Kalisa is an Energy Artist, Metaphysician & certified Crystal Light Bed Practitioner currently focused on remote energy healing, lectures, workshops, & writing. The pillars of her teachings are expanded depth, empowerment, manifestation as art form, and the evolution of humanitarian consciousness. She uses spiritual technology and quantum alchemy to to detoxify and purify the electromagnetic field with a deeply shamanic approach to healing and expansion. She is trained in Intuitive Communication, Mediumship, Sound Healing, Crystal Release Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Chromo Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Spirit Attachment, Multidimensional Reality, Karmic Energy, Past Life Integration & Healing, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Toltec & European Shamanism, Gnostic Teachings, A Course In Miracles, Ancient Philosophy, Hermetics, and Spiritual Psychology with a focus on the curation of energetic flow and harmony. She uses a combination of vibrational therapies to balance the multidimensional energy body and purify the chakra system. Kalisa has a grounded & real world approach to metaphysics, mentoring her clients and students to cultivate life practices that enhance personal power while bringing forth states of high manifestation and joyful creativity. An eternal student, she thrives through personal study and deep meditation. Kalisa writes poetry and articles on feminism, energetics, mysticism, universal law, quantum mind, the law of attraction,  shamanism, crystals and the shift in humanitarian consciousness. She teaches workshops and lectures in New York City & Los Angeles. Kalisa has been featured in Vogue, WMag, New York Times, MindBodyGreen, Vice, Well + Good, Buzzfeed, HBFit, PopSugar, Marie Claire, Domino, The Numinous, Free People Blog, & The Observer. Through her work and lifestyle, Kalisa hopes to replace what is perceived as "mysticism" with knowledge. When mysticism is replaced with knowledge, fear is dispelled, and we are more open to the power of healing. 


For information on workshops, trainings and lectures please send her a personal message through the "Get In Touch" navigation tab.