • elevated energy levels
  • decreased depression & anxiety
  • spiritual transformation
  • the falling away of physical ailments
  • the ability to more profoundly intuit one's path and life purpose
  • physical harmony 
  • a state of flow
  • decrease of paranoia
  • lifting away of stress